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Jordan Venezia

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a character in “Apocalypse Academy: Survival of the Fittest”, as played by kiran-sama


Jordan Venezia
"Hey guys, make nice, you hear?"


About Me




Who I Am


Jordan is a rather nice person, all in all. He tries to be. It’s his personal belief that, simply put, everyone should be treated with kindness and common courtesy. When he sees injustice, he tends to act against it, and try to mediate between the two opposing parties. It’s in his nature. He just isn’t comfortable watching people in conflict with one another. When he’s not trying to keep the peace, he’s a tad absentminded, amused by some things that people wouldn’t really tend to notice. Small, overlooked, “insignificant” things. He finds enjoyment in them, in their simplicity. Like any other human, Jordan has things that he is afraid of. One of them is the supernatural. He finds anything magic to be quite terrifying, mainly because his imagination tends to run away with him when it comes to these kinds of things. He is prone to overestimating and exaggerating various hazards and dangers, tricking himself into fearing them even more, which, in turn, causes his imagination to go into overdrive. It’s kind of a vicious cycle. In a way, he’s kind of dependent on his brother to dissuade him from his fears, and to keep him from completely flipping out.

Likes Dislikes
Quiet Places Conflict
Fauna Supernatural anything
Peaceful encounters Being alone for too long

In a way, Jordan could sort of be classified as a bit of a coward, when it comes to certain things. Like the supernatural, for instance. He runs from the room when someone starts telling a ghost story. And physical fighting? Yeah, no. He's not a violent person, which, when it comes to dangerous situations, may or may not end up being one of his downfalls. He just can't bring himself to do such a thing. Which is another thing: he's too nice for his own good, sometimes, too trusting, too accepting. He refuses to take into account the bad in people, and that isn't always a good thing. Too much trust often leads to unhappy endings.

My Tricks

Natural Abilities
-He's quite the fast runner-
-The power of persuasion-


My Past

BIO (Luckily for you, I hate bios, so this doesn't have to be very long.)

Jordan is a devout pacifist and would do nothing to physically harm another person. Ever.

So begins...

Jordan Venezia's Story


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#, as written by X64
Jade Venezia

He knew he shouldn't have gone into that house. He knew he should never have let Jordan follow him in, either. Why was he even out of the house, anyway? Oh, right. Like always, he followed his brother, and now they were....wait, where the hell were they, anyway? The last thing he remembered was going through the doorway of the abandoned-looking house, and then a flash of light.

The next thing he knew, he had woken up in store?

At least, it looked like a grocery store. Or rather, used to be. It was completely empty and looked like it had been abruptly abandoned for a long time. There were even still goods on the shelves, although it all looked old. Of course, there was no electricity, so the place stank with all the rotten things that were supposed to be kept refrigerated. Jade held his nose against the smell as he looked around to survey his surroundings.

Wait...where's Jordan?

As he realized that his twin brother was nowhere to be found, he immediately fought the urge to panic. Calm down. Jordan could just be on the other side of the store. He has to be... He hoped he'd be. He had no idea what'd he do if-

Scuffling. Something was moving. Could it be?

"Jordan?" Jade tentatively called out. The movement got louder, closer. "Jordan! Is that you?" He called out louder this time, hoping that Jordan could hear him, wherever he was. He rubbed his right arm, the metal one, as he usually did when he was nervous.


A dark figure came into view, mumbling nonsensically. There was no light in the store so Jade couldn't see it very well, but he could immediately see right away that it wasn't his twin. First of all, the figure was much too large. It had to have been at least a foot taller than he was. In addition to that, the humanoid figure had dog ears and a tail. What? Just what the hell was going on here, was he dreaming?

He didn't have much time to wonder as the figure visibly noticed him; it turned his way and- OH FUCK IT'S CHARGING AT ME!!!

Luckily, Jade instinctively put up his right arm just in time to hear the loud clink of metal hitting metal. He was pushed back from the force of the creature's attack, and ultimately fell on his butt. What the hell? What is this thing?! As he scrambled to get up, he had just enough time to jump out of the way of another slash before noticing that the creature didn't have any fingers. Instead, long knives took the place of where the appendages were supposed to be; they connected poorly, as if someone had simply stuck them on. Blood splattered the floor from the creature's constantly bleeding hand.

I need to find Jordan. Now.


Murdoch Von Haussen

Murdoch loved the sky. The vastness, the openness, and he especially loved the way the stars shone at night. This night, however, was not one for stargazing.

"All right everyone, we're here. Remember- move fast, move silently, and always watch your back." Murdoch's smooth voice reverberated around the vehicle as they came to a stop in front of a grocery store that had been abandoned long ago. "You all know the drill. Grab as much food and drinking water as you can carry. Move in two and threes- I don't want to see anyone getting cornered." He barked out orders quickly and efficiently as he grabbed his equipment. "And if you see any survivors, bring them to me. All right...let's go!"