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located in Universe, a part of Starlike Friendships, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Character Portrait: Osawa, Hikari Character Portrait: Kazuo Nakajima
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⌈ I know that it was just a simple, childish wish. But, more than anything, I know that my heart has always wanted it to come true. ⌋
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[justify]Kazuo's body jerked a little as he felt his face becoming hotter and hotter as he felt Hikari's soft lips pressed against his cheek, and the fact that Hikari then nudged over him like a teddy bear couldn't helped it. He gulped, but then shook his head to clear all indecent thoughts in his mind off, before finally being able to get himself up and carried his roommate in his arms. Hikari was sleeping peacefully, with a smile still presented on his face, like everything that had happened that morning never occurred at all. He sighed. Alcohols really did make those who cannot stand them do crazy things.

He then took Hikari back into his room and placed him on his bed. He then went and soaked up a towel and helped Hikari to clean and freshened a bit, while loosing a few of his buttons to chill him off, as well as switching the AC into a more suitable temperature. After finishing with it, Hikari looked a bit better than the drunkard he was earlier. Smiling at the sleepy face of his roommate, Kazuo retreated back to his own bedroom and settled down for the night. Though it took him a little bit before he actually could fall asleep, as he reflected on the great deal of things that had happened that he barely could even digest them all yet even til now. Now he's hoping that the next morning, Hikari would be fine coping with his hangover.

And so, morning approached faster than he thought, Kazuo had gotten up earlier than usual, but instead of going out for morning exercises like usual, he figured that he should be staying by his friend. So he spent his time making some warm porridge, knowing that it is a good cure for the hangover headache.

While he is warming the porridge, he heard someone pressing the doorbell outside. It was, surprisingly, Miki. "Hey, Kazuo-kun. Didn't think you would have gotten up this early. You're making something?" He asked when he was allowed to step in the apartment.

"I'm making porridge for our sleeping beauty." Kazuo chuckled.

"You really are going to make a husband anyone would have died for, y'know that?" Miki teased and grinned as he took a seat, "Taku told me what happened last night."

"H-Has he?" Kazuo's face reddened up when the topic was brought up. It was certainly the last thing he wanted to hear right now, especially if it's coming from Hikari's ex.

"No worries. I heard that Hikari got pretty drunk, huh? Trust me, back then we both got involved in the same situation. He was pretty out of character after he is given alcohol of any kinds." Miki laughed and remarked, at which Kazuo let out a sigh of relief. "I wouldn't have minded if you two are really..." Miki muttered.

"Huh? You said something?"

"Nevermind." Miki shrugged, before standing up, "I'm just stopping by to see how he is holding up, but it seems that you two are doing just fine. Okamoto-sensei stopped by earlier and told me that the four of us are allowed to take a day off today too, so I figure we should chill off a bit after what happened yesterday."

"Is that so? That's some good news at last." Kazuo giggled.

"Well, I'm off. Gotta drag Taku out of bed. I'll see you guys later." Miki said and waltzed off Kazuo's apartment.

"Good luck with that." Kazuo teased, before pouring some porridge into a bowl and made his way to Hikari's room. He then knocked on the door, "Hikari-san, have you awoken yet?"