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Snippet #2750120

located in Dead End, a part of The Multiverse, one of the many universes on RPG.

Dead End

This dead end reeks something awful, the combination of excretion and potentially rotting corpses raises into your nostrils (Or -other- sensory organs that control the sense of smell.)


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Character Portrait: Gabrielle LeBeau Character Portrait: Akshasha
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Bertram nodded slightly at the mutant girl's assent, rubbing his hands together greedily. "Yes, yes." His hoarse voice creaked out. "Well you see, the LeBeau girls, er, that is to say daughters of the mutant Gambit are quite famous among us Kindred." Bertram took a pause and cautiously snatched up a rat, taking his careful time to drain the creature fully of it's life blood. "Ahhh, Ya see Renee, made a habit of frequenting us Kindred, using us for her protection and/or odd jobs."

Akshasha simply nodded, this much was already known to her, she was waiting for something juicy to entice her and her compatriot. Bertram had been her source for a decade or so now, though he wasn't very old in comparison, and they way he slurped up the rat mid-bargain was nothing new to her. "Nosferatu tend to be the spymasters among the Kindred" The thought rolled off her shoulders like the shrug that accompanied it.

Bertram continued "Last I heard, Renee was knee-deep in trouble that came with associating with us leeches. She made friends with some Vampires who were wanted dead by the Prince and his local hierarchy, they went to great lengths to hunt down the Kindred and their friends, I wouldn't be surprised if she was killed by their assassins already. He reached for another rat before the Drow girl snatched up his hand and gave it a literal and metaphorical twist. "So where did you last see her?"

Bertram snarled, wanting to bite at the Dark Elf, but unwilling to draw her ire. "S-She was here in Wing City! Last I heard, she was among the city's Kindred, the Sabbat, warned us not to interact with her. We are the army of Caine, and we will be the righteous sword that strikes down Mankind and Kindred alike!" He managed to sputter out despite his pain. The Huntress released him, allowing him a moment to bask in his pain.

"There you have it." Akshasha said, regaining her composure as the Beast within fought not to drain the dirty Nosferatu of his Vitae entirely. "Renee is so close, yet so far. If she is embroiled with the Sabbat it'll be quite the battle. I don't associate with their ilk myself, but.... The dirty filthy minded little cockroaches aren't hard to find." The rats rushed to embrace Bertram, on order of the Pure-Blood that had summoned them. "Dear LeBeau, are you willing to accompany me to the dredges of society in order to find her?"

Bertram ignored the conflict between the Scourge and the Mutant girl, enticed by the rats as he was. He scooped up three of the vermin and quickly set about draining them. Such a treat wasn't readily available to him, as he usually disguised himself and ate humans, but these dainty morsels were too numerous to pass up. "If you hurry," he started "You might just catch her, I hear she ain't far off from 'ere" The verminous Kindred said between mouthfuls of Vermin. "'Sup ta you, if ya really want ta find 'er" He drained another rats dry in a short few seconds, slurping down what little Vitae they had to offer.