Mamoto Hagigashi

Death Shall Not Be Feared, It Shall Be Loved.. Overseer Of Death

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Mamoto Hagigashi

6200 years old, but she looks as if she is in her teens but, don't let her looks deceive you, they can be deadly.

Her hair is a light carmel brown and it's curly and adds to the deadly beauty of her elegance. Her skin is a beautiful sparkly tan and pale it mixes in the winter and it mixes in the summer. Though she is known for her beauty the true beauty is the two mixed colors in her eyes red and black, white and black, though it's uncommon to have those type of coloured eyes it is beautiful to some. Following her hair are her perfectly strong and soft hands, another uncommon thing about those beautiful hands is that one of them doesn't have any skin down to her forearm, it's all bone. Her choice of dress coding isn't really all that precious but, she dresses in the blackest dress of all the centuries of black that could be found, sometimes she wears cloaks but, that is when she is in light. She has purple and black birth markings on her chest, arms, and legs and the same markings on her katana which is called Deaths Mate.

Mamoto is one quiet, cool, calm and collected person like she has been thousands and thousands years before. Her life as a Holy book has been dark and despairing but, it doesn't bother her one bit, she's gotten used to it and it doesn't really make her think of her self as different to others. It just makes her feel more powerful than the average person no better or worse. But, some people say that her past is unknown and she will never speak of it to anyone not even someone close.

She shows her self in many ways but, the main things she does is;
Turning the darkness into her army of shadows.
Can bring the dead back to life but, they won't be the same they were before.
Can bring a dream of deaths towards a person.

How do the people know you?
Deadly Beauty

Theme Song:
Still Doll - Kanon Wakeshima
Juxtapose! XD

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