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Ukyo Akihito

"Ore wa hitori."

0 · 1,404 views · located in Tokyo; Japan

a character in “A Tragedy”, as played by NethanielShade



Ah, ah, ah, alone in my world...

Normal || Uragiri no Yuuyake | Theatre Brook ||
Angry || Resonance | T.M.Revolution ||
Emotional || In My World | ROOKiEZ is PUNK'D ||


โ™” || Name || โ™”
"ๆ˜Žไป ๅฎฎๅดŽ ๅณไบฌ" - "Akihito Miyazaki Ukyo"
Akihito being his family name, Ukyo being his personal name, Miyazaki being his middle name.

โ™” || Aliases || โ™”
"้ป’ใ„ๅคฉไฝฟ" - "Kuro Tenshi" - "Dark Angel"

โ™” || Age || โ™”

โ™” || Role || โ™”
Solo Player #3

โ™” || Kagune Type || โ™”
Ukaku- Ukyo's Ukaku Kagune is colored black and the "feathers" in it are shorter than normal, making them appear more like thousands of squares that form two wings. from farther away, it would appear as if he had two real black-feathered wings.
Check out this imgur album I made for this specific Kagune type

โ™” || Masks || โ™”
He has 3 masks, a horned one, a cracked half mask, and one know one knows is his.

โ™” || Gender || โ™”

โ™” || Sexuality || โ™”

โ™” || Nationality || โ™”
Fully Japanese, born and raised in Kyoto.

โ™” || Face Claim || โ™”
I have no idea, I used google images. If you know any of the, feel free to point it out!


โ™” || Height || โ™”
177 cm. - 5.8 ft.

โ™” || Weight || โ™”
51 kg. - 112 lbs.

โ™” || Hair Color || โ™”
Stark/Jet Black

โ™” || Eye Color || โ™”
When his kagune is inactive, dark brown.
When his kagune is active, black-red like all other ghouls.

โ™” || Skin Tone || โ™”
Pale, he almost never touches sunlight.

โ™” || Birthmark/Piercing/Tattoo/Scar/Noticeable Features || โ™”
None really, yet.


โ™” || Personality || โ™”
Ukyo has a reputation for being sadistic, uncaring, and hateful. He seems like he never wants anyone around him. In reality, it's because he doesn't want people getting close to him. He pretends he doesn't care about you or your life. He'll say harsh things, or even try to avoid talking to you altogether. He pushes people away from him, and tells himself he prefers the solitude.
Ukyo does not discriminate between human and ghoul, but he does pity both species for different reasons. He is well aware both species have the ability to love, to feel pain (both emotional and physical), and care about others. However, he must still eat humans, as that is the only source of food for a ghoul. That one of the reasons he pities both species, humans because they get eaten, and ghouls because they are forced to eat humans. He also pities them both for not understanding each other.
Despite this, he keeps himself in solitary, and though it's not what he wants, he tells himself it's for the best.


โ™” || Likes || โ™”
โœ” The colors black and red, especially the stark contrast between the two when they are together.
โœ” Ukyo enjoys silence much more than loud commotion.
โœ” He also enjoys watching and observing things and people silently.
โœ” The darkness, Ukyo doesn't enjoy bright lights, and spends his days alseep.
โœ” Japanese, his native language.
โœ” Coffee, obviously.
โœ” Sleep. He often falls asleep when he's bored.

โ™” || Dislikes || โ™”
โœ— Orange and yellow, his two least-favorite colors.
โœ— Loud, annoying, or noisy things.
โœ— Being found or caught easily.
โœ— Heat, he really hates when it's too hot.
โœ— Bright lights, especially sunlight.
โœ— Human food, that is, food that humans eat. He does like it when humans are the food.

โ™” || Fears || โ™”
โœ„ Death, like any sane person would.
โœ„ Emotional pain, even more than physical pain.
โœ„ People close to him dying.


โ™” || Bio || โ™”
Ukyo Miyazaki Akihito was born in Kyoto, Japan, as the child of Izaya Yujiro Akihito and Hikaru Takahashi Akihito. He also had a little sister, born five years after him, named Hisa Akahito. Around the time Hisa was born, their family moved away from Kyoto to Tokyo, Japan, as they had run into some trouble with a local gang of ghouls.
Shortly after arriving in Tokyo, both his parents were killed by the CCG. A five year old Ukyo and a one year old Hisa were now on the run. However, being so young, he wasn't able to feed them both, as it was extremely hard to kill humans at his age, and he couldn't use his kagune effectively. Eventually, Hisa dies of starvation, and he came close to dying also.
To this day, he blames himself for his little sister's death.
For the next nine years, he taught himself to live in the dark. He slept outside, under bridges, in abandoned buildings, or anywhere else he could find during the day. At night, he was active. He learned to go about the city undetected, hiding in the shadows, staying to the rooftops, or blending in with the crowds. he became like a ghost, a shadow, undetectable at night. He was determined, no matter what, that he wouldn't die to the CCG. During this time, he was always alone. He never communicated with others, ghoul or human alike. When he killed a human once or twice a month for food, it was swift and over with instantly in a dark alley. He turned into a rumor, not quite a legend, among ghouls and humans alike. The "Ghost-child," they called him.
Then, when he was fourteen years old, he met a girl, a human, in a park one night. He wasn't, and still isn't, quite sure what exactly happened. Whatever it was, they both fell in love at first sight. Cheesy, yes, but he couldn't help it. At first, he ran from her, knowing no good could ever come of being with her. Still, he started noticing her throughout the city. Tokyo, a giant city with hundreds of thousands of people in it, and he kept seeing this girl night after night. Not only that, they were both teenagers. What was she doing up so late every night? She wasn't a ghoul, he was sure of it.

โ™” || Other || โ™”



Good bye, precious life.


So begins...

Ukyo Akihito's Story


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--------Date; May 12th
----------------Time; 8:45 AM
---------------------Weather; Cloudy ; Slight drizzle
-----------------------------Location; Tokyo ; Anteiku
Rhiannon had already woken up that morning, at a time far earlier than she preferred, and got dressed in her uniform, getting ready for work. Her car was an old one, one she had gotten for a cheap price since she was saving most of her money for a professional camera, so the car practically looked like a piece of crap, but no one seemed to bother her about it.

The drive from her small apartment to Anteiku was a mere ten minutes, fifteen if the stoplights decided to turn red on every turn. Today, all the lights were green, so she made it to work early. Rhiannon's stomach wasn't feeling very well when she began to walk through the doors though. She had some time to go down to the fridge to get her 'meal' before working. If she went to work while hungry, who knew what would happen to the costumers...

That's right, Rhiannon was a ghoul, but unlike some, she didn't crave the killing of humans nor the wanting to create chaos. She was peaceful, and actually envied humans more than anything. However, a ghoul was a ghoul. Nothing would change that. Rhiannon's attempts to digest human food had, overtime, ruined her health as a ghoul, and her fighting capabilities. Her rinkaku could hardly be called a way of selfdefense. It couldn't be used as a weapon either. All that human food and lack of actual human meat made her too weak to hunt for herself, therefore making a job at Anteiku hitting two birds with one stone; she had a source of food (although only when she desperately needed it) and a source of money.

Rhiannon didn't wave to anyone inside the cafe since she really began to feel the hunger. Thankfully, Anteiku wouldn't actually open for human customers for another 15 minutes, because if there were any humans in the room, they'd see a girl with ghoulish red eyes stumbling to the back of the cafe. 'I-I need to eat...' She thought, trying her hardest to contain the monstrous hunger. She found herself disgusting, ugly, and horrifying when she was truly hungry.

Once she made her way towards the secret fridge, the one that stored all the meat specifically and only for ghouls, she opened it up immediately. She could feel that urge to feast on something living nearby. No matter how human she wanted to act, a ghoul would always hunger for human flesh. Rhiannon grabbed a package and tore it open as quickly as possible before grabbing the piece of red meat and stuff it in her mouth. A satisfying feeling came over her.

The heavy breathing slowed down, the red in her eyes faded away to their usual hazel color. The girl had an urge to cry as she chewed the food, and then swallowed, but it was something that had to be done. She wasn't going to cry over something that silly. After heading to the bathroom afterwards, to clean up her face, fix her hair, and try to look normal again, she cleared her throat, and headed back to the cafe floor, where they would open shortly.

Rhiannon put on her usual normal-looking smile. At first glance, or maybe even second or third, Rhiannon looked just like a normal person. "Sorry about that sight." The waitress apologized to those who were in the room. She was about to recommend opening the shop early before the news on the TV caught her eye.

"-and yet another attack by a ghoul had happened, despite CCG assuming that they'd take care of the situation." On the TV, a man holding a microphone was speaking into the camera in front of what looked like a crime scene, but nothing could be seen due to the angle the cameraman chose. "The body appears to have been opened, and with the condition the rest of it is in, it appears to be the work of a ghoul, but not just any ghoul, a kakuja. The woman who was murdered this very morning has been confirmed to be a ghoul, and it has been known that only cannibalistic ghouls, or kakuja, eat their own kind. Lately...-"

"Huh..." Rhiannona murmured. "It looks like they're becoming more active lately. I didn't expect the population of cannibals to be so high though..." Rhiannon sighed with a shake of her head and had a seat at one of the vacant tables. The rising population of kakuja was a concern nowadays, but it wasn't only for humans. The lives of ghouls were at stake too.


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The morning breeze was chilly, and water hit hit skin like the tips of feathers, pecking at him. It was sprinkling outside. Not enough to make your hair wet, or enough to leave the dark dots in your clothing, but the water could be felt on your skin. Ukyo Akihito looked up at the sky. It was cloudy, the clouds light grey, but it wasn't dark. The white morning sun hiding behind the clouds made the sky glow brilliantly.

Ukyo sighed. He normally slept during the day, but he didn't feel like sleeping right now. The weather was nice. It wouldn't hurt him to forfeit one night, or day, of sleep. And so he walked along the sidewalk, hands in his pockets, counting the sections in it aloud as he went.

"ลซ." He whispered. He spent his days like this now, being bored, doing trivial things just to keep his attention for a short amount of time, hoping the time would pass a little quicker. He tried getting jobs, but he could never seem to hold onto them. He came to a stop and lifted his head. In front of him was Anteiku, a coffee shop mostly aimed towards ghoul customers. About a third of the customers that came and went weren't human. He'd been inside a few times, himself.

He opened the door and walked in, sitting at a table by the windows. He didn't look at anybody, but he wondered if they were looking at him. Ukyo was known to be one of the ghouls that still hunted for food in the peaceful 20th Ward, so it would be strange for him to come into Anteiku.