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located in Dragon age, a part of The world of Thedas, one of the many universes on RPG.

Dragon age



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Character Portrait: Ain'Findiel Character Portrait: Oliver Erentus
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Ser Oliver watched Ain'Findiel, and not that he had to do it carefully. The Herald of Andraste was known for being a great warrior and gave several factions across a handful of nations a common cause to unite under one banner. Lying was not one of her skills, obviously.
To be honest. he doubted she was the Champion of Andraste, but that didn't matter. He had followed her precisely because she was not a politician. And personally, he had hoped to see the Inquisition maintain its presence. Thedas could use a faction with such a coveted leader at its helm. He had dreamt of the Inquisition becoming a force with no allegiances. Specifically existing as a peacekeeping force between different nations.
Alas, the Chantry had other plans, and since the end of "war", the other factions had grown wary of the Inquisition's presence, while others still had wanted to control it.

The knight leaned back, raising his tankard in slow thought to his lips before taking a drink and setting it back down.

"I know. Losing...", he took a deep breath. "...All of this. All accomplished is heartrending. I was here at the start. When you were brought to our measly camp after the old Divine was killed in that explosion. I hoped to see the Inquisition stay". He couldn't hide the fact that his broad shoulders slumped.

"Many, such as myself do not know what our next move would be. The Inquisition was to be my final stop, so to speak", the seasoned knight explained, watching the Herald as he spoke.

"What will you do at the end of everything you've worked for?"