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located in The Spicy Jackal, a part of The Valleys of War, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Spicy Jackal

One of the finest Taverns in all of Ebozon! Grab a bit to eat, a swig of beer, and pass out in a cosy candle lit room lined with wooden floor boards.


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The warrior was still loking at the shabby guy who got his drink, when he was walking down the stairs with two more people. The Chi aura of the tall armored man was dimmed, like something was laying a shadow upon him, while the other person... Yes, she had obviously no aura. The old guy pointed at warrior's brother, obviously asking to join. The man looked at his brother, waiting for something to be decided.
β€œDon't be so passive, Dranny.” the mage said, while slowly getting up and moving towards the notice board, where the three interesting people have gathered. He noticed the same things like his brother, but he could also tell that there was some demonic influence.
The warrior followed the mage, hands away from his weapon, but ready to reach for it if needed.