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Betrayal Knows My Name

Betrayal Knows My Name


For generations, Reiga and the Giou Clan had been at war with each other. Neither sides won, nor lost. This fight is like an endless cycle. They can’t escape it… because this is their fate. But now… it’s time for this to finally end.

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[*This RP is heavily based on Uragiri wa Boku no Namae wo Shitteiru (a.k.a Uraboku): Website (But you do not have to know the anime to join.)]

For generations, Reiga and the Giou Clan had been at war with each other. Neither sides won, nor lost. This fight is like an endless cycle. They can’t escape it… because this is their fate.
But now… it’s time for this to finally end.

Both Reiga and the Giou Clan are reincarnated. This is one reason why their fight had been continuing for this long. Each of them has the memories of the past, and knows who they are. This is something none of them can escape.

Giou Clan
A clan "touched by God" which manifests in the possession of special abilities. Many of its members are involved in the political and financial world. The Giou clan can use their special abilities to fight the duras that threaten the balance of the human world. As soon as they reach a certain age after being reincarnated (mostly at age 4 or 5, and some as late as 7 or 8) they will gain their memories. This is when their training starts. They are often referred to Zweilt Guardian. As mentioned earlier, their job is to get rid of duras but that’s not their main goal. The Zweilt Guardian’s first priority is to protect ‘The God’s Light’. They are divided into pairs of two. The only time a Zweilt partner will be replaced is if one dies. Then the other will have a choice to choose another partner. Each of them has a ring in which turns into their weapon when needed. Although all of them are capable of fighting off a duras, their roles are usually divided into two: The releaser and the destroyer. What that means is that one of them is the one who has usually releases a human from a Mid-Villain's possession (therefore, this is only required when a Mid-Villain is involved). The other from the pair is the one to destroy them. That is teamwork. (**To make things clear, just because you're a releaser doesnt mean you cant fight. It's just that a releaser is needed in each pair in order for them to destroy a mid-villain.)

Born as a half blood, Reiga was hated from the day he was born (which goes back more than 1000 years ago). He’s half-duras which makes him a dangerous being. Because of whom is he, Reiga came to dislike humans as well as the Giou Clan and desires their destruction. He has the Book of Raziel, which is a book with powerful spells, only he is capable of using. Reiga is also able to summon duras and control them. However, the only risk he may take is summoning an Opast.

Also known as demons. Duras has three ranks. The lowest rank is called Nidatorehi. These guys are simply in shape of a creature or an animal and feeds off on darkness. They linger around people who hold a dark feeling such as sadness, anger, jealousy, etc. They’re not difficult to handle.
The second rank is called Mid-Villains. These guys are a bit more troubling. They have the ability to possess a human by taking advantage of their negative feelings. When one is possessed, there will be a small mark somewhere on their body to indicate that. However, the mark is not visible most of the time. Even the Zweilt Guardian may have trouble noticing. Once a human is posses, they will have trouble breaking out of it. Mid-Villains can gain strength by drinking an Opast’s blood.
Last but not least, there’s the Opasts. Each of them has their own unique ability and takes form of a beautiful human in order to lure and deceive their enemies. The Zweilt Guardians cannot deal with them alone. Even with their partners, an Opast level duras are not easy to handle. Out of all the Opasts, there are a few General Ranks. A General Rank Opasts are only second to the Demon King’s power. Similar to the Mid-Villains, Opasts can gain a great amount of strength by drinking the Demon King’s blood. However, a chance to drink the Demon King’s blood is very rare.

Brand Zess
This is a sign that is carved on members of the Raizeria clan shortly after birth. It is located on the upper left arm and identified as XX (a double x) type-mark that can never be erased. The brand automatically makes the bearer a sinner, a descendant of the Duras who betrayed his kind and sided with the humans. The Raizeria clan was pretty much a ‘watch dog’ for the Demon King. They were the only Opasts that were able to drink the Demon King’s blood. Therefore, they are stronger than most Opasts.

“God’s Light” [Female- age should be from 17-19]
She had never seen her parents, and was raised by her grandmother. When she was 16, her grandmother died in an accident and now she lives alone in the small house. She’s been having weird dreams lately (most likely flash backs from her past) and has weird powers. Sometimes, when she touches someone, she's able to read that person's negative emotions and see that person's past (usually a dark past they like to keep a secret). This caused her to suffer greatly, but she has unexpectedly grown into an unyielding individual. She is no doubt the reincarnation of previous bearers of ‘God’s Light’ but strangely enough, she doesn’t remember anything. Perhaps, this is a sign that everything is coming to an end?
Her job is to bear the pain and "sins" of the other members and is gifted with abilities such as healing.

The Brand Zess [Male- an Opast. Unknown age]
A stronge Opast who has been protecting “God’s Light”. He is bound to her by a contract from many years ago. Although he had betrayed his fellow Opasts, he had made an oath that he would never betray “God’s Light” and protect her.
He’s capable of dark spells.

Giou Clan Leader [Male: age unknown appears in mid 20s. Last name is Raizeria]
He is the head of the Giou Clan. He had performed a forbidden ritual that allowed him to take a Duras into his body. Because of this he, unlike the Zweilt Guardians, has not been reincarnated. Instead he has lived for over a thousand years, remembering everything, including how the war with Reiga first began. He also heals almost immediately after being injured. He believes that in order to win the war, there have to be sacrifices. He possesses a grimoire (the Book of Solomon) much like Reiga. He used to be close friends with Reiga in the past, until Reiga started to go against humans. He's the one that gives the Zweilt Guardians orders.

“God’s Ears” [Male: age 17-19]
A distant relative of “God’s Light”. He as the ability to speak with animals, sense people, 'hear' the voices of people's hearts, 'hear' the memories of an object, extraordinary hearing, and projecting his voice/thoughts. He’s partnered with “God’s Strength”. From the pair, he’s the releaser.

“God’s Strength” [Female: age 17-19] {Reserved for WindOnFire
She’s the sister of “God’s Light’s” mother, which makes her the aunt of “God’s Light”. It may seem weird since they don’t have much difference in age, but that’s only because “God’s Light’s” mother gave birth in a young age. Her ability is to shift her weapon into any form, as well as inhuman strength. She’s paired with “God’s Ears” and thinks of him as a brother. From the pair, she’s the destroyer.

“God’s Voice” [Male: age 17-20]
A short tempered Zweilt guardian, who has an uncertain control over his gift, which usually manifests as fire. He can control fire, or simply create them in thin air. He’s paired with “God’s Eyes” and are also close friends with him. From the pair, he’s the destroyer.

“God’s Eyes” [Male: age 17-20]
He’s “God’s Voice’s” childhood friend. He has a crystal ball which is used when helping the police with U-cases (also known as The Unknown Case. These cases are something the police cant solve, because it usually involves duras) . He can ‘see’ the criminal through his crystal ball. He’s also able to see a quick glimpse of the future, but that requires concentration. From the pair, he’s the releaser.

"God's Intelligence" [Female: age 16-19]
She's able to sense the area around her and set up a protective barrier around a certain area. Without looking and counting, she can easily tell how many people are around her (only within a certain radius). She's also very smart and often uses her intelligence as an advantage. She's twins with "God's Nose" and is also her partner. She's the the releaser.

"God's Nose" [Female: age 16-19]
She has a strong sense of smell, and can easily tell someone apart through their scent. Nobody can ever deceive her nose. She also has fast reflexes and is paired with her twin sister, "God's Intelligence". The two gets along very well and makes a perfect team. She's the destroyer.

Reiga [Male: age 19-24]
Although his goal is to kill “God’s Light”, when he finds out that she doesn’t have the memories of her past, he seems to have second thoughts about that. He starts to realize that he might be falling in love with her.

General Class Opasts [Male or Female]
They can have any type of unique ability as well as weapons.

So basically, Reiga is trying to get rid of "God's Light" but ends up having feelings for her. The head of the Giou Clan is making sure the guardians are keeping a close watch of "God's Light". The rp will start out with "God's Light" having a normal day. On the way back from school at night, she's attacked by a group of duras (Nidatorehi) and is saved from the Brand Zess as well as the other guardians. The head of the Giou Clan realizes the sudden increase of duras, and decides to finally take "God's Light" into their mansion, where she would live.

-No Godmodding. Your character is not some immortal being. They can get hurt. They're not perfect-
-Respect others-
-Swearing is fine, but not in ever single sentence-
-Keep romance at an appropriate level. I will allow boyxboy or girlxgirl-
-Make sure your post is at least one good paragraph (or 4 lines. NOT sentences. I’ll gladly explain what that means if someone doesn’t get it. Just let me know in OOC or PM) But writers block oncein a while is perfectly fine-
-I know some of us might be busy, but try to be active as possible-
-If you're not going to join, dont reserve. I hold reservations for 24 Hours-
-Have Fun-

Character Sheet:

Appearance: [anime]
Name: (If you're the "God's Light" or any of the Zweilt Guardians, Japanese names are preferred. Opasts and Brand Zess can have any type of name. Reiga is just... Reiga.)
Ability: [feel free to add any other extra abilities including the ones that's already given to your characters. but it should somewhat relate to your other abilities]
Weapon: [any weapon you desire. you should also give it a name (Ex: Death Scythe). Describe what your weapon can do. Releasers should explain how your weapon releases humans from a duras' possession]
Extra Description: [anything that's not shown in the picture. scars, piercings, etc..]
Personality: [dont worry too much about this. you can just give us a brief idea of how your character acts]
Theme Songs: [optional]
Others: [anything you left out?]

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