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Lipilu Aldaeth

""You're sick, the whole lot of you. As if a child gets to choose their heritage."

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a character in “Ambar: Chapter 1 - Snow & Ash”, as played by erin_lowder


"You're all alone too, huh? That's okay, we can lonely together."




[General Information]
Nickname(s): Lilu, by her friend. Mutt/inbreed, by her society.
Gender: Female
Age: 19. Young, for an elf.
Race: Half-elf
Origin: Rinarwin
Occupation: Thief



Hair: Silver
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5'5
Build: Small upper body and a muscular lower body, due to her constant running and climbing.
Weight: 120lb'
Body Markings: Tattoo

Lipilu is stunningly beautiful, but not the type of beauty that would compel you. No, she is dangerously beautiful, like a freshly sharpened knife just waiting to spill blood. Her pale skin shimmered like moonlight, giving her an almost ghostly appearance. Her hair was a kind of translucent white, it was not greyish or creamy or blonde. It was absolutely white. Her eyes were the constant to her pale complexion, dark like an ocean at nighttime and sparkled like storm clouds right before the lightning hit. The way she moved was flawless. Every twitch of her finger or brush of her lashes was pure silk. And when she held her sword, no artist could capture the absolute elegance in the way she fought in combat.

The sight of her put many of the others in her village at unease. Having already been a half-breed and shunned from her Elvin peers, her beauty was a source of confusion for many, as a lot of her peers believed half-breeds were supposed to be ugly.

Her tattoo is the moon, which she sees of as a symbol for herself. Pale and beautiful, yet isolated and alone.


[P E R S O N A L I T Y]
Lipilu was raised by a thieving mother, so she's not exactly a model citizen. From a young age, she was taught how to steal what she desired without thinking how it would affect the other person. However, Lipilu started to question these morals as she grew older. She often wonders if she's doing the right thing, even though her mother insists this is what she's owed after being treated like dirt for so long. Still, she often questions her own morals and emotions.

From her human side, she's more reckless than other elves. She often doesn't think things through and just goes for it. From childhood, she took a liking to jokes and pranks. Lilu has one friend, the daughter of her mother's sister (her cousin) and during their youth, they'd play pranks on their parents and other villagers. Lilu has a bit of a dark sense of humor and sometimes her jokes can get out of hand. Her cousin is typically the voice of reason in these situations.

As to be expected, Lilu is quite lonely. She treatment she gets from other elves has a very negative effect on her self-esteem. Some days she refuses to get out of bed out of fear of the harsh insults thrown at her by the other elves. While she always manages to pick herself up, the loneliness is always an aching thought in the back of her mind.
  • Losing her only friend
  • The men of her village
  • Illness/plague
  • Something happening to the moon.

  • At night, she talks to the sky, thinking it would give her advice.
  • Whenever she steals food, she goes for raspberries first.
  • She's a bit of a germaphobe and will bathe herself at least 3 times if someone coughs near her.
  • She loves the smell of dusty old books.

    • raspberries
    • The moon
    • Jokes
    • Kittens (seriously, she will stop mid-sentence just to yell "KITTY!")

    • The other elves
    • Water
    • Being sick/others being sick
    • Nights when there's a new moon.


[Skills] Lilu is a very skilled thief. She has a high level of stealth and stamina. She can move around without a sound, which comes in handy when sneaking past guards. She also has a great climbing ability and is a skilled swordsman. Her own sword was stolen from an old elven healer, and she had it edited to fit her build and abilities. Her mother was never one for weapons, so she's self-taught by reading the old books she collects.

[Spells/Magic Affinity] Her magic is mostly sensual. She can cast spells to eliminate sounds, see in the darkness, hear something approach from miles away, etc. One certain type of magic she has been working on, but not yet mastered, is the art of illusions. So far, she can cast minor illusions for just a few minutes at a time. Create sounds that aren't there, make you see a bird loose in your home, maybe even make herself invisible. So far, she's limited to illusions she knows. For example, she can't create the illusion of a person she's never seen before, and she can't make sounds she's never heard. The longest she's been able to hold an illusion is 7 minutes and 13 seconds.

  • Weak upper body, so she can't throw punches or do hand-to-hand combat.
  • As mentioned before, limited use of illusion magic.
  • She doesn't think things through as long as she should. She could easily make a reckless decision.
  • She can be very emotional and might react harshly to an insult.
  • She's loyal to everyone who's kind to her, so it's very easy to deceive or trick her.
  • Her magic is used for distraction, not for combat. Anyone who has spells that contradict her magic (sees through an illusion, etc.) would make her magic useless.



Her armor is light and easy to move around in. She wears her sword draped across her back and held there by leather straps. Her armor includes a maroon colored hood that covers half her face. This is so when she steals, nobody can see enough to recognize her.

Typically, Lilu wears a white blouse and a brown corset. Leather straps still attach her sword to her back in case some unexpected foe attacks. She wears brown leather pants and tan hide boots. On her hip, she has her coin purse. She always has her hair up in a loose braided bun.

She is never without her sword.

[Primary Weapon:]
Weapon Name: She has no name for her sword. Its name before it was stolen is unknown.
Weapon Type: Sword
Length: Approximately 3 feet
Weight: Only a few lb's. Very light.
Origin: Stollen from a healer when he refused to heal her friend. Before that, the origin is unknown.

She has no other weapons

Lipilu's Story



| Mother |
Yvenna Aldaeth is a narcissistic woman who believed herself to be the most beautiful and powerful elf in the land. Although not very high up in elvish society, she took to stealing riches and jewels from nobles. She was actually very skilled at it, and it was many years before someone discovered her ploy. In one of her schemes for power, she seduced a human man, the son of a very powerful noble, and tricked him into giving her whatever she desired. However, the human man got her pregnant, and the man sent her away in fear of his father's reaction. At first, Yvenna was going to abandon the infant in the forest, but after seeing the baby for the first time, she couldn't bear to part with her. She named her daughter Lipilu. Li is the elvish word for "Queen." and Pilu, being the elvish word for, "Thief." Her baby was named "Queen of Thieves."

| Father |
Henry Calvin is the son of a powerful human Nobel. He was engaged to a young woman, the daughter of Nobel from another land when he met Yvenna. He quickly fell in love with her and hid her away in the estate so that he may see her often. He gave her whatever she desired, and in returned only asked for her affection. He was forced to send her away at the news of her pregnancy, as he knew his father would have her executed if he knew she was carrying his bastard. Still, 20 years later, he lays awake at night wondering about the child he almost had.

| Cousin/best friend. |
Aireda Tathron is the daughter of Yvenna's sister. She's a sickly girl, due to having a mysterious illness as a child that permanently weakened her immune system. Elven healers believe she will one-day succumb to her sickness and perish from it. Aireda is the only one in the village who doesn't treat Lilu harshly for her human nature. Growing up, they played together often until Aireda was unable to stress herself anymore. Still, Lilu visits her often and they remain friends. Lilu is terrified of the day when Aireda's illness finally takes her, and wonders if there was any way to heal her best friend.

Thief. She steals from the other elves who have treated her so harshly.

[Outlook on life]
Lipilu tries to remain optimistic despite her harsh treatment. She despises most elves for their prejudice, and if she met one outside of Rinarwin would most likely be afraid of it. Other races, she doesn't have a problem with. She loves human literature and hopes to leave Rinarwin one day to live in a human kingdom. She finds Dwarf skills fascinating and would like to watch one at work one day. She also wishes to meet an Orc one day, just for the satisfaction of meeting one. Really, her outlook on life is very positive. Just the elvish society is the one she dislikes.

Lipilu was born in the winter in the middle of the forest. As a half-breed, she was not welcome in her society, so her mother raised her in a hut just outside the village. From the time she was old enough to crawl, her mother taught her the ways of a thief. From running laps around the river, climbing trees and catching animals to finding objects hidden around their home, this was the way she spent her days. Her first works as a thief were to help her mother steal from passing travelers that came through the forest. While Yvenna would focus on the jewels and riches, Lilu took a liking to books and sometimes toys. She started a collection of trinkets from different races. She had handcrafted toys from Dwarves, maps and tools from Orcs, and her favorites, storybooks from humans.

It wasn't all work, though. Her mother had a sister, who had a daughter, and the two of them would play together whenever the sister came round. Lilu and her cousin, Aireda, spent their time together playing in the woods and reading Lilu's collection of human stories. This was how they discovered the art of pranking. The two wanted to go out to the nearby village and test out their research, but their mothers forbid it. Lilu had often wanted to go out into the village but her mother always denied her. Being so young, Yvenna didn't think Lilu was ready to face her reality. Aireda too did not know why her cousin wasn't allowed in the village since her and her mother went all the time. So, the two ignorant girls came up with a plan. It wasLilu's idea to drug two mugs of tea with Valerian -- a sleeping herb -- and serve them to their mothers. Within an hour, the girls could freely wander out to the village. The prank they chose to start off with wasn't harmful. The two girls let up a bucket in a tree to pour river water all over a couple walking by. It was very humorous, and the couple wasn't even angry. (They were children too once.) That is, until they got one look at Lilu, and then started shouting all sorts of profanity.

"Filthy half-breed!"



Lilu was terrified and ran home to her mother in tears. This was how she learned she didn't belong and that everyone in their society thought she was an abomination.

Afterwards, Yvenna started teaching Lipilu more of what it meant to be a thief. Together, they traveled to the village late one night and Yvenna told Lilu to sneak into a house and steal whatever she could get her hands on. Lilu was horrified. Up until now, she had only taken whatever travelers were foolish enough to hold on their backs, but taking from a place as sacred as a home was unthinkable. Then, her mother explained.

"You will never belong." her mother had said. "They'll always treat you harshly. This is your revenge."

Stealing became like a chore to Lipilu. Whenever her mother said, she'd go to the village and take what they needed, from food to clothes to money. She continued her training, starting to learn just the basic forms of magic, and still remained friends with Aireda. Aireda didn't have any understanding of why her cousin was treated so badly in the village as her mother had left her ignorant of Lilu's status as a half-breed. The two were now free to play their jokes inside the village, and Aireda found it all in good fun. That is until Lilu planted sedative herbs inside a woman's coin purse, which would knock her out long enough for Lilu to steal all her money. Aireda was horrified at this act and claimed Lilu went too far. (Aireda didn't know about Lilu's thieving habits) Aireda became a voice of reason for Lilu and was the reason Lilu learned never to get caught.

However, later on in her story, she and Aireda were playing on the road which leads to town when Aireda suddenly collapsed. Not knowing what to do, she ran to the village and screamed for help. When nobody came, she took drastic measures and threw a rock at one of the men's heads. This lead to him chasing her, but due to her stealth, she was able to run back to Aireda and hide in the bushed before she was caught. As it turned out, Aireda was gravely sick with an unknown illness. Healing predicted she wouldn't live to see her next full moon. In her grief, Lilu accused the healer of prejudice. "It's because she's friends with me, right! It's because she's friends with me that you won't fix her!" Insulted, the healer left without answering. Lilu knew the healer was hiding something, so that night, she snuck into his hut to find a potion that would fix Aireda. She didn't find what she was looking for but instead found a sword. This sword was pure silver, light to hold and radiating with power. Her mother's words rang in her head. "This is your revenge." She took the sword without a second thought. Aireda did manage to get better, but would never be completely healed. The often falls ill, and can't even stand too long without becoming tired. This was the end of having her as a playmate, although LIlu still visits Aireda whenever she can.

Her life was unbearingly lonely after that. She threw herself into her training and mastered the art of using her sword. She became an excellent thief, making her mother very proud. As she grew older, her body started to mature and she turned into a very lovely young woman. This would not end well for her, however. People would make comments on how a half-breed was so disgustingly beautiful, and there were even theories that she used black magic to turn herself beautiful. This wasn't even the worst of it.

It happened one day as she was returning home from her village. A young male elf leaped out from the bushes and tackled her to the forest floor. He began shouting profanity and suggesting that a half-breed like her owed something to the villagers for letting her stay alive. It didn't take a scholar to understand what was going to happen next. In a bout of self-defense, she cast a spell at him. A simple one, which made his body go hot, which surprised him enough to let her go. This attempted assault was taken to the leaders of the village, but as you can assume, the leaders didn't look at Lilu very fondly. Before a verdict could be made, Lilu stood at the court and addressed the villagers;

"You're sick, the whole lot of you. As if a child gets to choose their heritage. In my books, written by humans, they speak of elves as some great and noble race... that's horse shit. You're all sick. All your dreams should be corrupted by Morgan."

Nobody harassed her after that, but nobody really spoke to her either. She became a ghost that was never seen nor heard.

Often at nights when the loneliness was eating away at her the most, she'd walk the forest and stare at the moon. She knew the moon was sacred and worshiped by the elves, but liked to believe the moons was watching her too, keeping her company on her empty nights. It wasn't much, but at least she had something to hold on to. It was on one cold winter night when a mark burned itself on her skin. She knew what it was, obviously. Who hadn't heard the stories? But she decided it was in her best interest to keep it hidden from those in her village, and Yvenna agreed. Aireda was uncharacteristically quiet when Lilu confided in her.

Lilu vowed not to be discovered, but that didn't last long. She was in the middle of a steal with guards of Stormgarde barged in. At first, she was worried she was being taken for thievery, but then Aireda stepped out from behind a guard. It was the weak girl who had reported her to Stormgarde.Lipilu felt betrayed that her own friend would do this to her. When she asked why, Aireda responded with this;

"Do you think I don't know about your habits, Lilu? You steal, you're a criminal. You set yourself up for a short life of misery. I cannot sit by and watch this."

Lipilu grew angry, and yelled out, "And calling in guards to pull me away is your way of helping me!?"

"Lipilu, you are not the only one with this mark. I have been blessed with dreams from NamariΓ«--the moon. She tells me you will meet friends who will drive away your loneliness. My friend, I am going to die. Every day I grow weaker. I cannot leave this world leaving you alone. You made what short time I had magical, let me return the favor. Go meet your destiny."

Lipilu broke down in tears at Aireda's speech, and the two girls embraced for a long while. Their goodbye was treacherous to watch, and even a few guards shed some tears. But in the end, Lilu said farewell to her ailing friend, probably for the last time, and willingly left with the guards.

She wondered what awaited her. . .

So begins...

Lipilu Aldaeth's Story