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"There are nights when the wolves are silent and only the moon howls."

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a character in “A Divine Meeting”, as played by Miyer



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Theme Songs
Normal - [url=URL]Artist || Song[/url]
Happy - [url=URL]Artist || song[/url]c
Emotional - [url=URL]Artist|| Song[/url]
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Joyceline - She gave up her last name.

Joy - Mostly due to her cheery attitude.



Love Interest
She doesn't know anymore. It's to confusing. She can't love the Storm God and she doesn't love the war god, so she doesn't love anyone?


Moon Goddess



Human 2

Isanami || Brave 10


Hair color
Cyan in daylight, Silvery blue in the moonlight.

Eye color
Soft glow of the moonlight.



Moon Tattoo in the middle of her back.

A circular tattoo on her upper, left thigh.

Joy tends towards the more loose and flowing clothing in the white and blues. She will often wear a miko outfit with her hair pined up.

Preferred Weapon
Bow and Arrow



    â˜Ŗ Singing || Ever heard the wolves howling to the moon? They are actually singing to Joy. Joy has grown to love the sounds of howling and learnt how to sing so that she may respond to them. Her singing generally consists of different noises strung together instead of words as the wolves can't understand her language.

    â˜Ŗ Dancing || Any Deity is required to learn how to dance to some degree, especially the moon goddess who must preform new moon rituals that require dance.

    â˜Ŗ Wolf Communication || Wolves are Joy's symbol, they are her creature, and as such she has learnt to understand them.

    â˜Ŗ Navigation || Joy is the moon goddess, she knows the night sky like the back of her hand and this allows her great navigational skills.

      â˜ĸ Lunar Manipulation || Joy's main power, the power of Lunar Manipulation, from simply manipulating energy to actually control the moon, though the movement of the moon requires lots of energy, concentration and special conditions. The rest of the following powers are simply sub-power and associations of this power.

      â˜ĸ Lunar Empowerment|| Joy is able to absorb the energy of the moon which will empower her as well as allow her to use this energy for Lunakinetic Combat or Lunar Constructs.

      â˜ĸ Lunakinetic Combat || Joy is able to combine the energy of the moon with her combat, which usually involves a Lunakinetic charged arrow which will cause more damage.

      â˜ĸ Lunar Constructs || This allows Joy to create constructs out of lunar energy. This is usually used to create barriers, armor, Entities, Duplication of herself and Wings.

      â˜ĸ Lunar Mind || Once every month, Joy experience a complete lack of logic as her mind reverts to a more feral and instinctual state. This makes her more prone to violence and survival behavior.

      â˜ĸ Shapeshifting || Shape-shifting into a wolf can sometimes follow her Lunar Mind though this will only occur if her instincts believe her to be in danger.


      ❤ Wolves || They are the creatures of the moon. They are loyal and loving to me unconditionally.

      ❤ Singing|| "It's how I communicate. I always find it easier to sing then speak."

      ❤ Swimming|| I love swimming in the rain or at night, I don't know why.

      ❤ The Ocean|| The ocean is beautiful. I guess I like it so much because of the fact that the moon controls the tides.

      ❤ Night|| The moon belongs to the night, Nighttime is my home.

      ❤ Astrology|| The Stars have always intrigued me.

      ✘ Being Watched || The feeling of someone watching me has always put me on edge, I don't know why.

      ✘ Half-God 1 || I shouldn't hate her... I shouldn't hate her... I shouldn't hate her...

      ✘ Herself || I have made so many mistakes... It's hard to like oneself afterwards...

      ✘ Fire || I have an affinity towards water, fire and me have never agreed.

      ✘ Being Alone || "I guess I am a pack animal... I just feel so... Alone sometimes... Alone in the sky, surrounded by endless night..."

      ✘ Getting Hurt || "No one likes pain, neither physical or emotional."

      ✔ Honestly || Joy has never lied, she does everything honestly. Even the mistakes she has made in the past were all something she did because she honestly believed it would help.

      ✔ Independent || The moon is an independent entity that lights the night sky. Joy is remarkably independent but this was probably caused by the fact that she had to be.

      ✔ Strong || Despite being a minor deity, Joy is not weak. She is able to hold her own and will never be helpless or the damsel in distress. She will never to lose to another just because she was weak.

      ☠ Self-Destructive || Joy can become self-destructive if she isn't careful. Her past mistakes and self doubt can have disastrous results on her health.

      ☠ Paranoid || After everything that's happened to her, Joy finds it difficult to trust people and will always gaze on any action with suspicion. This can make her very alone in the world.

      ☠ Common Sense || Due to her lack of common sense, Joy has been known to make bad mistakes in an attempt to fix previous mistakes and it becomes a unending and unforgiving cycle.

      ❖ Swimming || Joy can always be found in the water at around midnight. The sea, a river or even a pool, it doesn't matter. It has become a ritual for her to go swimming at midnight the same way how it has become normal for her to go swimming in the rain.

      ❖ Running with Wolves || Her wolf pack is her family. She chose them when she became the moon goddess the same why they choose her, and like every family, she spends time with them. She can often be found running with the wolf pack at night through the dense forests.

      ❖ People Watching || Despite disliking people watching her, Joy has taken to watching the human on earth from her perch in the sky. This normally happens on those long nights or when she has a lot to think about.

      ❖ Singing and Dancing || Joy enjoys dancing and singing and she can often be heard humming when she is busy/waiting or dancing slightly to imaginative music when she is doing something.



|| Mature || Cheerful || Honest || Gentle ||
|| Foolish || Self-Destructive || Paranoid || Chaotic ||

Joy has a very complex character in the fact that she contradicts herself in more then one way. Some of her most notably positive traits are followed by the exact negative trait that shouldn't exist together in one person.

Joy has been praised a mature goddess and is often looked up to by the humans of earth as a wise and all knowing goddess. Though it is true that Joy is surprisingly mature being level headed and reliable, able to take on responsibility with ease and no worry, Joy is also incredibly foolish as she often lacks the common sense needed to resolve some of her problems. This does not make her stupid as she is not and has demonstrated wisdom when it comes to other people, however she doesn't seem able to take her own advise.

A cheerful and generally open person, it is a rare occasion if you were to ever see this young girl cry. She can always be found smiling and laughing, trying to make the most of any situation and always keep an extremely optimistic view of life. Despite this, Joy is surprisingly Self-Destructive. Due to her many mistakes, Joy has grown to doubt herself and lacks self confidence in herself, which can cause the girl to enter depression. The bizarre thing is the fact that no one sees this side of joy, probably due to the fact that she believes it is a bad idea to let others see her pain as it is her problem to deal with.

An honest girl, Joy does her best to do everything in life honestly, except when it comes to her problems. Everything she says it believed to be true in her eyes and she does all her actions with the best and truest intentions in mind. Despite all this, Joy is incredibly paranoid. She holds great suspicion to most people and will view almost every action with doubt and mistrust which is weird as not even half the people she mistrusts have done things to cause her suspicion.

A Gentle soul, Joy is happy to spend her days in peace and trying to live her life in happiness surrounded by those she cares about. However, once every month on the full moon, Joy will lock herself away from everyone as she goes though her lunar mind. She becomes chaotic and her once gentle, human side is forgotten in place of an instinctual and violent animal.

Despite all this, the person everyone sees is that of a gentle goddess who has a cheery outlook on life with incredible honest attitude and a mature persona.


WIP Am planning on discussing somethings with a few people before finishing off my history.


So begins...

Joyceline's Story