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Charlotte Hall


0 · 202 views · located in Ashmont Academy

a character in “Ashmont Academy Secrets”, as played by Pusheen


"Quote that could be from your character or explains your character well"


| Full Name |
Charlotte Janice Hall

| Nickname |
Charlie || It's what she goes by. Everyone, except a very few exceptional people, use Charlie when referring to her. She likes for people to call her Charlie rather than Charlotte.
Mama Bear || Something her friends might call her as a little joke.

| Gender |

| Age |

| Sexual Orientation |

| Face Claim |
Troian Bellisario

| Hair Color |
Dark Brown

| Eye Color |
Light Brown

| Height |

| Weight |
123 lbs.

| Tattoos |
| Piercings |
Despite having each ear pierced once, there is no other piercings she has made on her body though she has tried to get a belly piercing before but chickened out last minute.

| Scars |
She has a scar across the palm of her left hand from the time when she tried to cook by herself without the help of her father.

{Blunt, Loyal, Protective, Independent}
In an argument, Charlie has no mercy, whether she wants to or not. The girl grew up to have a sharp tongue that cuts like a dagger and spares only those whom she very much cares about, though even then there are times when she is a tad bit more blunt than she really ought to be. Her father taught her to never let herself be manipulated by other people, never to let herself be walked over, and she's taken those lessons to heart, influencing greatly who she is today. The young woman refuses to dumb herself down or soften herself for the sake of another person's ego, because doing so once, she was taught, will only open the door for future problems.

She is blunt, after all, certainly not the type to dance around the truth, regardless of the matter. If she's going to say something, she'll say it straight, believing that to be the best method. Charlie is a big fan of the 'ripping off the band aid' route when it comes to problems or telling people somewhat unhappy truths. The truth is rarely simple, but she prefers it to the alternative. She expects honesty from others, as well, and while she can tolerate liars to an extent, enough of it will try her patience- which isn't always the largest thing in the world, if that isn't obvious yet. The young woman is not impressed by parlor tricks and white lies, by sweet nothings or stupid deceptions. What does impress her is honesty, and individuality. She values those who are true to themselves above all else, and at least gives credit to those making an effort to find who they are. She's independent, but not just in the sense of taking care of herself.

Don't be mislead by Charlie's blunt nature, she is sincerely kind to others when she wants to be. She doesn't like to fool around as much as other teens do and would rather focus on her work but she has always made time for friends at her own expense. Never wanting to shy away from people, Charlie puts it in her interest to be nice to all sorts of people.

While the young woman may have a tendency to be sharp-tongued and blunt, she is no less a devoted friend for it. She is fiercely loyal to those she is close to, standing by them no matter what. Though she might seem it, the girl isn't the sort who has trouble letting people in, not really. And she is incredibly loyal to each friend that she has. If someone messes with one of her friends in any way, they will be answering to her in a very small period of time, and it might not end up very pretty, suffice to say. She is very protective of her friends, especially the more naive or easily hurt ones, and she makes it clear in how she treats those whom she thinks pose a threat to her friends, taking on a sort of mama bear attitude.

| Hobbies |
Jogging || Cooking || Scrap-booking || Soccer
| Habits |
Wrinkles Her Nose When Irritated || Runs Fingers Through Hair When Distracted || Bites Tongue When Excited
| Likes/Loves |
Chinese Cuisine || Caramel Machiatto || Volleyball || Soccer || Spicy Foods || Bonding Time With Family || Her Brothers || Kissing, Cuddling, Holding Hands, Etc. || The Color Orange || Mint Chocolate Chip || Long, Hot Baths || Jogging In The Morning || Tall Women || Professional Attire || Comedy Films || Smiling || Cooking With Her Father || Girl Power || Old TV Shows like, The Perils of Penelope Pitstop

| Dislikes/Hates |
Herbal Teas || Cream or Jelly-Filled Food || Oreo Cookies || Tight Jeans || Unnecessary Violence || Her Mother || Flirting (she's terrible at it) || Late Nights Of Studying || Green Apples || Lemony Foods || Cake With Too Much Icing || Underestimation || Crying || Hard Cookies || Cupcakes || Cooking By Herself || Sexist Remarks || Sweet Coffee

| Strengths |
Sporty || Outspoken || Loyal ||

| Weaknesses |
Claustrophobia || Large Bodies of Water (can't swim) || Quick To Judge ||

The more detailed and the lengthier, the better; at least two detailed paragraphs. Don't forget to include their secret.

So begins...

Charlotte Hall's Story