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Snippet #2760852

located in New Telluride, a part of Et Partitus, one of the many universes on RPG.

New Telluride

"When we begin to build walls of prejudice, hatred, pride, and self-indulgence around ourselves, we are more surely imprisoned than any prisoner behind concrete walls and iron bars."


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Character Portrait: Zonia Jessup Character Portrait: Randa Dominga
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Zonia smiled as she heard Randa agree to accompany her at her shop. She's usually pretty lonely there, it gets boring only dealing with the few customers that come by now and again. She proceeded to the bathroom, and began to clean herself up. Turning the cold water on and washing off any dirt or dried up blood from the night before. The brownish water became a tint of red while she washed her fur. Wincing at the pain of the bruises as she went of certain areas, her ears instantly fell back. Some of the pain is a bit much but nothing she can't handle. Her tail curled around her legs as she brushed her hair trying to look presentable on her way to open her shop. Turning the water and light off in the bathroom before leaving she glared around the room, searching for anything that could be useful for them today. They didn't have much, Zonia did spot Randa and her papers she swiftly picked them up and folded them placing them neatly in her cargo pants pocket. She doesn't want to risk another confrontation in case they are late again. she shrugged and left their apartment, locking the door behind her she had no money which meant what was left in the store is what she'll have to deal with and get supplies another time.

Zonia made her way out of their apartment and across the not so heavily guarded areas outside. Making her way to the shop she noticed certain areas did have a few more SWATS than usual luckily no one stopped her, which was a relief. As she was close to her shop, she passed the Alley way where everything went wrong. It was highly accompanied by the SWATS which only made her heart beat a little faster. She picked up the pace and proceeded to her shop. She noticed Randa beat her to it. Zonia smirked, she knew he'd get here before her. "Hey, sorry for the wait i just wanted to grab something before heading out. She told him reaching into her pocket for Randa's papers. She offers them to him "Thought i'd grab these just in case" Zonia said, she reached again into her pocket fishing for her shop keys. You could hear the jingling inside the pocket. Pulling them out, she proceeded to the back of the store where the door was. She unlocked it and pulled the door open.

She stepped inside and pulled out the extra chair she had stored under the counter where the transaction of guests would be. She unfolded it and placed it across from her usual spot which was by the register and door. Glancing at all the supplies, she was running low but she could get through the day with what she has. Reaching for a box of cereal they usual have at their apartment and also a few waters she placed them on the table that sat in the back of the shop. Zonia also grabbed two bowls and plastic spoons. "Please, help yourself to some of the cereal, i know we didn't have any at home. If you need any extra bandages or anything help yourself to those as well." She said to Randa softly, she plopped down in her chair, her tail swings underneath her chair.