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Rosabella Maria Virtuli-Romanaldi

In a crew as misfitted as this a medic is almost as much of a necessity as oxygen. Rosa - at your service.

0 · 173 views · located in Black Path Universe

a character in “By the Starry, Black Path”, as played by Sophie Marie Tarasov


Age: Twenty-Two
Gender: Female
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Hair Color: Chestnut Brown
Height: 5'2"
Weight: Not that it's any of your business... 56.699 kg.

As goes with most Aracelli natives Rosa has a light olive toned skin color that pairs perfectly with her almond shaped, chocolate brown eyes and chestnut hair. Her facial features are soft with a button like nose that compliments her heart shaped face which go well with her soft spoken personality. Her hair falls midway down her back and loosely curls unless forced straight. She often keeps it up in a pony tail or in a low chignon. her clothes tend to be colorful and comfortable generally just a comfortable pair of slacks or a skirt paired with a blouse for leaving the ship. On ship however, since things are much more relaxed, she can usually be found in her pajamas or other similiar comfortable outifts.


Though Rosa comes from a rather large and loud Aracelli family she is rather soft spoken and quiet. Though she does have an opinion on just about everything Rosa often keeps it to herself unless asked. She doesn't like to offend people which is an odd constrast to her family but of course they've always accepted her as she is. Though most Aracellians have a deep love of the arts, and of course Rosa does have love for them as well, but she much more prefers science. Though she is picky and only enjoys studying the bio-sciences. Physical science not only bores Rosa she finds it unbelievably annoying. Rosa does come out of her shell every once in a while but only around the crew whom she shares the mutual feeling of family with. She can be bubbly and fun when comfortable enough but most often stays out of the spot light. She is very motherly though which can often drive the crew insane. She's always feminding them of things they shouldn't be doing for fear of injury or chastisying them when she does have to bandage them up.


She has a small storage room on the ship that she demands the Captain keep stocked with all of what she considers necessary medical supplies. There isn't much missing and it nearly rivals a small hospitals though slightly less in amount.

Aside from her on ship supplies Rosa keeps a medic pack on her person at all times; especially when leaving the ship. Depending on the area of where they depart she carries various different things for the most likely type of injuries that could be sustained there.

As for weapons Rosa is more or less anti-gun. It's not so much that she doesn't like them as they don't like her. Her aim is absolutely awful no matter how many people have tried to help her with it. Like Alseni she keeps many sharp throwing knives on her person and much prefers to use them whenever forced into a fight. With her rather extensive knowledge of the human anatomy it's very easy for her to know where to cut; whether for a stunning slice or a lethal gash.

A gold locket can always be found hanging from Rosa's neck. If she were to ever lose it or leave it behind on a mission she'd more than likely attempt to kill the Captain if he wouldn't allow her to go back and retrieve it.


Rosa hardly has a sad childhood story but hers is one filled with romance, drama, and a little adventure. As most Aracellians love a good story most relationships tend to work out like story book tales. Her parents shared a forbidden love; her father of noble blood and her mother of regular peasantry. But, one beautiful day they found one another and not even the Gods could have kept them apart. It was love at first sight and for years they would sneak away to be with one another if only for a night's time. Soon Rosa's mother discovered she was pregnant and though her lover was joyed by the news this posed a problem. The two could no longer see one another as it would be deadly for them both if anyone knew they had conceived a child together. Rosa would live with her mother and visit her father regularly once his position was strong in the noble world and it was deemed safe. This plan worked out perfectly, of course just as in a fairy tale story, and Rosa grew up happily with both parents. Her mother was a dancer and her father a well known physician - luckily enough Rosa was given the opportunity to learn much from both of them. She excelled as a dancer and in her studies of anatomy and disease making both of her parents proud. Her skills in the medical world gave her something of a reputation among the lower classes and she often was there to help the poor who were in need. Her reputation somehow floated to the Captain when he was in Aracelli one day and after seeking her out and offering the position Rosa accepted and went off to space.

So begins...

Rosabella Maria Virtuli-Romanaldi's Story