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1945: First undead encounter

1945: First undead encounter


You are trying to save the world from the undead before they spread into a epidemic! Hurry! Group 275 needs your help to fight off the undead!

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ugh, call of duty... black ops... zombies... k? not the best with settings...


(Note: The setting is based off a level in call of duty: Black ops. I do not have rights to the making of this level nor do I want to.)

Kino der Toten... Cinema of the dead... Zombies... Undead... Brains... Blood... Infection... Decay... Monsters... Stench... Blood... Claws... Blood... Blood...

The Setting

This roleplay takes place at the movies, in Germany, around 1945... The place has been torn and barricade from past survivors attempting to make there stand. It got to the point where they all died and came back from the dead as zombies. Here are the place...

The alley is very tight and can be difficult to maneuver around, as zombies can jump down from the roof, but it can be easy to defend.

-Back room-
This room connects the Alley to the stairwell down to stage right. It's suggested to get out of this room as fast as possible.

-Upper hall-
This room is small and hard to maneuver around. However, there is a narrow hallway with an Electro-Shock Defense in it, making holding out in this room easy as long as there is a person covering the window that's behind the hallway and watching for the zombies that fall from the ceiling.

The foyer is one of the larger rooms, and it has plenty of room to run around in. However, there are three windows in here.

-Dressing room-
This room is a little larger than the Back Room. There are two windows, two Electroshock Defenses, and a Mystery Box spawn.

This area is the largest room, but it can be very disorienting. Two Mystery Box spawns are located here. The Power Switch is located here too. The power switch is located near the teleporter.

-The lobby-
This is where players spawn in at the start of the game. It is quite large and has plenty of room to run around. It contains the teleporter "mainframe link."

-The bunker-
This room is only accessible via the Teleporter on the Stage. The room is directly above the main floor entryway and is the projection room for the Theater.

The Plot

Few months later, a group called 275, the makers of 115 virus that makes zombies. Sends there last scientist into this building to recover and protect there work to stop the creation (the zombies) from ruining the world. At this point, the part of Germany that has been infected is blocked off from the rest of the world. Anyone who is inside the infection zone will never come out. Sadly, either being a group of 275 or a military officer hired to protect them, your going in there and like they say, your not coming out. If you don't either recover the work and send though a so called transporter that is inside the building to the group than the infection may be unstoppable. Though, there are some things group 275 didn't tell you. One, they didn't tell you they have no intention of bring you guys out if you get the job done. Two, that they tried this before and fail over and over, that's why lots of there tech is still left there to fight of the zombies. Three, that your all ready infected as soon as you breath the air in that building. Your all ready dead, though, might as well, try and save the world while you die right? So, fine the work of group 275, send it to the group, and then fight your last stand. Once main plot is done, the plot shall continue on till the player end it.

The players

Group 275 scientist- played by: Scarlet Bullets

The military vet- played by:

The rookie- player by: austyn101

Random survivor- played by:

Hired Soldier- played by:

German scientist- played by:

Another random survivor- played by:

Things you may want to know

Zombies, there are many, and there slow and weak at first but then after long they begin to sprint and gain strength, if bitten, infection consumes you.

Crawler Zombie, they crawl, when killed they turn to small clouds of gas, walk on walls. (only come when power is turned on)

Automatic sentry gun, a group 275 tech, kills zombies quickly in the area, must recharge after use, only usable when power is on.

Zap trap and fire pit,a group 275 tech, both traps that need power on first, zap makes a door of lighting, killing at stopping zombies, fire pit burns zombies.

Teleporter, a group 275 tech, needs power, teleports you to bunker, need to recharge after use.

Pack-a-puch, a group 275 tech, upgrades weapons to shoot lazers.

Power switch, located in the theater, turn on to be haft way to recover group 275 work.

Mystery box, unknown tech, gives random weapons then poofs somewhere else.

Weapons, being that this the year of 1945, you can only use weapons back then, no modern weapons bast that year. Some group 275 weapons include, ray gun, and thunder gun... Weapons are found at random or in the mystery box.

Windows, are what most zombies enter from, barricading with wood and scrap is encouraged.

Theme song of this roleplay!!!

Lullaby of a dead man by: Elena Siegman

The starting...

All players start in the lobby and work there way to the power, once on, fixes telepoter to enter bunker, find work, transfer, and etc. Have fun!

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