Pandora Kozlov

Am I evil? Good question, I'll get back to you when I have an answer.

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a character in “Academy for Unnaturals”, as played by nightstar_


Species: Demon
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Grade: Junior
Abilities: Pandora gets power from emotions, mainly rage, sorrow or frustration. She does not yet know if she can gain power from joy as she has not been able to channel it yet. She can channel this power in a variety of ways, the two that she knows being the ability to create flames or to heighten her senses. The problem with this being that to channel the emotion of others, she takes that emotion on herself (i.e if she were to use someone else's anger to fuel her powers, she would become angry herself)
Weaknesses: Pandora seems to have an adverse effect to water and freaks out being near anything more than a shallow puddle.
Appearance Image Pandora is tall and lithe with long russet hair that falls in gentle waves down her back. Her body is covered with intricate black markings, most striking of which is one that winds up around her left eye. She has no clue where the marks come from but she likes them. Her eyes are a bright red color with hints of gold that most obviously strike her apart as a demon asides from her wings, which are broad and dark. Even her wings are adorned with the same strange marks as the rest of her, although you can't see them except for in moonlight, when they glow silver.


Personality: Pandora loves and hates being a demon. She loves her wings and her friends but hates the negative thoughts associated with demons, how others will whisper when they see her. She tries not to care what others think and is often thought of as very aloof. Pandora stays disconnected from her emotions because she knows all too well how easy it is for her to get angry and exactly what happens when she does. Because of this, she keeps her thoughts and emotions under lock and key. Sadly, like her namesake, she can't help being curious and if she gets a whiff of a mystery, you can bet that she'll get involved.
Likes: Pandas, cats, dancing, singing
Dislikes: Water, Smug people
Crush (You can add this in later if you want): None yet
Nickname: Panda

Period 1 - Adv. Biology
Period 2 - Unnatural training
Period 3 - Pre-Calc
Period 4 - French
Period 5 - Drama

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