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The Town of Caelen


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Town of Caelen, Veilbrand

Four Days Later...

Caelen had become a ghost town on the day of the attack. But now that Egruus’ forces had been driven away it had returned to life. Those who evacuated had since returned and the streets were once again alive with activity. People were still wary and keeping their ear to the ground for any signs of a return force, but the general consensus was that his forces weren’t coming back.

The only problem was that Kyero’s presence had been revealed. News of the Red-Eyed Demon being responsible for the soldier’s retreat spread like wildfire. Rumors also began popping up everywhere about why the Demon would interfere. Some were beneficial for Kyero and the Revolution, some were not. The rumor which had him the most concerned, however, was that he acted in defense of the Revolution... That couldn’t be allowed to stand.

But before he could deal with that issue, he had to find Illiaster.

Having asked around in his blind man’s disguise, complete with the limp and walking stick, Kyero made his way to the region where the pub master said he could be found. Walking slowly through the streets, he asked as many people as he could about where he could find a man named Illiaster. But the search was not proving fruitful. After almost two hours of frustrating failure, Kyero sat down on a bench beside a blacksmith’s shop to rest his feet.

A few minutes later, as he was relaxing to the sounds of the town’s activities, he felt someone sit down next to him.

”Hoi there, stranger. Are you all right?”

It was a woman’s voice. Smooth. Silky. Just deep enough to convey her mid-30’s age, but just high enough to remain unquestionably feminine and filled with life.

”Hoi ma’am. Yes, I’m all right.”

”You seem tired. Might I invite you to grab a drink with me at the coffee shop? It’s just down the road.”

”My thanks, good woman. But I’m not really a fan of coffee.”

She chuckled warmly.

”Aww. Who doesn’t like coffee? Perhaps a cup of milk, then?”

”No, thank you. I’m not really thirsty.”

She placed a hand gently on the back of his own.

”Then might I tempt you with a more... private activity?” She whispered in his ear, using her other hand to gently stroke his chest, feeling his musculature.

”Um... No, thank you.”

”My, you’re a tough nut to crack.” She said calmly, gripping his hand more tightly. ”What can I offer to get you to come with me?” She asked, inching her lips close enough to brush the side of his face.

”I would really prefer to simply be left alone. But-”

Kyero thought a moment about her advances. The shift in tone and purpose...

”On second thought, there is something you can do to convince me.”

”Name it, stranger.” She said sensually, leaning up against him.

”I’m fond of feeling the wind against my face while on rooftops. You don’t happen to know of a rooftop we could retreat to, do you?”

”I, um... C-certainly. We can do that. Come. I know a place.”

Her stammer as she began speaking confirmed Kyero’s suspicions. The tone of her voice shifted from flirtatious to cautious in less than a second. But she recovered quickly. He had to give her that. Kyero mentally checked the daggers at his back, hidden beneath his cloak. No sense not being cautious himself, after all. He was playing the role of a blind man.

The woman led him for almost ten minutes before they entered a building and began ascending the staircase towards the back. Counting the steps, Kyero knew they had to be at least five floors up when she finally opened a door and invited him out onto the rooftop of their destination. As he felt the wind on his face, he removed the hook of his cloak while taking in a deep breath.

”My thanks for agreeing to my unreasonable request, good lady.”

”Not at all, good sir.”

”May I inquire as to why you requested we have privacy?”

”Um... Well, I-”

”It’s all right, Caitlin. You may leave now.” Came a deep, male voice from behind Kyero.

He heard her footsteps carefully move around him to the door. And as the door was shut Kyero turned around to face this new arrival.

”You’ve been asking around about me for some time. Such persistence is rare in these parts.” He said.

”so you’re Illiaster?”

”I could be.”


”I came here to lend aid to the Revolution.”

”Quite bold of you to speak of them so openly. You know what would happen if Egruus heard of you searching for them in a town like this, don’t you?”

”A repeat of the recent attempt, but with more men, no doubt.”

”Indeed. Do you think so little for the lives of the people who live here?”

”Not at all. But to find and potentially become of use to them, I must take risks. But given Egruus’ forces being defeated as they were, I felt now was the safest time to inquire before any travelers or wandering patrols move through the area and hear about my inquiries.”

”A dangerous presumption, don’t you think?”

”It was that, or risk never finding you.”

”A selfish gambit.”

”Perhaps. But my expertise is worth it.”

”Oh? An arrogant one as well, I see? And what makes you think even if I were with the Revolution, we’d have need or interest in one such as yourself?”

”Because the Revolution is comprised of average people. Not soldiers. The Maiden’s careful planning has minimized casualties. But the Revolution can have more than just caution on their side if you let me train them to fight.”

”You think you can take the Revolution’s forces to new combat heights on your own? Pfff. You’re even more arrogant than I thought.”

”Then send one of them at me, and see for yourself.”


”I can hear them shifting their weight from one leg to the other. You have three bodyguards standing behind you. Send the most skilled among them at me, no holding back.”

Kyero dropped the walking stick and took a stance.

”I’ll give him thirty seconds to try and land a blow.”

Silence was the reply, followed shortly after by an ocean of laughter.

”Very well! If only to indulge my own amusement, we’ll play your game.”

A snap of the fingers, and heavy boots thudded towards Kyero. A jacket was removed and tossed to the ground, and a stance was taken. Laughter and chuckling continued in the background as they criticized Kyero’s stance. Body tall, bladed sideways, one hand open and flat just above his chest, the other held out at waist level, palm down, and relaxed. A few shuffles of the feet, and the man lunged at Kyero with great speed belying his size.

However, all laughter came to a sudden end when the man was lifted into the air over Kyero’s head and thrown down hard onto his back. Stunned to silence, the onlookers observed as Kyero stood up and backed away to give him space.

“What the-...”

The man blinked several times and rubbed the back of his head as he stood up and faced Kyero, who was already back in his stance.

”You have twenty four seconds left.”

The man rushed again, but suddenly slid to a stop and lifted front leg aiming a kick at Kyero’s midsection. The instant the man’s boot came into contact against the side of Kyero’s hand, he instinctively pushed the foot out and away to the side causing the man to fall forward towards him. And with his other hand, Kyero reached out and planted an open palm strike into his jaw. The man tumbled backwards onto his rear and blinked as he rubbed where Kyero hit him.

”Eighteen seconds.”

The man got to his feet and growled furiously. Pride shaken. Kyero’s mouth curled into a smile as he heard the man draw a sword.

”Teagan! No! We didn’t agree to a weapon’s match!”

“I don’t care!!”

He screamed in rage as he lunged with the sword towards Kyero’s stomach. Kyero slid to the side and felt the sword brush past him, followed by the sensation of Teagan’s arm brushing against the fabric of Kyero’s shirt. In an instant, Kyero’s hands clamped down around the arm that brushed his clothing and twisted it violently to wrench the weapon out of Teagan’s hands before he pushed it up behind him back and kicked his left knee out, forcing him to the ground. Kyero then dropped back swiftly onto his own back, pushing Teagan to the left as his arm snaked around his neck and put him into a choke hold. With one arm pinned and the other unable to pry Kyero’s arm free, Teagan was helpless as time ran out and Kyero suddenly let him go.

Both men stood up, and Teagan grabbed his sword and prepared another attack before he was stopped by the other two.

”Enough! I’ve seen what I need to see.”

Teagan was forced to sheath his weapon and return to where he had stood before the challenge was issued as the last man approached Kyero.

”You’re blind, but you defeated one of my best with no effort... Who are you?”

”My name is Kyero. I am who I am. And that’s all anyone needs to know.”

”... That explanation will work for me. But it won’t work for my superiors... Come with me.”

”Who am I following?”

The man paused and shifted his wight.

”Illiaster San’Tor. One of two Intelligence Leads for the Revolution. And I won’t extend my invitation to follow again.”

With that, he opened the door and descended the steps with Kyero in tow and then followed by the three body guards.

I hope I can back up my mouth, Kyero thought.