Trenton Adams

The man numbed his heart for science

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Full Name: Trenton Saul Adams

Nicknames/Aliases: Dr. Trenton/Dr. Adams

Age: 40

Gender: Male

Gift: Trenton can manipulate a person's emotions telepathically. He can cause someone to feel calm, fearful, angry, grieved, amused, etc. Through touch, he can cause a person to feel different types of pain in various parts of the body. He can make someone believe that they've been shot in the head, or that their legs are burning.

Loyalty: Erubesco (Alchemist)

Description: Trenton is 6'4 in height. He has lightly tanned skin and dark brown eyes. His hair is dark brown and short, and sometimes he has a shadow of a beard on his face. He often wears glasses when he works.

Personality: To most people, Trenton is rather solemn. He tends to be quiet and thoughtful when he's busy, but he's polite and willing to talk when others want to speak with him. His thoughtfulness leads to a critical and calculating mind, though. He won't stand for people messing with his work or crossing him. When the easy way won't work, he can be rather cruel to enemies or the people he despises. When it comes to his interaction with insubordinate Knights and lower ranks, he uses cold words and fear as his war tactics. Deep, deep down, though, he sometimes feels the heartache and regret he thought he had gotten rid of long ago.

Skills: Trenton has studied genetics and other sciences for many years during his time in Erubesco. He is well-read in chemistry and biology, and he uses that knowledge to create many of his genetic projects. He also has a bit of field work experience, mainly in guns. If put out in the field, he could probably get some work done.

Weaknesses: At the peak of his anger, Trenton can be run by his emotions. He's very passionate about his work and he buries most of his old emotions towards the ones he used to care about. Destroying his work would practically destroy him.

Brief History: Trenton has spent most of his life as an Alchemist for Erubesco, though his work was small in the beginning. He did various types of research, including genetics, but his main focus was being able to support his wife Claire. When his niece Roxy turned 8, he learned that her mother had passed away, and that his brother had become seriously abusive. Fortunately for him and Claire, Roxy moved in with them, given that her father no longer wanted her. Trenton took the time to raise Roxy take care of her when he wasn't working, but it was a little more difficult when his work increased. When his niece was 10, his wife was murdered by a traitor that had escaped the faction. Bitter, he buried himself in his work and grew more and more involved in his genetics research. He began to neglect Roxy, though he occasionally brought her to the labs to teach her about the faction. Upon Roxy's offer of help, he chose to start his Avian project, and he experimented on her. He no longer paid heed to how she felt about the experiment or him. Nowadays, Trenton still works on his genetic research and is trying to think up something new that could benefit the faction.
So begins...

So begins...

Trenton Adams's Story