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a character in “Anomaly”, as played by Alambil


Character Skeleton:

Name: Ru

Age: 9

Anomaly/FDA Agent?: Anomaly

Race: Shape-shifter

Appearance: Ru's appearance depends upon her circumstances, feelings, and experiences. While she has her favorite forms, (including a metal folding chair), Ru rarely takes on her "true" form, that of a small and vulnerable child.

Brief personality description: Being used as a laboratory rat her entire life has made Ru extremely fearful and defensive. In dangerous situations she will choose to become either the most benign, unnoticed object in the room or the largest and most powerful form she can imagine. (She is unable to become smaller than a rabbit or larger than a mid-sized tree).

History (optional): She was created in the laboratory and has been experimented upon her whole life. Since she has never been outside, Ru has never seen an animal, tree, or even a rock. The researchers are careful to keep her from seeing anything too powerful or dangerous. Thus, most of her forms are furniture found around her room or scientists who occasionally come to draw her blood.

So begins...

Ru's Story


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Lep sat in the center of the room, pondering. One could hear the hamster wheel turning--literally. Squeaking echoed across the room as the appearent young man thought, long and hard. Finally, he stood up with a frown on his face, folding his arms. The unhappy face, though, stretched beyond the limit of what a human should frown--as if the boy were a cartoon of sorts.

"Pfft." He made the mocking sound to no one in particular. "Screw gravity." With those two words, gravity seemed to lose its hold, the lad begining to rise without real reason. He floated until he hit the ceiling ten stories up, just sitting there with his arms folded.

A voice came on the intercom. "Gravity's still there."

Lep blinked twice, then looked down. He looked back up, now to the reader, a look of sudden realization upon his face as he pulled out a sign reading "Oh dear". He then dropped like a rock, legs falling first, the abdomen stretching, with the upper body snapping to form the whole human shape once again, not unlike that of Wile E. Coyote. When he hit the ground, he was comically flattened to the floor, thin like a pancake.

The voice on the intercom laughed. "Man, that never gets old..."

Lep just peeled himself off of the floor, blowing air into his thumb to retain his shape with a 'pop'. He went back to pondering, this time with a pacing manner, walking in a circle. The squeaking of the hamster wheel was heard once again. Lep walked in this circle for a few rotations before stopping to check his watch, which had not been on his arm before. Looking at the watch, he smiles as a lightbulb lights over his head--again, literally. He pulls out a pair of glasses with red hypnosis swirls on them, 'ACME X-Ray Glasses' printed blatantly on the side, looking through the wall to watch several figures approach the door. Giving a mischievous cackle, he runs behind a black cannon, which, once again, had not been there before. He pulls a match from his pocket, lighting the fuse, then clamors into the cannon, popping his head out with a green helmet on, the fuse getting shorter and shorter.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the door, Lep's doctor was ready to take some blood samples of the strange boy. His assistiant nurse was just about to open the door when he stopped her. "Wait." They waited for a few seconds, before a 'boom' was heard on the other side of the door, followed quickly by a 'clank' as Lep's face dented outward in the thick metal door.

The doctor nodded to the nurse. "Now."

The nurse opened the door to be met with a one-tooth-missing smile by Lep as a second fuse was already lit, and just about down to the metal. The hissing fuse disappeared for a moment, before a loud 'boom' echoed again, Lep flying from the room and out into the hallway. He bounced from wall to wall, accidentally opening the doors for others, before flying past two females; one, a near-succubus by appearance, the other, a mirror copy. Lep halted for a moment in midair, looking to the females for a moment, giving a wolf whistle. He then flew into the wall, comically stuck halfway in.

"..." Lep struggled for a moment before his muffled voice was heard. "Uh...little help, please?"


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Character Portrait: Ru
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#, as written by Geekly
Ally had escaped... she burst out laughing as she soared about the clouds. Her smile wide as she landed, finally content for the first time in a long time. She landed on the branch of a large pine tree, her now white wings falling naturally into her back. The forest was dense but she could still see the ground. She sat on the branch giddy with herself.
Out of the corner of her eye she saw movement. She quickly hopped to a lower branch, extending her wings and drawing her bow and arrow. Her eyes squinted, as she saw a figure, it must have been a girl. As the girl came closer, Ally saw something coming out of her back. As she came even closer, Ally hopped to the ground, her arrow pointed at the figure. The girl looked up at Ally. Ally's eyes widened as she saw herself infront of her. She watched her red eyes look at her, her wings dark wings twitch slightly as they became pure white. Ally watched herself smile at her as her clone ask, "What's that?" She pointed at the arrow being pointed at her head. Ally looked in disbelief as her replica morphed into an arrow lying on the mossy ground.
She slowly dropped her bow and arrow, falling to her knees and picked up the arrow, "What the hell is going on?" She breathed. The arrow turned back into Ally. Realization hit her, she must have come from the same lab as her. That was the only explanation...
"Hey, Hey!" She tried to regain the attention of the girl who was now playing with the dirt on the ground. "What's your name?"
"Ru." She said simply.
Ally smiled brightly at her next realization, she had made her first friend.


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Character Portrait: Ru
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#, as written by Geekly
Ally stood infront of the store. She looked through the window at the store clerk. Ally saw the man begin to close the store.
"Ok Ru," she called for her attention but Ru was looking up at the big neon sign that displayed the mini mart's clinched name. Ally snapped infront of her face to grab her attention. "Alright, Ru do you remember that man in the blue uniform, remember that shiny badge on his chest? Oh you should try him. Oh remember what he did with that guy? How I said that he was arresting him. They only do that to bad people, and do you see him he's a bad person." Ally finished with pointing at the clerk.
Ru nodded a look of realization crossing her face. She turned her form into the police officer from earlier. She entered the shop, followed by Ally. Ru went straight to copying the cop from earlier. Ally quickly grabbed a large bag filling it with drinks and food, then grabbing all the money from the register.
Ally heard sirens in the distance, "Hey Ru? Lets go. I think you got the bad guy! Good Job!" Ally saw a police car pull up, thinking quickly she drew her bow and arrow. "Ru, go pick a candy."
As Ru turned her back looking at the strange sweet items, Ally shot at the officer, shooting both straight through the head. As Ru came back she displayed the candy she had chosen, "Alright lets get going, our ride is here." Ally smiled brightly to Ru leading her to the police car.
Ally drove quickly, swirving slightly. She looked at the card they had taken off the man. They arrived at a fancy hotel, Ally lying her and Ru's away into a suite.
Ru sat, in the form of a random man she must have seen on the street. Ally smiled, "Ru, do you want a cookie?"
Ru's eyes widened, she shook her head covering her chest. Ally sighed. "Ru, you don't ever worry about shots or scientists ever again. I make it my personal mission to keep both of us away from that place. And you won't have to trade a shot for a cookie, ok?" Ally tried to smile, but the memories of when she was younger flooded her mind. The scientist taking so much until she was so weak, and bribing her with a cookie.
Ru snapped her out of her thoughts, "You promise?"
Ally smiled brightly this time, raising her right hand, "Scouts honor!"
Ru smiled then looked confused, "What's that mean?"
Ally opened her mouth about to explain, but she couldn't think of anything. "I have no idea..."
Ru shrugged, munching on her cookie.