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located in Airdalen Academy, a part of No-Go AA+, one of the many universes on RPG.

Airdalen Academy



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Character Portrait: Tsukiko Kitogawa Character Portrait: Chase Kaufman
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The party was lively despite the days gradually growing colder, there were enough bonfires to keep everyone warm, and if not, the expensive booze certainly fooled everyone into thinking they were. No stranger to alcohol despite being underage she wasted no time in downing a few jello shots while saying hello to a few familiar faces. Despite moving straight into networking upon her arrival, Tsukiko kept her arm firmly hooked around the arm of her companion, Chase. It was true that the pink-haired idol was a lot of things, but one thing that she was not was shallow enough to forget her dear friend in the crowd.

Anyone else would likely have been a passing thought as soon as her peers from the music industry caught her eye. In her line of work, it was extremely important to network, even at functions such as the beach party. It came naturally to Tsukiko to work a room, but Chase was a valued friend, and he was high profile in his own right. Knowing that, Chase was still one of the few people in this world that she had no interest in using as a pawn to get a leg up in regards to her career. The thought may have crossed her mind when they first met, as she was a very fresh face to the celebrity scene, but as she got to know him all thoughts of using him to her advantage had vanished. He truly helped her through a really dark time, whether he was aware of just how much he changed her bleak worldview or not. She knew she was good at faking a smile, she'd spent a long time perfecting that art after all, but he also had an uncanny ability to see through such things. Not only that, he proved in the car that he could say extremely touching things effortlessly. Tsukiko wasn't sure where exactly they broke even in ability, but it kept her on her toes.

Just as she thought the two of them could tear away from her fellow pop idols for a peaceful moment to themselves, a Japanese pop idol grabbed her arm, a senior in the business, therefore her... senpai? I think that is correct... The older girl invited them to join a game that all of the older idols were playing. Tsukiko wasn’t interested but knew it was incredibly rude to decline an invitation from one's senior. The media always caught wind of such things, so with a sigh, Tsukiko smiled weakly to Chase, “Up to a game?” She slowly joined the circle, still loosely holding his hand as the Japanese idols made room for them. Had Tsukiko known what the game would be, she might have been less inclined to keep Chase by her side.

“The game is Suck and Blow, so I hardly believe I have to explain the rules,” the Japanese girl that invited them announced in English, then continued in Japanese, “Be careful not to drop the playing card as you pass it.” She winked to the group, demonstrating how it is done with a girl beside of her. Tsukiko’s eyes widened a bit, realizing that if she or Chase dropped the card it was very likely they would kiss. Accident or not, that thought brought her quite a bit of anxiety. They’d never kissed before. On the cheek? Plenty of times, Tsukiko and Chase were both highly affectionate people, especially when partying. Still, regardless of how wild their adventures got, they never crossed the boundary, not once! Their relationship had always been innocent.

Was this karma finally catching up with her? What were the odds that the game would involve potentially kissing the person beside of you after her confusion earlier that day? Tsukiko assured herself once again that she only saw Chase as a friend, that wires had simply crossed and it would pass, but knowing how close their faces would be, watching as people passed the card, she felt as nervous as she was the day she lost her virginity to Mikoto. Taking a sharp breath in as the card grew ever closer, Tsukiko felt as though every ounce of experience, every drop of her confidence had been expelled from her body. ...Why? What the hell was wrong with her? She couldn’t tell if she was feverish, after drinking it was futile to even try to guess. Still, she wasn’t the type to back down, she’d do this, she had to. Her reputation was on the line. Too many of her peers were playing. She was the youngest idol there. She couldn’t lose face and she refused to insult Chase in front of them. He was great, but gossip would not care for fact, the truth was irrelevant to these people. Truth... what exactly is the truth...? Tsukiko asked herself, unsure of her situation. Was she seriously starting to crush on Chase? As in... Chase, her best friend? Did this feel different because unlike the vast majority of the guys that she consorted with, Chase was genuinely a nice guy? Finally, it was their turn, Tsukiko accepting the card without issue from the guy before her, sucking it tightly to her lips as she turned her head to transfer it to Chase.

As honey eyes met gorgeous oceanic eyes, the normally confident girl felt her heart pounding at her ribcage, threatening to burst right through. Leaning in she tried to focus on the card, everyone in the circle fading away...


Waking up with a start, Tsukiko could feel the cold sweat on her skin. The events from the night before having replayed in her dream. As her head was pounding like it was being continuously struck by a hammer, the idol quietly slipped out of her bed that Chase still occupied, rubbing her temples. What happened next? She couldn't even remember how they got home... Taking a drink from the glass on her nightstand she took the Tylenol beside it, smiling to herself. There was a second set prepared, and if she had to guess, Miyuki prepared them for the two Airdalen students. Putting her knuckles to her lips, Tsukiko was touched, nearly giggling at her uptight manager's display of kindness. She knew that he did not approve of the mischief that she got into, or that she let Chase spend the night, especially in her bed, but the fact that he extended his kindness to him regardless of his personal feelings warmed her heart. Just a big softie, eh Miyuki-sama?

ImageAs Chase was still asleep, Tsukiko slipped away to take a shower. Discarding her new swimsuit and tossing into the hamper, the hot water felt so amazing on her skin that Tsukiko softly hummed. Once she had run out of hot water, Tsukiko slipped out and into her clothes, putting on a long, satin nightgown. She located Chase's school shirt on her way out of her personal bathroom, smiling to herself before slipping it on over her gown. She could smell coffee brewing, aware that he was not particularly fond of the stuff... but she couldn't thrive without it. Tiptoeing out of her room she sought out the intoxicating smell until she almost bumped straight into Miyuki, "A-Ah, sorry Miyuki-sama." Tsukiko laughed, startled but glad that they managed to not spill from the tray in his hands. One tall glass of orange juice and a mug of coffee, "I love you." the idol blurted out to her manager. He was obviously taken aback, but the idol simply took her coffee from the tray before taking a long desperate drink, humming again as caffeine fired up her senses. She was unaware of how much she flustered her manager, placing her coffee back on the tray. Taking it off of his hands, she took it to her room, placing it on the nightstand before crawling back in the bed with Chase.

Unintentionally, she took a moment to just take in his peaceful, sleeping form. With the light trickling in from the curtains, he looked practically angelic. Color surfacing to her cheeks, Tsukiko shook her head banishing those unwelcome thoughts, the mischevious girl finally leaning in, but blew on his left ear rather than waking him by shaking him awake, where was the fun in that?

"Wake up~" she practically sang. Her hair was in a high, messy ponytail and his shirt unbuttoned over her nightgown, but she wasn't concerned about the state of her attire. Chase had always been one of the few people that had seen Tsukiko without a full face of makeup and wearing designer clothes. She didn't feel like she had to doll up in front of him, she always felt safe when he was around... and that was absolutely terrifying.

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