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located in New York, a part of the last of the real ones, one of the many universes on RPG.

New York

The city of dreams and destruction.


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Character Portrait: Lauren Clark Character Portrait: Camilla Rhodes Character Portrait: Adonis Galante
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!!CW!! There are heavy sexual themes and drug use in this post.
Anything related to plot will be later referred to in less detail
so if these subjects bother you please allow yourself to skip to next post. x

Camilla only caught the tail end of the conversation, well, more of catching the comment from Lauren to Adonis. Something about her knowing his boss and a vague threat, though knowing Lauren, no matter how vague the threat was, it was very much still something to be worried about. Cam also caught Adonis’ glare before he softened his look, which she returned with a smirk, and slowly walked over to him. Adonis ran a hand through his hair, his nostrils flaring. He wanted to keep his cool but it was difficult. The room seemed to get louder making it harder to think straight.

“You know, you do pull off the sexy scowl look pretty well Nis.” Stopping closely in front of him. “A good friend would probably ask if you’re okay after talking to someone like that. But I feel like I know the answer.”

Glancing back at the direction Lauren went before turning back and staring at Adonis, Camilla flashed a smile. Suddenly sneezing once then rubbing her nose, checking her hand to make sure her nose wasn’t bleeding. Adonis shook his head at Camilla’s observation, both of them looking off for a moment.

It felt like Lauren was still there, her presence haunting. He turned back to Camilla as she checked her hand after touching her nose, seeming to look for something. Adonis had been around drugs enough to know what that meant, not that he cared. He didn’t use as much as he once did but Adonis still did a line or popped a pill from time to time. If he let on that he knew she was holding, he didn’t linger.

“I can’t fucking deal with her right now,” Adonis said, referring to Lauren as he stuffed his hands in his pockets. Camilla rolled her eyes, more so in agreement with him than directed at him. “I’m just going to end up starting some shit - I should just leave before I get the cops called on us.”

“Oh come on Adonis. Don’t let her get in your head.” She said, then having an idea. She took another step forward and slowly pulled one of his hands out of his pockets and held it with both of her hands for a moment.

“Don’t leave the party - you’re here to have fun. Come on, we can get some privacy and talk.” Cam continued, pulling Adonis down the hallway. She was already starting to feel her high and wanted to do something a bit more fun than talking and taking a sip of alcohol.

Adonis feigned reluctance, letting Camilla lead him. She tried the handle on the first door she saw and let out a sigh of relief as it opened up and quickly pulled Adonis in. Camilla let go of his arm as they entered, assuming he would close the door. Cam took a moment to look around the room, quickly realizing it was Erin’s before clearing some stuff off of the top of the dresser and pulling the bag out of her purse from earlier.

“You know, I usually wait for the high to hit me harder and go down before hitting again, but if you want a big girl to hold your hand, I can.” She teased Adonis with a wink, making two lines and offering one to him.

He clicked the lock to the door behind him, Camilla already serving up two neat little rows of powder for them. It probably wasn’t wise for him to do any drugs tonight, but any liquor that had been in his system was already burnt up from the adrenaline of fighting off James and confronting Lauren. He took off his jacket, tossing it on Erin’s bed and crossing over to her dresser.

“Fuck it, this night’s already gone to shit anyways - right?” Adonis smirked, pulling out a crisp hundred dollar bill from his wallet and rolling it up to resemble a straw. He leaned over, neatly running over the makeshift straw over the line so it shot straight back. The medicinal taste hit the back of his throat, Adonis clearing his throat as he pulled back. Camilla held a smile as she watched Adonis do his line before lightly yanking the bill he used and following suit. She scrunched her nose as she whipped her hair back, running her fingers through it.

“Damn,” He said, pressing down on one of his nostrils with his thumb to inhale sharply, sending the remnants of the cocaine as far back as he could. “This is some good shit - looks like fame has its perks.”

“Mhmm. And much more than just that.” She sighed with contentment. Adonis ran his fingers over the residue from their lines, rubbing it over his gums. It made his mouth tingle. He looked over at Camilla as she slipped the hundred dollar bill into the front of her dress, giving him a look up and down.

“So suspenders huh?” Cam said as she reached out and pulled one towards her, pulling him to her a bit. He looked down at her hand pulling him, raising his brow as he looked back to her.

“I mean, you look great in them, just a curious choice. Definitely can pull them off.” She continued, releasing it as it snapped back to him and winking at him.

“You still all pent up?” Camilla asked as she turned around and strutted over to the desk on the other side of the room, she bent over slightly, possibly a bit more than needed on purpose, and moved some things out of the way and a bit of snooping. Adonis’ gaze followed her like a predator did their prey, suddenly noticing the cut of Camilla’s dress. She turned back around and faced Adonis, leaning against it.

“In a way,” He smirked, Lauren far from his mind now. His eyes ran over Camilla’s figure, lingering along her plunging neckline. Camilla felt the energy she was emitting as she watched Adonis trace her body.

“Eyes are up here big boy.” She said with a snap of her fingers and circling her face. After a moment she flashed a smile, giving the air a kiss in his direction with a soft, ‘mwah’.

Like the dog he was, Adonis’ attention was broken by the sound of her fingers snapping, looking back to her dark eyes. He flashed a mischievous smile, starting to feel the effects of the blow emboldening his actions. Stepping forward so that he blocked Camilla in, his hand slid along her arm all the way up to gently push her hair behind her shoulder. His fingers ran along her jawline, brushing over her neck before pausing.

“Camilla,” Adonis sighed, as if he was finally realizing that she was in front of him. “You know I was never really good at self-control.”

Staying still as Adonis approached, and then having him stop in front of her, Camilla started to feel a bit of heat build up in her chest and light chills over her body as his hand slid across her. She raised her chin up slightly as his fingers went along her jaw. “Well.” She spoke a single word, feeling a bit vulnerable to him for an instant. “I don’t think I’m asking you to have control.”

Cam leaned in and lightly kissed him on the cheek, barely making contact before leaning further, to his ear, her finger tracing behind it, playing with his hair. “And trust me. I know.”

Camilla knew what she was doing. He didn’t know if she just wanted to have her fun but either way he was grateful for the distraction. Wrapping his free hand around her waist he tugged her close against him. The hand that had lingered by her neck slid around, fingers curling around the nape of her neck turning her face towards her.

“What about now?” He asked, giving her an all-knowing smirk.

Letting out a light gasp in reaction to the sudden movement, Camilla just stared at Adonis for a moment. Her own hand slid down, tucking her fingertips into the waistband of his pants. Camilla wasn’t sure if it was; the effect of the drugs hitting her, the memories of spending time with Adonis in the past, or her own lust fueling her but she was enjoying this and the anticipation of what it was leading to.

Camilla just nodded in reply to his question, letting out breath as her eyes stared into Adonis’. The feeling she felt before of how she started to feel like she was under control was now in full effect. Camilla was now at his complete mercy.

“What are you going to do now?” She asked, tempting fate, giving back a smirk of her own.

As if he’d been waiting for her answer, Adonis wrapped a hand around Camilla’s leg raising it over his hip. The motion lifted her slightly, Adonis sliding her back so that she was sitting on the edge of the desk with him standing in between her legs. The hand still gripping at the nape of her neck pulled her in, his lips colliding against her’s a bit more forcefully than he intended. It was like muscle memory with Camilla.

They may have never been a thing, at least not in the traditional sense - but they had always had fun together. There was a time that it seemed like they might be, but Camilla was never meant to stick around a place like this; with people like them. He reached behind Camilla, knocking over some of the things on Erin’s desk as he leaned Camilla back pushing himself against her all the while. She was so warm and soft, his hands roaming over her and reaching under the fabric of her dress. Pausing, his hands gripping her tight, he broke their kiss looking back at Camilla with his eyes alight.

“How about something like that?” He teased, knowing full well she was enjoying it just as much as he was.

Cam exhaled softly as Adonis positioned her, letting out a quiet surprised squeak. Camilla welcomed the kiss as her hands explored behind Adonis, unclicking his suspenders and untucking his tidy shirt. She envied this feeling, her and Adonis weren’t a perfect match. They weren’t the chocolate and marshmallows that made perfect s’mores. But more so the fire below being ignited with gasoline, dangerous but hell of a lot of fun. Camilla was a bit disappointed when Adonis pulled back, but realising she was starting to breathe heavier.

“Just shut up.” She said, pulling him back in. Adonis laughed against her kiss, breaking to kiss along her jaw and down her neck - then pause.

“Hold on,” He said, walking back over to the bed to grab his jacket. Slipping his hand into an inner pocket to pull out a condom. The last thing he needed right now was to knock up another ‘friend’ from high school. Eagerly finding his way back against Camilla, Adonis returned to their previous position picking up where he left off - making sure to leave a path of destruction in their wake.