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Runa Ihme

"Was I born for the sole purpose of being discarded? If I did not deserve you when I had most needed you, you do not deserve me now, when your world is about to crumble."

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a character in “Aeonis Academy for Demi-Gods”, as played by Portrait of a Sociopath



"In this dog eat dog world, it's every girl for herself and the Devil takes the hindmost"


Runa Ihme
Miracle, Wildling
December 22nd



Runa is a sweet-looking girl who exudes an aura of innocence and naivety that can charm people of all generations. It is just too bad that she rarely smiles and is extremely introverted otherwise she would be the ideal daughter-in-law or so says the old croons from the village in which she grew up. In reality, she just has a fantastic poker face and is so introverted that she rarely spares the effort to converse more than a few minutes with anyone. These traits served well to hide her explosive temper and aggressive mentality. She is bold, reckless and even violent, especially so if she doesn't get her way. To her, the best defense is offense and she sees everyone as an enemy she will need to take down as soon as they step out of line. She is a survivor who scoffs at the thought of trusting or relying on anyone. Her independent nature makes her a horrible addition to teams and she would be damned before she lets social constraints or regulation impede her freedom. A rebellious free spirit with a harsh and untrusting view of the world never makes a good friend.

Nevertheless, Runa knows when it is safer to play docile and can be formal and calculating in her social interactions, but it wouldn't be wise to let that fool you. The people she meets are only labeled as relevant, irrelevant or threatening in her mind. Needless to say that she has trouble fitting in and doubts that things will change even at Aeonis. She is also extremely selfish, believing that the war between gods and demigods does not concern her. She is only attending Aeonis to better understand and control her powers, not to make friends or help the gods. The detachment with which she treats all living beings has her labeled as haughty and condescending even if that may not be the case. She simply believes that she is different from everyone else and has decided to embrace being marginalized.

While she may appear cold and collected when she's not throwing a tantrum, the young teen is actually extremely restless and does not like to stay still. She just has a natural talent for moving around with grace and cold detachment. Her agitation can also serve as a prison, locking her within her own mind with all sorts of crazy scenarios that require her urgent attention. In those moments, she is in her own little world and it isn't uncommon for her to completely miss someone calling out her name.

Singing: It used to be a means to cope with stress and it's especially effective is she does so naked. Now, she does it when she is alone and in a good mood. Pray that she doesn't discover heavy and death metal.
Walks in winter forests and high mountains: She likes the stillness and serenity of the landscape.
Nature: The simplicity of animals and plants ensures that she will not have to deal with rejection or back-stabbing. Everything is so straightforward and nothing is done out of pure spite.
Solitude: The less she has to deal with other human beings, the better.
Sleeping under the stars

Loud noises

☠Being helpless
☠Crowds of people
☠Being tied down by anyone and anything



Ingrid & Adrian Juhola || 35 & 37 y.o. || Adoptive parents
Strained. She has left them after realizing that they no longer wanted anything to do with her.

Runa has never met her mother and Khione has never made the effort to reach out to her. She has never forgiven her mother for that and resents her greatly, even going as far as reacting violently whenever Khione is brought up in a conversation. She had done just fine without the goddess for fifteen years. Why would she need her now?

Runa had been found barely a month after her birth in the cold wilderness of Finland by hikers. There was no note or personal belongings accompanying the small bundle of clothes and no one in neighboring villages had been pregnant at the time, making it impossible to identify the little girl's parents. From the thickness of the snow layer that had been covering her, authorities estimated that she had been outside in subzero temperatures for well over three hours. Her survival had been dubbed a miracle, hence the surname they gave her: "Ihme," miracle.

The story of her survival would see that she was adopted as soon as the authorities released their hold on her. The villagers believed that she was a godsend and her adoptive parents would go to great length to showoff their new "acquisition." This incurred the wrath and jealousy of her peers who thought she was undeserving of such attentions because she was never extraordinarily bright at school, nor was she athletic. Runa was just another pretty face that cast a dark shadow onto all their efforts and achievements. Although her adoptive family provided her with all the necessities for her comfort and well-being, they failed to give her the emotional support and security she had needed as a child to resist the emotional attacks she had been subjected to at school.

The cliques at school were extremely tight-knit among their members and would antagonize her whenever the teachers weren't looking. By her early teens, they had caught on that her abandonment as a child was something that had wounded her deeply. They would constantly bring up the fact that Runa had been an unwanted child, tossed out to die by her very own mother. Sadness and hurt would eventually grow into cold fury. The news of her adoptive parents' divorce came soon after with impeccable timing. She had seen it coming, but never expected to be tossed aside once more. She had overheard her parents fight about who would have custody of her. While most parents would fight to keep their child, both had been trying to push the responsibility of raising Runa on the other. They were worried about her grades and her budding delinquency, things neither wanted to deal with at the time. It enraged Runa and made her run away from home in the middle of a blizzard.

The powerful winds and ever-present snow pushed her off course and she lost her way in the middle of the forest surrounding the town she grew up in, but she was not afraid. On the contrary, she felt liberated and free. That night, she tossed all self-restraint and inhibition to the wind and released all the maelstrom of negative emotions bottled up within her. A storm unlike any other in the past century would settle in the region. She howled with the violent gales and danced in their powerful embrace. Ice came to life around her, accompanying her in a savage tribute to the untamed and unrestrained until she finally succumbed to fatigue and fell asleep more content than she had ever been.

The next morning, she awoke in a strange new place, surrounded by people of all ethnicity. Having grown up in a remote part of Scandinavia, she had never met any dark skinned people yet let alone people of Asian descent. She was told through an interpreter that she had been brought to a school for gifted individuals "like her," demigods and godlings with incredible powers and Aeonis was willing to take her in and shelter her if need be. She would be alone, surrounded by untrustworthy people, but when had that ever changed? Besides, she had a whole new world to discover and she could reclaim the surname that had been given to her upon her discovery.

Creating sentient creatures from ice and her inability to feel cold. The creatures she creates are the only friends she can trust and she oftentimes takes them on hikes when it is winter. Not feeling the cold sure comes in handy in those situations as it is much easier to move around when you're not mummified in layers after layers of coats. It also allows her to sleep outdoors at night, when the temperatures become less comfortable.

FC: Emily Browning
She is not completely fluent in English yet and will still make mistakes every now and then. She has a heavy Finnish accent that can make her unintelligible, especially when she is speaking quickly.
Runa also has the habit of speaking to herself or sing when she believes she is alone. She is actually a pretty good singer and dancer, but sees them as her guilty pleasures. She also tends to strip naked when she is singing.

So begins...

Runa Ihme's Story

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Character Portrait: Runa Ihme
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Runa had been unable to sleep in her assigned room the night before. Try as she may, she had caught herself pacing, casually walking in the eyes of the untrained, the length of her room less than ten minutes after she had crawled under her covers. Although she had practically spent her whole summer at Aeonis and the city nearby, she still dreaded Orientation Day because it would mark the arrival of a bunch of strangers who will surely be speaking in a language she had not mastered yet. It wasn't that she was terribly afraid of strangers, she just didn't want to deal with the mountain of small talk that usually came with new acquaintances.

Finally, at the first sign of her peers' arrival at the dorms, Runa had snapped, opening the window to her room and climbing down the nearby tree so she could avoid having to meet her dormmate. She had needed to clear her head and the night air had been just what she needed even if she could not feel the cold. Unfortunately, the campus had been buzzing with activity as wave after wave of students arrived with their mountain load of luggage so her plans to drown herself in solitude had been ruined before it had even started

A most unconventional idea had popped up in Runa's mind just as she had ducked behind a nearby statue to avoid another little clique of students who were settling in. Less than half an hour later, she found herself flopping down on one of the school buildings' roof in her pajamas. She remained there for the entirety of the night as sleeping outdoors was something she enjoyed doing, but as her luck would have it, she had picked the wrong building to sleep on.

At 7:00 AM sharp, a thunderbolt struck, scaring her awake and sending her into a state of panic. In her hurry to escape whatever threat had appeared, she scurried a bit too close to the edge of the roof slipped. She managed to catch herself just in time, but found herself dangling two floors high in the air by nothing more than the strength of her fingers.

She remained there for a few seconds as she scanned her surrounding for any foothold she could use. Finding none, she let out a few colorful words in her native tongue before another idea popped up in her mind. This time, fortunately, it was a much more sensible one, at least to her at the time. Eyes closed, she concentrated on creating ice on her bare toes and placed them against the smooth wall so that it would spread and form a small ledge on which she could rest some of her weight. She could do this! she could survive this even without any help never mind that she was still sticking out like a sore thumb against the marble white architecture. On the bright side, at least her pajamas had pants.