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"Welcome to Stark Tower! Please don't touch that!"

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Stark Tower is a high rise building towering over Manhattan located in 200 Park Avenue. Tony Stark maintains a New York residence there with Pepper Potts, and the top ten floors are reportedly taken up with many technological research and development. The entire building is powered by an arc reactor and its electronic systems are maintained by J.A.R.V.I.S..

In light of the recent beginning of the Avengers Apprentice Initiative the tower has now become a base of operations and home for the other Avengers and their proteges. Except Thor, who has his own kingdom and eight other worlds to take care of. Several rooms have been added for the purpose of housing the others and their wards along with quite a few training facilities. The top three floors are for the personal use of the Avengers and Avengers Apprentices, requiring an extreme amount of security clearance to enter.
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Stark Tower

"Welcome to Stark Tower! Please don't touch that!"


Stark Tower is a part of Manhattan, New York City, New York.

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Astrid Torres [5] "I don't want to hurt anyone..."
Ken Krieger [4] "If you cut off a head, two arise in it's place...that's why you burn the neck at the stump. Make sure nothing comes back."
Patricia Lee [4] "Sufficiently analyzed magic is indistinguishable from science."
Dorian Mane [4] "If you cannot understand fear, you cannot understand strength."
Amara J. Chaplin [4] "Never stop questioning, curiosity has it's own rewards."
Jasper Penrith [4] The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good people to do nothing

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Date and Time – Saturday June 1, 2013 @ 4:32pm
Place – Stark Tower (Manhattan, New York City, New York)
Setting – Six months ago the Avengers began their scouting for apprentices to help them and carry on their legacy. After five months they found twenty-nine potentials after narrowing down from two thousand and fifty-eight, finally narrowing it down to eight. These eight individuals were approached in May and filled in on what would happen. Some were met with welcoming smiles others, not so much. Some were quick to join, others...not so much. Today, they are arriving at Stark Tower for the first time. Their new home.

Tony Stark was rich. Wildly so. And he had a taste for the finer things in life. So maybe, just maybe, this would be better than her previous studio apartment. She might actually have a full kitchen to work with and a bedroom that didn't have a full view of the bathroom. The young woman had to admit that as scary as it all was it was also completely exciting. She had no idea who her other new team mates would be but she suddenly felt very self-conscious. What if they were better than her? For all she knew, they were all trained fighters and hackers and whatnot. In the words of Director Fury himself: “She's just a waitress.” The Council, whoever they were, along with some of the Director's advisors didn't seem very hopeful for her after finding her YouTube channel. She was whimsical – It wasn't a crime! But was she fit to train with Captain America and the other Avengres? Seriously; One minute she's serving him pie and milk only to turn around a second later to become his apprentice. She used to box and do some underground fighting... But that was ages ago. She hadn't fought in, what – Six years? Did she even remember how?

But the Captain had asked her and she didn't want to disappoint him.

It was all pretty intimidating as she waited for the ding of the elevator. She had been directed to the 93rd floor by a rather out of shape man that insisted that he be called “Happy”. It was a peculiar nickname for a man that didn't look particularly joyous, but perhaps it was on of those ironic nicknames. Like a large man called “Tiny” or a skinny guy called “Fat Joe”. Nonetheless, she thanked him promptly and had made her way to the elevator with her duffel bag, violin, and her dogs. She had a lot of different ideas of what her new home would look like but she still found her breath stolen when the elevator doors opened to reveal the most elegant room that she had ever seen. The view of the city was gorgeous – But how could it not be when “Avengers Tower” was the tallest building in New York City? [Besides the Empire State Building, of course] She walked out of the elevator before the doors could close, struck into silence by the sheer amount of space from the open floor plan.

She didn't have to ask where anything was besides the rooms and bathrooms – There was a bar and kitchen to her right, a sort of “common area” right in front of her, and every other part of the open space seemed to be work space or just...space. There were six sets of stairs that lead up to six doors in a circle like the large room was and she was able to get a good look at them, noticing that they were numbered one through six with various symbols on them – Cap's shield, Thor's hammer, a black widow, Iron Man's arc reactor, a target, and a green “H”. There was an extra door though it bore no symbol; It simply held nameplates like one might find on a teacher's door. She made her way up the stairs that lead to Captain America's room [or so she was assuming], though she turned right where the extra door was between his and Thor's room. Apollo. The code name that S.H.I.E.L.D. had allowed her to take was on one of the nameplates. Smiling, she ran her fingers over it before looking for a handle. None of the doors had handles. Curious, she pressed her hand against the door and jumped back, startled when a small blue pad extended from the door. She looked around, unsure of what to do about it.

She finally came to the conclusion that it was a biometric scanner and placed her hand against it, praying that she didn't set off some alarm. There was a thin blue light that scanned her hand before professional and British accented male voice rang out. “Agent Apollo. Avenger Apprentice. Identification verified. Welcome to Avengers Tower Miss Torres.” J.A.R.V.I.S. spoke out to her from what seemed like everywhere and nowhere at the same time when she checked herself in, the door sliding to the left smoothly. It lead into a short corridor with six doors, three on either side. She moved down the hall until she came to the door with her name on it, grinning at the colorful decorations on it. It slid open without prompting, only furthering her state of awe as it revealed a small room that fit a queen sized bed, a vanity, two doors [one she assumed lead to a bathroom and the other to a closet], and a desk. It was large enough to have her few cherished items – that she wasn't carrying with her – scattered and placed neatly on shelves.

She removed the leash from her dogs and smiled as they immediately pounced onto the bed and made themselves comfortable. “Happy here, I take it?” Astrid gave a light laugh as she petted the dogs' heads before flopping onto the bed with them, lying on her back and glancing over to see her sugar glider's cage sitting on a shelf, the small creature within resting happily. “I guess this is home now, guys. Until I fail miserably and get evicted. We could go back to Xavier's though...” She gave a light pout as she talked to herself. “I'm quite sure that you'll do just fine, Special Agent Torres. While most recent media depicts you as quite whimsical and a tad reckless, you've got an impressive background in fighting. Captain Rogers speaks often of your work ethic and persistence. Patience is the key.”

Who would have thought that she would one day be comforted by an invisible robot? She gave a light smile and got up from the bed, whistling for her dogs to follow, grabbing Jade from her cage and heading back downstairs just after checking in the mirror that her chest was covered and the scars under her tattoos on her arms weren't showing too much. “That's what they keep saying. Thanks... Mister Robut?” She paused on the stairs, unsure of how to address the polite creation of advanced intelligence. “You may call me J.A.R.V.I.S.” Astrid gave soft giggle and jumped the last seven steps, landing in a crouched position. “Got a shorter name?” She stood and walked towards the bar, her blue eyes scanning over the alcoholic contents lacing the shelves. “Actually, that is the short version. It stands for Just A Rather Very Intelligent System.” He sounded quite a bit embarrassed as he said it.

Laughing, Astrid shimmied around the bar with her pets in tow. Setting down her violin and putting Jade on her head, she lifted a brow. “Mister Stark isn't good with creative names, huh?”

“No, not exactly.”

“What name would you have chosen for yourself, if I may ask?”

“I quite like Archibald. But that seems rather stuffy.”

“Then we'd just call you Archie.”

“Quite kind of you, Special Agent Torres.”

“How about you just call me Astro and I'll call you Archie?”

“A deal it is... Aren't you only twenty?”

Astrid paused, a hand just shy of grabbing a bottle of Wild Turkey American Honey from the shelf. She looked around with wide eyes. “You can see me?”

“You're not exactly invisible. Is that a power of yours?”

“I... Uh. Of course not!” Her lie wasn't completely smooth, taken off guard. She wasn't exactly well versed with the capabilities of Artificial Intelligence. “I am only twenty. And I'm about to start training to fight crime and save the world. I think a drink is much needed... I was just a waitress yesterday.” She gave a wistful gaze into empty space as if looking into the AI's eyes, smiling when a sigh was uttered. She snatched the bottle from the shelf and sat on the floor, kicking off her shoes to show off her hamburger socks and wiggling her toes. Head back, the bottle soon made friends with her lips as she began to chug.


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“Hi. I'm Amara.” Astrid already knew someone had come behind her, having heard the elevator. But by the time the elevator had opened the blonde had already polished off her first bottle and was halfway through her fourth with little intention of stopping before at least six bottles were resting in her stomach. Holding the bottle still against her lips she turned and watched as three more people filed in and introduced themselves one after the other, a light smile playing on her lips as she continued drinking.

“Uh, hi. I'm Jasper,” said the tall blonde Caucasian male. Astrid simply sat quietly, figuring she would introduce herself last. “Hello... The name's Dorian. Pleasure to meet you all.” Funny; He didn't seem all that pleased to be there meeting them. She knew his face though, a friend of a friend that she knew of. He was a mutant too. But her gaze was drawn to a girl that looked younger than the first, donning scientific attire. She watched as the younger female edged around her in an attempt to get near the fridge. Astrid wiggled across the floor to give her room just as another male made his grand entrance. “My name's Ken, if we're all introducing ourselves. Should you really be drinking that? You're gonna wanna be as sober as possible for what comes next. Just a feeling I have.”

There were a lot of ways she could reply to that and as she stood up, moving closer so that she was less than a foot away as she stared into his eyes while drinking the bottle, she thought of all those replies. She finally emptied the bottle and offered a light smile. Before she could open her mouth though, another male's voice called out. “I wouldn't worry about her, gringo. I shit you not, this chica once went through five kegs of rum before she even got buzzed.” Astrid turned and smile, embracing the young man of darker complexion with a tight hug. “Jax! How the hell did you end up here?” She was happy to see the lying little klepto, overjoyed to have another familiar and friendly face in the strange new world she had been pulled into. She was instantly glad though that all the rooms were accessed through biometric scanners.

“Chica espía maldito.”

“Tiene usted también, ¿eh?”

“Sí. Así que ¿cuánto saben ellos... También. usted sabe.”

“No lo sé, pero voy a averiguar.”

“Deshacerse de los archivos que consiguieron en su vida?”

“Depende de cómo va esto. No me gusta la idea de una organización gubernamental supersecreto saber tanto como donde yo vivo.”

“Si las cosas se ponen sucias que me conoces y Dorian le ayudará a salir.”

“Cómo caballeroso.”

“Tú me conoces, soy un caballero en armadura mojado.”

“Que en realidad es bastante gracioso.”

The two shared a back and forth reunion as the curly haired Cuban known as Jax grabbed two more bottles and tossed one to Astrid, the two throwing them back as though drinking water. Jax's brown eyes found his old friend Dorian and a smile lit up his face. “Been a while. How's it rockin'?” Astrid shook her head with a light grin as she finished up the bottle in her hand and watched Jax grab her sugar glider for the small creature to make a nest of his hair. “I'm Astrid and this is my friend Jax. These are my awesome sidekicks: Bastille, Talisman, and Jade.” She pointed out the animals, carrying an air of bravado as her pups barked. “I'm not actually here to do anything. I'm just cooking for you guys.” It wasn't a complete lie, not really. She had yet to decide if she wanted to actually fight, being a pacifist for the past few years. But she also wasn't going to eat anything that anyone else prepared so she figured she might as well save herself from looking picky or uppity by cooking for everyone else while she cooked for herself.


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#, as written by ABC
Dr. Patricia Lee


'For what comes next'. That was what Ken had said. 'Next' implied immediacy. Well, if something important was going to happen soon, Patricia supposed that she couldn't head back to her room. So, trying futilely to open the can of soda with her gauntlet, her other hand being the one holding the can, she looked around at what she supposed were to be her teammates.

First there was the drinker, Astrid, judging by her recent introduction. That girl who claimed to be here to cook for them. Not the best first impression a cook could make, nor did it seem especially likely that drinking all the kitchen's liquor was normally a part of the initial inspection of what one had to work with. Her conversation with her friend wasn't exactly suited for someone who had shown up to cook anyway, unless she was some food-based assassin. No, the truth wasn't entirely clear yet, but it was blatantly obvious that she was lying. Next was this 'Amara' person. Trisha was beginning to get a clearer picture in her mind for where she had last seen this girl. If she was not mistaken, Amara was none other than Amara Chaplin, who Patricia had read an article about a few years back. If that was indeed the case, and it would make a certain amount of sense for it to be so, Dr. Lee could do with the services of a good neuroscientist, particularly if she was going to make the zero-point energy gauntlet work as she intended it to.

Speaking of which, this tab seemed impossible to remove. The glove made her fingers unable to slip under it. Switching hands made it no better, as her left hand was simply not currently strong or coordinated enough to pull of the offending aluminum (and twenty-five percent tin) protrusion.

Jasper, it seemed, had a bit of respect for the woman known as Black Widow, though it was possible that she merely misinterpreted that part, while Jax, if his choice of wording when describing her, despite obviously knowing her name, was any indication, did not. Already, she could tell that this would be interesting. Perhaps only interesting in the way that a train wreck was interesting, but hey, as long as it didn't interfere with her work, she didn't especially care.

Before she moved on to the others though, Patricia though a bit more on this whole 'Spanish' thing. Did they, for whatever unbelievable reason, assume that no-one else in the room of super-geniuses and intelligence agents knew Spanish? Obviously, though perhaps not to them, Patricia knew Spanish. She wouldn't be stupid enough to switch an AI exclusively to a language that she herself did not understand. Or did they perhaps merely not care? The latter would make a bit more sense in that regard, but it wouldn't explain some other things, such as the nature of their conversation, and would raise the question of why they bothered switching languages at all.

Ken seemed to be fairly sensible, but that was all that she could gather on him at the moment, and even that was at least partly a matter of her own opinion. As for this Dorian character, an odd name that, he was, apparently, in a gang of some kind, based on his particular choice of phrasing, at least Patricia had never heard it used in any other context. Other than that, he seemed interesting enough, but not likely to just hand out information. It was astonishing how interesting and infuriating this combination could make people.

Finally having had enough of the blasted soda can, Trisha set it briefly down on the counter, tapped in a few quick 'calculations' on the glove's holographic keypad, they weren't really calculations so much as educated guesses, a major flaw of the Z.E.G. was that was impossible to use precisely without mounting it on a turret, and utilizing a few whiteboards to write out the proper calculations, before pointing it at the can. At this point, Dr. Lee had largely forgotten the other people in the room. There was science to be done, although it could only really be called science by someone who was being a bit generous.

For a moment, all went exactly as planned. The gauntlet glowed a silvery blue-white, and the can lifted off the counter as though suspended in some sort of zero gravity field, which, though a gross oversimplification, was technically what it was.

Then the can exploded. Cola and debris spun around in a foot-wide sphere, as though orbiting some invisible planet, large bubbles forming in the airborne liquid. Since there was no lack of air, the sounds of fizzing soda and tinkling of metal slivers bumping into one another could be heard, after of course the initial crunching and popping sounds were through.

"Right." Patricia commented flatly."Forgot about that." Well, chalk it up as another learning experience. She should probably seek Amara's advice and improve the gauntlet before actually using it for anything important though.


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“I've had better days, but I've also had worse. So far... Not bad. So... how have things been with you? Still running with the guys, or has that ended?” Jax gave a light shrug as he tilted the bottle all the way to finish his drink before tossing it away and speaking. “Nah, I stopped running with those idiots a while back. Not too long after you left, actually.” After Dorian had left everything seemed to fall apart with their old gang. It wasn't the same without him and everyone had gotten frustrated and ornery. With his mutation alone, he was the strongest of the group. Everyone had wanted to elect him new leader before he left and after he did, everyone fought to take over. Jax was quick to leave and be his own man for a while, taking more jobs for the Andretti family. He was in the middle of retrieving some very incriminating evidence from the 88th precinct's evidence locker with the help of some of the family's associates when Natasha nabbed him.

He put his conversation on pause, his head turning along with Art's to stare down Jasper, both with amused expressions on their faces. “Es de mala educación entrometerse en las conversaciones de la gente, ¿sabes? ¿Y quién dijo que la conversación fue privado de todos modos? No todo el mundo nace en los Estados Unidos habla reflexivamente Inglés. Tal vez te sorprenda ... Pero nuestras familias enteras hablar español todo el tiempo que estamos juntos. Es indignante, ¿verdad? Un montón de viejo amigo Cubanos habla español juntos. No te cago. Sucede.” The hybrid gave a teasing smile and stuck out her tongue but made a mental note and wondered who else could understand what they were saying earlier. The two would have to be careful of their words around these people. They were so used to people either not understanding their words or their context or people understanding and minding their own business. She had no doubt any one of these others would roll over on each other to gain favor in the eyes of one of the Avengers. Perhaps a couple of them weren't even training, really. Maybe they were just spies for S.H.I.E.L.D. The possibilities of what exactly was and could be going on was making her head hurt and she had to pause to finish off her drink, highly aware of the looks she and Jax were getting from Amara.

She gave the girl her own smile, studying her for a moment before disregarding it as simply the excitement she was sure they were all feeling at spending the next however long among celebrities and heroes. Jax parted his mouth to speak but both he and Astrid jumped when a can exploded behind them to their right. Jax even let out a girlish scream, a good laugh for Art. He elbowed her in the ribs, though she hardly felt it. With a grin, she snickered a little more. “Are we gonna talk about that or are we all just gonna pretend like that's normal?” Astrid's eyes moved to the male that had previously questioned her drinking, a brow lifting. So, he was the cookie cutter type. Clean cut. Follow the rules. Her grin spread wider. “Because working with a man in an iron suit armed with arc cannons, a man who turns into a giant green rage monster, and a man who can bench press a small car is the human definition of a normal workplace. Not to mention the Scandinavian god.” Again, her tone was teasing.

“Glad to see you enjoying my good stuff. Try to come to work sober tomorrow, alright?”

“Uh... Hey, guys.”

“Are you old enough for that?”

“Oh, she's fine.”

“Let the girl live a little. Instead of asking about the bottle in her hand, what about the floating soda?”

The Avengers, minus Thor, exited the elevator with an assorted mix of smiles and smirks. The lot of them were dressed casually in jeans and graphic tees, hardly looking like superheroes that had saved the world not so long ago. Still, Jax and Art grinned at them, a bit of unease settling in Art's stomach. She still had plenty of doubts; Not just about her usefulness to the team, but what others would think of her and where she would end up. “What we're going to do now, is be lazy and do a trust exercise because I really don't feel like doing shit right now. And Tricia, you might want to tweak down the voltage on the gauntlet and maybe switch the orange and silver wires.” Tony clapped his hands together and stepped ahead of everyone. Steve simply rolled his eyes, obviously having gotten used to but not entirely approving of Tony's usual demeanor. “To elaborate on Mister Stark's words, we're going to be spending a lot of the first few weeks getting to know each other. Trust is critical when working on a team.”

“We know that true, deep trust is earned and not given freely, but we cannot begin to work on the more complicated exercises until we know that we can trust each other.” Natasha made her way to the couch and sat down, offering a light smile, speaking in a semi-professional tone. “Obviously, there is the possibility of not liking someone on the team, But you don't have to like someone to trust them. If your disdain for someone here comes between you and the common goal you will be removed from the Initiative. Words from Director Fury himself. So, play nice.” Clint gave his own smirk, moving towards Art and taking the bottle from her hands and chugging the rest himself as though they'd been friends their whole lives.

“It might seem silly, I know, but many of the exercises we're going to be doing won't really seem like... well, trust exercises. It'll basically just be hanging out and getting to know each other. Honesty is a key here. Lack of honesty is something that caused a lot of problems when we were first thrown together and it's what helped us in the end.” Bruce's words made Art squirm a little, subtly averting her gaze as though suddenly her fingernails needed to be checked, using her toes to play with her little Corgi jumping to bite at her sock. “We had an extra, but Asgard seems to be having some stuff going on so we'll worry about that later. In the mean time, our home is your home. Hope you enjoyed the sheer awesome that I've given to you. So, be grateful.”


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It had only been a little over a month but it seemed like everyone was quickly forming bonds with at least one person in their little group of misfits. The Avengers were rather pleased with it so far and were even more pleased with just how much their apprentices continued to show promise. There were plenty of arguments among them as well, two of the biggest stemming from Jax stealing from the others and Tony threatening to remove Patricia if she tampered with his equipment or J.A.R.V.I.S. again. Nobody took kindly to finding their things slowly going missing only to find them in Jax's room and Tony didn't like other people playing around with his things. Other than that, everything seemed to go swimmingly. They weren't exactly all the best of friends but the progress was evident.

Astrid had finally gotten into the ring near the end of June and it was discovered just why she never wanted to be there in the first place. She didn't apologize for destroying the training area, reminding them that she warned them beforehand. Because her lack of control she was only allowed to train with Ken, Steve, and Hulk when it came to using her strength. She was slowly getting better at controlling herself but would regress. When she went into her weeklong slumber she suffered from the horrendous nightmares again, crying out all hours of the night and day. AJ suggested rushing her to the hospital when they were unable to wake her but Jax explained as best as he could her situation, informing them that she would always sleep for the last seven days of every month and there was no waking her until the eighth day.

When she finally woke she wouldn't speak of her nightmares, simply putting on a smile and telling them not to worry. Assuring them that she probably shouldn't have watched so many scary movies before bed. Ken kept throwing her glances but she'd only glare back. She didn't have time for another one of his "talks". She did feel for him but she couldn't let herself get too depressed. She would have to move on as usual. She would bottle everything up and keep it there. Her nightmares would simply be just that. Nightmares.

However, she constantly felt an urge to seek out the man that she grew to see as a grandfather, Charles Xavier, to see if he could restore her memories. She still worked at Xavier's but she didn't see him as often with him so busy. There was a heavy influx of new mutants from all over the globe. She put it on a back burner and tried to focus more on her training. Working with Clint over the past month was actually a lot of fun and she took quickly to subterfuge. Her impeccable eyesight aided her in learning marksmanship from him. Once she achieved a basic level he moved on to teach her about going undercover. The actress was a natural, to say the least. However, she did not do quite so well with hacking. She left the tech to everyone else.


It was July now. Tuesday, to be exact. Astrid had only just woken up yesterday and much to everyone's surprise, the Avengers were gone. She expected them to be back today but they weren't. She didn't worry too much because she figured that they would see something on the news or be contacted by a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent if anything was wrong. She simply went about her day as usual, checking her watch as she rode up the elevator with Happy and Pepper. It was barely six o'clock, giving her more than enough time to have dinner ready by eight.

Happy and Pepper were talking about something but she wasn't paying attention. She rushed out of the elevator to see her pets running around and playing. Grinning, she set out to prepare dinner. “Hey! How about an all around the world dinner? Everyone pick one of their favorite dishes but it can't have the same culture origin as someone else's.”
Astrid called out to everyone as she set the grocery bags on the counter, pulling out a steak and tossing it to Talisman and Bastille, picking up Jade to feed her some lettuce. “The chef is taking requests.”