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Be Gentle With Me
{ethan 'clark' alexander}

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Don't Break Me
Ethan focused immediately focused on the cards in his hand and at the lessons Kai was trying to give. It was easy to ignore his thoughts when Kairo was speaking to him. His words were smooth like velvet and always captured his attention. In fact the only hard part about this lesson was actually paying attention to it. At certain points, Clark was just letting Kai speak and point out different tricks. It was only when Kai would ask ‘if he understood’ that he would realize that he had zoned out. Eventually, Ethan was finally getting a hang of the game. The cards and their placements began to make sense. He was actually pretty proud of himself for learning something so complicated in such little time. He was no master, but he was sure that he could at least win one round against Kai. ”I knew you’d get the hang of it.” Ethan smile and the two boys locked eyes on one another. He is so close to him. Ethan could feel his warmth and he wanted to reach out to hold onto it. His smile was so bright and his eyes so deep. He wanted to get lost into his music therapist and wrap himself in the safety that he gives off. This feeling was one that he has never felt and knew that he was never supposed too. ’Move away from him! He is married! How dare you think about him in this way?! If he finds out he will throw you out of his house and never want to see you again! It will be all your faul-’ ”So? Do you think you’re ready to play?” Ethan released the breath he did not notice he was holding when Kai put the safe distance between them. He nodded in response. ”Y-yeah. Just go e-easy on me.” He said, with a sheepish grin. He was for sure going to lose the first round.