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Mai Kanegata

"I've heard stories."

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a character in “Blood Is Thicker Than Water”, as played by AdmireAtStuff





Mai Kanegata

No regular nicknames


Human student 1


Weight and height:
49 kg, 154 cm

Naturally black, dyed in dark red, shoulder length



Face Claim:
Mamimi Samejima


- Baseball
- Soda
- Movies
- Grunge, rap and rock music
- Doing nothing
- Walking around

- Homework
- Reading
- Cockroaches
- Tidying

- Playing baseball
- Writing haikus

- Cockroaches

Mai is a laid back and friendly girl. While mostly calm, she's prone to showing quick and sharp reactions, but manages to stay cool enough to think even in the most tense situations. Mai slacks off with her studies, but is otherwise well intentioned and can show great results once she beats her laziness. She's confident to the point of cockiness, but isn't arrogant. Mai believes in herself, but doesn't look down to others. While not very book smart, she has a decent amount of street smarts. She doesn't lose control over her thoughts in case of panic, she's good at improvisations and can think of a convincing lie at the spot. She won't see all of your personality traits instantly just by watching your basic behaviour, but is good at reading emotions, even if you try to hide them. Mai is a nice and outgoing girl and warms up to people rather quickly. While not very affectionate, her kindness, loyalty and relaxed behaviour are enough to make her friends feel welcomed. Judging isn't one of the first things you'd expect from her once she witnesses you in a moment of weakness.

Mai isn't very organized and tends to procrastinate a lot. She often finds herself doing her work in the last moment. She never learned that changing this would make everything for her much easier, but rather than that she just learned to stay calm once the time limit is near.


Mai's childhood wasn't filled with much drama. Her parents didn't get along, so they got divorced when she was four. This was all it took for them to be on good terms. The custody was left to her mother, who match made the father with another woman. Since her dad was far away with his new family and her mother spent too much time working, Mai grew up to be independent and equally happy alone and around people. She didn't spend too much time at home, as she was constantly walking around, either by herself or with friends. Sometimes she would visit her father, stepmother and half brother.
Despite being constantly out, Mai never found out the truth about vampires. She have heard legends, but she never believed them. Despite this, they have always been interesting to her.

So begins...

Mai Kanegata's Story


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Beep beep beep Yuki's alarm clock wailed. Letting out a sigh, she rolled over and turned off the alarm. It was already 7:30, which wasn't surprising considering how many times she had hit snooze.

After tossing her blankets onto the foot of the bed, she pulled herself onto her feet, and threw on her uniform. She really didn't want to be late, especially on the first day of the new school year. Yuki grabbed her binder off of the small desk that sat in the corner of her room, and tossed it in her bag, along with several pencils, pens, and a yellow notebook given to her by her parents before she left.

Yuki quietly slipped out of her room and down to the kitchen, trying her best not to wake anyone else up. She grabbed her water bottle, and filled it up, before throwing in her bag.
Reaching into the bowl of fruit sitting on the counter, she grabbed an apple and wiped it off on her shirt.

Picking up her bag and throwing it over her shoulder, Yuki left the building, and started the short walk to school, munching on her apple as she walked. By the time she got to school, the apple had been chewed down to it's core, so she tossed in the nearest trash can, before heading to check the board with the class lists on it. After finding her class, and looking through the rest of the names, she was really disappointed. Nobody she knew was in her class this year, at least that she knew well. There was a girl who was in her class last year, but they never really talked to each other, so it didn't make much of a difference. Yuki sighed and started to walk to her class, not really paying attention to where she was going. Suddenly she bumped into a person.


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Mai's cell phone alarm disrupted her sleep. Her feet were where her head should have been. She covered her head with a pillow and groaned. She planned to place the phone on the other side of the room, so she could get up in order to turn it off. Now she can't move a muscle and the sound was still penetrating her ears.

"Mai!" a female voice from another room shrieked. "Turn that thing off and get your rear up this instant! This is the third time I've heard it this morning!"
"In a minute, mooom!" Mai moaned in response.

Sinse Mai got up a bit late and Zack considered meeting some teachers, she figured that he and Finn would be already on their way. She simply took her backpack and baseball equipment and went off, especially when her mother was pushing her to 'hurry the hell up'.

"I'm not even that late." the girl thought. "If I keep up with this speed, I'll probably be there before the teacher."

"Abby must be at the roof again." Robin thought soon after. "I'll just go up and bring her to class, in case she hadn't woken up yet."
"Heeyyy, Robin!" a voice called. Robin turned back.
"Oh. Good morning, Mai." he replied.
"Did you see our game last week? We smashed them with one point!" she smiled.
"Well, a victory by one point isn't really 'smashing', and you could have beaten them up with more."
"Well... Yeah. Eh, still victory. Okay, Robin. I'll be going to class now. Greet Zach for me!"
"Okay, I will."

Soon Robin reached the roof.
"Huh?" he raised his brow. "She's already up. Well, good for her. I hope she gets rid of her roof slumber habit soon. Probably she's in the..."

Soon Robin reached the sports hall and opened the door.
"There you are! Did you sleep on the roof again? Soon you'll have to find another place."


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Robin couldn't help but smile a bit when Abigail said she was glad they were once again classmates. That was one of those moments where the two of them agrreed. Soon after he let out a quick, quiet and snarky laugh at the cheating joke. At first he would usually sigh when he had to help Abby in some way. He still did, but not as often as before.

"Yep, we keep a tradition." The boy replied to the remark about how they were always late on the first day of school. "Let's break it next year, shall we?" He said. He yawned while his friend was dragging him towards the cvlassroom, but quickly pulled himself together. Once they reached the door, Robin opened it.

"Sorry for being late, teacher." He spoke quietly. "May we stay for the class?"

His eyes quckly landed on Zach. He remembered to give the greetings from...

"Miss Kanegata!"
Another teacher in one of the senior classrooms approached Mai.
"Pay attention in class! But in order for you to do that... you have to wake up, right?" he poked her head.
Mai groaned, got her head up and rubbed her eyes.
"Sorry, teacher. It will never happen again." she mumbled.
"If it doesn't happen till the end of the day, I'll give you a handshake!" the teacher replied. "Sinse it's the first day of school, I won't be very hard on you. However, you must stop, or you'll fall asleep on the exams! Not that you'll do much better awake. Unless you do this incredibly hard thing called studying. You'll have extra homework. You'll do an essay about the history of vampire mythology! Write that down! If you don't do it, I'll give you a red mark! I'm sorry, Miss Kanegata, but I think this is the only way I can get you interested in reading!"
"Excuse me, teacher!" a classmate called. "Can we start the lesson? We can't spend the whole class concentrating on Kanegata's studies!"
Mai calmly wrote down her assigment and opened her textbook like nothing happened.
"Fine. You're right. But you get extra homework too for involving yourself in teacher's job!"


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As the class ended, Robin stood up. He was glad the teacher didn't make a big deal out of getting late.
"Science is the next class." He murmured to himslef. Then Robin heard a familliar vouice calling for him. It was Zach. Robin had a fairly positive opinion for this guy. He wasn't slacking off with his studies and he was friendly.

"Yes!" Robin replied. "I have science too! I'll come with you!" he then quickly turned to Abby.
"If you have science too, come with us," he spoke to her. Then he reached Zach.
"Greetings from Kanegata-sempai. " he said before witnessing a scene with a boy from year one. Apparently a girl have punched him in the face. Her friends were haveng a good laugh from this. Robin frawned at this. Perhaps the boy had done something to deserve such a horrible act of violence in the hallways, but it was still too much. If they were gender reversed, crouds would run after the one who gave the punch. But if a girl hits a boy, it's comedy gold and celebrated. This double standard has always been loather by Robin.

However, Cassandra, the new classmate was even more furious. Robin was silent the whole time, but he smiled from the inside. It was good to see someone caring for a family member, especially siblings.

The boy however seemed unfazed by everything. He just bowed and introduced himself.
"The guy sure has guts." Robin thought.

"Hey, people!" Mai reached the group, as she was too late for the scene.
"Hello, Kanega..." Robin started, but Mai's half-smirk and raised brow stopped him, before he sighed and continued "Mai."
"Let's all meet at the roof, shall we?"


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"Kanega - oh, Mai," Zach said, understanding dawning over his face. "Man, it's been a long time since I heard her get referred to by her last name - huh?"

Seeing Robin frown, Zach turned around just in time to see a familiar looking boy fall to the ground. Considering how the girl was holding her hand and how her friends were giggling, it was obvious what had happened.

Zach frowned. "that's not really fair." he muttered to himself. He took a step forward, aiming to help the kid up, but before he got there Cassandra was on the job.

Zach whistled. Remind me not to get on her bad side.

When the boy - Alex - introduced himself, Zach gave him a wave. "Yo!" he began cheerily, "I'm Za-"

"Hey, people!"

"Whoa!" Zach leapt backwards in surprise the same time Ryner shouted, his hands reaching upwards as though to block an assualt. "Oh, it's just you, Mai," he said, relieved. He brought his hands down. "Don't scare me like that! You nearly gave me a heart attack!"

When Mai asked her question, Zach answered with an awkward smile. "I don't think we can meet up at the roof today," he said sheepishly, scratching his head. he glanced behind him as he did so; Ryner seemed to have the situation under control. The best he could do to help was probably by upping the normalcy by having a normal conversation to get rid of the weird feeling in the air.

"We're suppose to show Cassandra - that's the angry girl who was threatening that other girl - around the clubs during lunch break (or after school (and maybe after class too). Maybe her brother too, since he seems to be a freshman." Zach glanced at Cassandra before looking back at Mai. "Sorry. Did Finn fall asleep in class again?" he added anxiously.

Just then, the bell rang. Well, that's that. Meeting them at lunch doesn't sound so bad...

"Sure, see ya!" Zach gave the fleeing duo a wave. "C'mon, we've gotta go before we're late ourselves," he said to the others, shifting his backpack for it to rest more securely on his back. Hope this helps, Ryner. "I heard that we might be having Mr Ludwig as our teacher this year; he's good but he really doesn't like people being late. C'mon, hurry!"

Zach was already ready to run down the hall with the others, keeping pace with them. "Mai," he called over his shoulder. "Want to join us during lunch later to show them around?"