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Raygar son of Slaggar

Mountain Clansman chief and follower of the warlord Blackiron

0 · 168 views · located in Veen

a character in “A shadow Across Veen”, as played by Irish Wolf


Raygar is a big man, standing over the six-foot mark. He has a barrel chest, packed with muscle, covered in fat, with a large gut covered with a massive of scar tissue. His legs are like thick tree trunks and his arms bulge with power. His face is broad with what could be a square jaw hidden under a massive, tangled black beard. He has small, piggish brown eyes, which burn with greed and cunning. The hair on the top of his head is also black and tangled, forming a dirty mane around his head. Like all of his kinfolk, he rarely baths and thusly is dirty and has an interesting odor.

He always wears a vest of crudely tanned boar skin, the stiff brown bristles on the outside. Recently, that vest has had a large number of black iron rings sewn on the inside, turning the garment into a kind if brigandine. Added to the vest, he dons a pair of crude woolen trousers, dyed green, a thick, crude leather belt and crude leather boots. In the cold of winter, he will wrap the skin of a giant black bear, turned into a crude cape, around him.


Raygar has a hunger for everything, wealth, power, women, position and he’s hell bound to get it. As chief of his clan, he gets first pick and the largest share of everything, food, plunder and captives. If you get in his way, he’ll kill you and not give it a moment’s thought.


A long bow.
A quiver of broad headed arrows, numbering twenty.
A crude iron knife.
A large maul with a lead head.
A two-handed axe, with a head of black steel.
A giant wild boar named Everard, which weighs over a thousand pounds and is big enough for the large man to ride


Raygar was born he son of Slaggar, who was chief of the Moon Blades, one of the outlaw Mountain Clans wandering about the Teeth. He grew up in a rather privileged position, with a father who was both tough, forcing the boy into fights and indulgent, allowing his son to eat as much as he pleased. By the time he was nineteen, he was well on his way to being the giant he is currently, when his father died. Because the strongest man always led the clan and the title of chief didn’t pass down the bloodline, young Raygar would have to defeat all challengers or perform a feat none to could match. As the other contenders for chief started bashing each other, he slipped away into the night.

When he returned, several weeks later, the young man’s gut was covered in mass of leaves, vines and crusted black blood. Walking docilely besides him was the largest boar anyone in the clan had ever seen. Before the entire clan, he hold of how he went in search of the old mountain gods and how they had shown him the way to the boar’s lair. He told of how he waited until the beast emerged, of how he tackled it and how they wrestled, the boar using it’s wicked tusks to gore his belly but being unable to rib out his guts. He told of how he flipped the beast into it’s back and how it surrendered. He then declared that he was chief, as none could match his feat of strength and courage.

Now the new chief, a man named Crow, laughed and walked up to fat youth. He stared into the boy’s eyes and then made a mistake. He turned his back on Raygar to address the clan. The moment he did, Raygar snatched up a maul and smash’s Crow’s legs. As the new chief went down, he smash’s the man’s arms. As Crow lay screaming in pain, the young man patted his boar on the nose and spoke one word, “Eat”. The giant pig let out a terrible squeal of pleasure and promptly began to devour Crow alive. No one else opposed Raygar becoming chief.

So life passed for the next fifteen years, until a messenger from Blackiron arrived, baring gifts of black metal. A deal was struck, he would force a few of the other clans to allow some of the warlord’s troops to pass through the mountains and help them raid and pillage through the lowlands, in exchange for ruling the Teeth unopposed, with a gift of fine food, slaves and weapons every moon once the war was won. It was too good to pass up. He took the gift of iron rings and a great axe of black steel and swore loyalty to Blackiron.

So begins...

Raygar son of Slaggar's Story