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Lucius Tallerus

"Knowledge is power, and it can be quite fun too!"

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a character in “Calisma”, as played by legacy14


Lucius Tallerus

ImageFull Name: Lucius Tallerus

Nickname: Luck

Gender: Male

Age: 25

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Height: 6'0''

Race: Human

Class: Alchemist

Description: Standing slightly taller than most, he is quite the whimsical-looking figure in his soft and oddly colored attire. The attire itself is comprised of breeches, fastened with an ornate buckle, that extend no lower than his ankles where his rough shoes can be seen; a like-colored coat flows a bit further past his waist than normal and flares out at the ends, giving him a slightly flourished look, extending just past his elbows. Underneath the coat is a simple cotton shirt that has no noticeable designs that draw the eye as in his other clothes.

He is lightly built, but sports a bit of wiry muscle underneath his clothing. Usually a bit down his nose, a pair of glasses sits over his bright and inquisitive brown eyes, framed by an disorderly mod of fiery red hair. He is typically unshaven, giving him a rough appearance, added to by the strange tattoos scrawling on his back and chest, as well as multiple piercings running up both ears.

The world is one gigantic pool of knowledge.
Its secrets are fascinating and can be harnessed for amazing feats...
amazing, and also terrible...

Skills: Alchemy
A highly complex, and even more rare skill, Alchemy is often misunderstood and considered a form of sorcery or black magic. That case, being terribly untrue in Lucius's specific case. First, he has no use of any magic whatsoever, and second, he he simply thrives on knowledge and his creative mind finds amazing, and often devastating, was of implementing this knowledge.

  • Intelligence- Simply put, Lucius is the ultimate information sponge. If he hears it, sees it, or is slightly aware of it, he is already analyzing it and seeking out its weaknesses and strengths. A keen eye and a quick mind are dangerous tools when in the right hands, and Luscius's hands are well-suited for the task. He is able to deduce near impossible assumptions out of the smallest details and use them to his advantage.
  • Anatomy- Precision and accuracy is a must in his line of work. Thus, Lucius has developed an uncanny understanding of the human anatomy, studying the major blood vessels traveling through the body, as well as pain receptors and pressure points, and even going as far as being able to change the physiology of himself or others through various concoctions, receptors, or combinations of the two.
  • Science- Ever the student, Lucius is an accomplished apothecary, mineralist, and in most cases, heathen. His experiments have led him to the combination of various materials or objects into something new. Whether it be combining simple herbs into a broth to make one feel no pain, or mixing dust and liquids to create a highly volatile explosive, his aptitude for tinkering and creating are on a level far superior to many around him. Te uses are not limitless, but abundant with materials that are around him.

Weakness(es): Five minutes speaking with Lucius will reveal that he is a bit arrogant, and well aware of the fact at that. Listening to others isn't one of his strong suits, even when it benefits himself, and he tends to venture out on his own more often than not; he doesn't trust, and relies solely on himself as much as he can. This hinders him when he feels the need to go further. Even when all signs tell him to cut ties and get out, he will still push on, too stubborn to give up in the middle and too curious to finish with unanswered questions. He is also eagerly craving knowledge, maybe enough so to shed all else to learn all the universe's secrets. He lacks a physical prowess, putting him at a disadvantage in hand to hand combat, preferring to use surprise tactics and support with his crossbow instead.

Equipment: On his person is a vast cache of various liquids, powders, small rocks, tiny contraptions, wires, and many other forms of miscellaneous junk to the untrained Alchemetic experts of the world. Several empty vials also linger about his person, always ready to be filled. There are several grenades of different sizes and shapes strapped around his waist and a light crossbow is slung over his shoulder on a normal basis.

There tends to be a bit of a god-complex present in my mind.
Naturally I'm going to be right more often than not, but when I'm wrong...
You're still full of crap...

Personality: Lucius is blunt. He always has been and there is nothing on the face of the earth that will ever change that. His description of it is 'Brutally Honest', yet he seems to be the only one who ever sees it that way. the fact of the matter is, he usually has absolutely no filter that often exists between the brain and the spoken word. Easily put, if Lucius has something on his mind, you already know what it is, whether you really want to or not. He can often be very abrasive as well, having a more grim sense of humor than people would normally find acceptable and finding humor in situations that might normally be handled with a bit more tact. He is by no means a subtle individual, and will openly act when the time calls for it rather than waiting around to 'see what happens'. Although, he is also incredibly playful, and always ready with his quick smile.

History: Growing up with his father being a soldier, and his mother being a courier, Lucius spent many of his days to himself, confiding in his books and random play throughout his younger years. He was always a bright young boy with a noticeable talent for observation and understanding. But his loneliness due to the absence of his parents drove him toward the animals of his family's small farm. It was when he was seven that he made his first contribution to the scientific world.

A dead pig in the stalls caught his attention one afternoon and his curiosity soared. Nowhere around was there any sign of an attack or predator, and none of the livestock had been ill, yet there the dead sow was. Carrion began feeding off of it soon after he relocated it into the hot sun of the open field; it was then he noticed one of the birds drop from its pecking perch atop the sow and fall to the ground, twitching and then becoming still. Grabbing up his father's knife, and his mother's gloves, he opened the spot the bird had fed upon to reveal the opened stomach of the sow. in it, were undigested parts of a plant he had never before seen. Identifying the plant and studying it further, he found small patches of it around the farm. Trying to extract the juices from these plants, he discovered it was incredibly irritating to the touch, and completely fatal to anything that ingested it.

The plant was only the start. This drove Lucius to study the wonders around their small farm for years, and finally become apprenticed to a local apothecary in a nearby town. Here he learned different mixtures, salves, poisons, antidotes, and remedies for various scenarios. He was also able to freely experiment and discover new uses among the plants and stones, adding to his already advancing knowledge. When he was eighteen, he ventured out and began expanding his experiments to more than rocks and plants. He began making contraptions out of scraps, drawing up designs of weaponry, unearthing new and more successful medicines until finally, he seemed to vanish. No one knew where he had disappeared to.

Years later, he began to pop up in random towns and cities, leaving rumors in his wake of his amazing feats. Men began seeking him out after word spread that he had turned a rough and worn copper into a glittering golden coin. After some time though, he was marked as a dark magician, tricking lowly townsfolk with sorcery and illusions and eventually, men started seeking him out for his head. Rumors spread like wildfire at any sightings of him, thugs, brigands, and noblemen alike would hunt him down, only to be greeted with a flash of a grenado, and the occasional crossbow bolt. With so many men after him, for reasons good or bad, people began calling him 'Luck', both because of his ability to survive this long, and for the ill fortune he brought where he went.

So begins...

Lucius Tallerus's Story


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The room held no visible decorations in the dim light cast by the single, glowing candle holding back the darkness. The others had long since gone out, and this final slab of wax was on its last leg as well. The single window in the room would be sending the first tendrils of morning light into the room, save for the thick curtain that had been thrown across it to block the wind, and the light. The multitude of books and journals littering every open space of the area were far too precious to be ruined by exposure or blown about in the already disorganized room. The scratching noise continued once again as the pencil was once again touched against the book in a fast, and sloppily-written, script.

Atop the cushioned chair, Lucius Tallerus sat in deep thought, unaware of the morning creeping up on him once again. For a few weeks now, he had been shut up in the small room, burrowed from a young alchemist living in Rousillen. Lucius was nearly turned away from the refuge, the Druids of Rousillen hearing the rumors of his 'trouble making'. It was a few of the senior Alchemists who finally convinced them to allow Lucius and the tall warrior accompanying him to enter the treetop city.

A sigh escaped him as the final candle suddenly went out, plunging the room in darkness once more. He fumbled for the handle to the desk's drawer and pulled it open, feeling around the inside of it until....There! His fingers closed around the small vial and unstopped it, dripping a bit of the liquid inside onto his hand. Rubbing them furiously together, he felt his palms begin to heat up, causing the liquid coating to glow. Now is as good of a time as any... he thought.

A soft knock was heard before the door opened and a young alchemist poked his head in with a candle. Lucius shined his luminescent hands at him and frowned. Unperturbed, the boy smiled and gestured at Lucius's hands. "All the things you are capable of, and you still use that simple trick?" No response came from Lucius's lips, but his eyebrow rose to a pointed arch as he regarded the youth. Stammering, the boy continued. "I-I didn't mean...uh...s-sorry, I just...You don't have to go you know..."

"And miss out on the rumors stemming from the North? I think not." Pulling gloves over his glowing hands, Lucius circled the small room to gather his bag and spotted the chair housing his tall companion. Sleeping silently, while his blueish-hued head rested atop a pile of books.

"But...they're just rumors. You know what they say about you..."

Lucius regarded the young man with cold eyes. "Not everything they say is false." Turning from the youth, he regarded his companion again and nudged him lightly with his foot. "It's time to go."

The forests outside Rousillen were a tangled mess as Lucius led his tiny pony through the brush, behind his taller companion and his larger horse. The sun was blocked by the thick canopy above as he cast his gaze around, ever studying the world around him. His gaze strayed toward every little movement, whether it be a stray bird or beast, or even the random insects that scuttled underfoot.

The hours passed by as Lucius consulted the roughly drawn map in his hands. A few of Rousillen's inhabitants had been furious when they discovered that the fiery headed alchemist was also quite the skilled cartographer. Hesitant to allow a secret such as this out into the world, they had detained Lucius for an entire day before agreeing to let it slide, as long as Lucius destroyed the map when they were finally rid of him.

"Bardon. There's a small clearing up ahead," Lucius said suddenly. Looking ahead, there was no way anyone would ever think that a clearing could be behind the thick screen of growth and brush of the forest. But the Alchemist was always sure of himself, and it was evident in his voice. "Tell me," Lucius called up to the tall warrior ahead of him, "What do you think of these events brewing to the North?"


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The duo composed of Bardon and Lucius were in Rousillen for quite a while. Some may even say for a few weeks. While Lucius was shut in his room, Bardon was helping with some errands for the citizens of the city that housed them. Some of the task were mundane, but it helped to pass time. Some of the town dwellers were talking about the events in the North. It much be enough for Lucius to go out of their room. On the other hand, the warrior was under the task of protecting the younger fellow, whom company let Bardon speechless, due to his lack of understanding in alchemy.

Yesterday, Bardon decided to take a moment for sleeping. The trip from where they are to the North was considered not than pleasant for many. His body, however, was supporting restless night. It has some draw backs still but he got used to it. Strangely, his dream was rather vivid even for the silent sleeper. He had his body relaxed on a chair, while his head leaned backward, resting on some books…

…The warrior was in panic; the city around him burned down in front of his eyes. The sky was dyed in red while the flames engulfed the houses. Lucius wasn’t in near sight, but he felt the alchemist was fine. Bardon, trying to help the citizens, saw the fear on most faces, either young or old. Screams were heard, and the air smelled of a mixture of blood and ashes. It was funny on by the look of a window, there was a young father passing the fire down in his family. Unexpectedly, he was thrown off by an explosion, falling to his dead. However, the warrior was now flying in the air, facing the horrible display. His heart filled with sorrow as he couldn’t do anything for them. It disgusted Bardon, filling with hate for himself, letting swear on whoever did this to die on his blade. Although, when he thought of the word blade, he felt the cold lick of one on his nape, while a genderless whisper spoke to his ear: ”Will you join me…?”

Those were the last bit of the dream as he would be pulled out of the world of dreams by a small nudge of the other fellow. “It is time to go” This last one explained to the warrior as Bardon rose from his seat, noticing the books were cold on his nape. What a strange dream… Should I talk about it to Lucius?

The Rousillen forest was famous for its arduous and dangerous journey through it, but he knew their mounts were able to make through it. Keeping his horse in front of the alchemy, he heard there is a small clearing up ahead. Knowing the intellect that Lucius exude, he keep their path in front of them, nodding. Bardon wasn’t mute, but of a very small talk for now.

Or was, as his partner asked what he thought on the events to the North. It made him thought for a moment; what was going on in the North to be so rumored. Never taking part of smart talk with the other people from Rousillen, the warrior was rather uninformed. “The events to the North… He muttered to himself. He cleared his throat afterward, keeping a glance to his surroundings when he said: “I have a lack of information on what is going on there, but either the rumors are true or not, it is definitely something.”

Bardon could help himself; the last time he heard something concrete about the North is the last time he saw his family. It could be fun, after all. He forgot how many moons has passed from their separation, but he was a bit eager if he had the chance to meet them again. The warrior made eye contact with the alchemist before looking straight ahead. “However, it doesn’t mean I don’t have my thoughts on it. For now, I have mixed feelings. From what I understand, I can say it might bring good and bad to the known land, but only time will tell us what those will bring.” He grinned a bit. “How about you? After all, if only this is enough to get you out of your research thing or whatever you were doing in that room we were in, I judge it might quite be interesting.”


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“I have a lack of information on what is going on there, but either the rumors are true or not, it is definitely something.”

Lucius scrunched up his face at the vague answer, but amusingly, found it much more than correct in his opinion. Traveling with swordsmen around tended to be a dull and intellectually lacking affair in his personal experience, but he knew Bardon had just as much brain upstairs as he had skill with the blade at his side. Although Lucius would never voice the opinion to the warrior. Still, the man had hit Lucius' philosophy right on the head with his answer. 'What is, is. What is not, is not. What is unknown will be found out and what is known, is usually forgotten.'

“However, it doesn't mean I don’t have my thoughts on it. For now, I have mixed feelings. From what I understand, I can say it might bring good and bad to the known land, but only time will tell us what those will bring.” At the warrior's grinning face, Lucius felt his eyebrow raise and arch pointedly above his glasses. 'Another vague nail hit directly on the head...' “How about you? After all, if only this is enough to get you out of your research thing or whatever you were doing in that room we were in, I judge it might quite be interesting.”

"Research?" Lucius regarded his tall companion and harrumphed at the notion of researching inside a stuffy old room. "This," he said as his arms spread wide and gestured all around them, "this is the stage of research my friend. The world has countless untold stories that need unraveling, and a poorly lit room around old codgers that have nothing better to do than prod and poke you for all the information you have is certainly no place for research. The farts couldn't even brew a flask of Night Oil without me holding their hand the entire way..." Lucius realized he had almost completely ignored the original question, but he felt it necessary to point out the lack of real intellect among the senior members of the Alchemists.

Walking his shaggy pony into the clearing that opened up, Lucius draped the reigns onto a nearby branch and pulled out an apple, feeding it to the pony and watching it chomp happily on it for a second. Moving off a bit, he pulled his crossbow from his back and sighted a clump of random brush on the side of the clearing before loosing a bolt into it. Expecting to see a small animal or some venomous critter scurry out, Lucius was a bit disappointed when all he heard was a dull thud followed by silence.

Giving a shrug, he cast a glance over his shoulder back at his companion, "You never know what could be hiding in the brush..." Digging around the brush, his gloved hand found the object his bolt had buried itself in and gave a tug. The small chest drug back into the clearing and Lucius pulled a small vial from his belt. "Looks like nobody has been along to open it." He called back to Bardon, indicating the chest before him. "You see, anyone that randomly opens this, would have found themselves engulfed in flames fairly quickly. Quite painful way to die really..." The contraption itself was fairly simple, highly flammable powder and oils atop a protective sheet. A 'flint-lock', as Lucius deemed it when he made it, grated against a piece of steel to strike the powder and oil into flaming glory once the chest was opened.

Pouring the vial into a small slit in the side, Lucius counted to himself for several seconds, letting the moisture of the liquid saturate into the fiery mess inside. Once he was satisfied, he unbuckled the chest and threw the lid open. Not even considering the possibility of him being wrong, he reached in and threw the soaked protective sheet, with powders and oils atop it, into the brush.

"And all the better," Lucius called happily to Bardon, "those dirty old codgers back in Rousillen don't need to know about these experiments!"


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Bardon snickered to himself; even with the time his companion spend into that room, he didn't change a bit. It was rather reassuring to know that, even though he would like his question to be answered. However, since the warrior wasn't an alchemist himself, he couldn't quite stand for the argument the alchemist made, but judging by the way Lucius acts; it much be that bad. Then again, Lucius was better when comes to knowledge. In the end, Bardon probably shouldn't comment that he would like to know his friend's opinion on the situation his friend brought up.

Walking his robust horse to the opening, Bardon draped the reigns onto a nearby branch and pulled out a carrot, feeding it to the horse and watching it chomp on it happily. He didn't knew when they would stop to settle down - sometimes it is by instinct, and sometimes it is Lucius, who tells that there is a place suited for restoring. The warrior keep an eye out for things that doesn't appear correct to the environment. He heard a dull thug followed by silence, which ended in the alchemist's shrug.

"You never know what is hiding in the brush..." his companion said. Of course, they had to be careful. While brushing his mount with one hand, he keep the other on the hilt of his sword. His eyes panned over to his friend when he called out for the chest beside him. The same one would explain that any who opened the chest precariously would probably end up in a painful death; another trap. How bad it would be if he would fall for any kind of those traps? He didn't know. No, what preoccupied in Bardon's mind is the thug they heard earlier. He wondered if his companion knew about it... Keep an eye out. Although, a grin got up to the warrior's face as he heard the colorful language his friend used when he happily expressed himself. However, the sound he heard still bothered him.

Of course, what he wouldn't expect is a mass pouncing on him, which made him tumble-down to the ground. It was already a bad start for the fight. He let a small gasp out of his mouth as his head hit the ground, but he used the momentum he had to kick the beast out of his way. "Heads up!" he called out to his friend as he quickly reached for his blade, standing on his feet. He looked at the feline-like creature standing there, ready to strike once again. He wondered why it attacked him instead of the mounts, but couldn't find the answer before the beast strike again. This time, he used his gauntlet to block the creature's claw, but due to its mass, he fell backward. He used this to his advantage to let the hilt of his blade hit the ground, letting the beast's neck fall into the blade, and the blade stabbing through its throat. The poor feline-like thing let out what sounds like a cry of pain, and its life was gone.

Bardon breathed deeply, pushing the corpse away from him as his sword slides out of its throat, the blood shed on the ground. He slowly stood up, looking at the corpse without disgust, but with a bit of interest. He crouched down to feel the creature's body, raising an eyebrow. "Poor thing..." he muttered to himself, "it much have been desperately hungry..." He looked over to his friend, just to confirm his doubt. "Hey, aren't those things found more commonly in northern regions?" While he waited on that answer, he could already think of the one that he asked to himself earlier; the creature wanted food, but due to extreme dizziness for the lack of food, it mistook him as one of the targets and attacked him because he was smaller, instead of the horses.

Lucius's ears pricked slightly at the ruckus behind him as his head slowly turned to peer over his shoulder at Bardon. Eyebrow arching sharply at the creature downed next to the warrior, he rose to his feet with his precious chest in his hands still, unwilling to leave it for the sight of the large feline. Nudging it slightly with his boot, he tilted his head and regarded Bardon without looking up. "As a matter of fact they are..." he said absent-mindedly. "The Katevon Valley to be exact. It's a Katevoon Shadowcat, one of the prize catches in that area, if you can get to them before they get you, of course." A smile split his face as his eyes rose to the warrior.

Surprisingly, Lucius knealt down and lowered his treasure trove full of goodies to the ground and even went as far as to remove one hand from it to reposition his glasses on his face. "Have you heard of Smallpine Village?" The question was asked without looking up as Lucius's free hand reached out to guage the length of the beast's fur. It wasn't very long for the Shadowcats that hailed from the Northern parts of Calisma. And quite a bit smaller too. Not waiting for an answer, he continued on. "Recently, the village has had a string of murders for any of the foolish few who venture into the woods. Sheep and other animals have gone missing as well. The villagers have sent word to Rousillen recently, but the old codgers believe it is an omen of sorts. Foreshadowing of a changing realm." Putting his lecture on hold for a moment, he scratched the dirt from the large claws to sift through it. "Not much blood crusted in there...but this may answer a few questions debunking the prophecies concerning our poor village."

Finished examining the Shadowcat, Lucius removed his hand from its darkened fur and appraised his companion. "You're either much better with that blade than you let on, or very lucky." Lucius mused. "You may be the only person in fifty years to slay one single-handedly, and definitely the first to do so with a sword. Not exactly an ideal weapon for slaying cats now is it?"

Finishing his musing of his companion's tactics, he lifted his small cest with a grunt as he transported it to his shaggy pony. "We should head that way, maybe we'll find more of these buggers. At the very least, there might be a small reward waiting for you for lifting all their woes!" Flourishing gestures circled the air with his arms as he said the words and a quick laugh escaped him as he mounted up once more.


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Bardon nodded as his companion confirmed his doubts; the creature was one of those shadowcats. It was uncommon to find one roaming around out of their territory. He was interested as he heard about what is up with the Smallpine Village. He knew only by the name, but he didn't knew about what is happening. He chuckled under his breath to hear what the elderly had to say about those events. “It sure is a weird chain of events, but I don't think they can tell what is or what is not. While I understand it is a preoccupation, I don't think it belongs to some kind of prophecy. Yet.”

He considered quite lucky himself to have killed that cat. “Nan, it isn't. But then again, I can safely say that everything can kill something a way or another. Let's just call this a fortunate end for us for this little meeting.” He chuckled under his breath as he sheathed his sword and went to his horse, mounting it once again. Even though he doesn't know much of the geography of the known land, he still can situate himself by looking up at the sun. “Smallpine Village it is then.” He said as he directed his horse towards the village, hoping the alchemist would follow along.

He smelled the town before it came into sight as Lucius turned his nose to the air. The distinct smell of burning pine was evident in the still forest air before the forest itself parted before the two riders and the tiny village came into view. Dull grey smoke could be seen rising from the tiny settlement as the two riders rode up to the wooden fence, funneling travelers into the village proper.

A man stopped the two before entering and Lucius held up his own hand to cut the man off before he said anything. "We come with good news you depressed sod! Now perk up and let's see a smile eh?" The man flinched at the quick statement but failed to comply.

Shaking his head slowly, the man slumped his shoulders and adressed the two. "My apologies sirs, but aint much around these parts to smile about lately. This time is a bad 'un to come around here. What with the bad omens and a--"

"Don't be ridiculous!" Lucius cut the man off at the mention of the omens. "You're troubles are over my good man! The valiant warrior here rid you of the beast that plagued your village hours ago! Clap, rejoice! Break out the wine and let's drink!" Lucius's arms waved wildly at his merriment of delivering the news.

But the man's features seemed to become more puzzled and his frown deepened. "A beast? No sirs, this plague is the work of a demon." Lucius's eyes couldn't help but roll in their sockets at the man's explanation, but stopped at his next words. "And 'asides...we found another lass dead a'fore you arrived. Cold less than an hour now..." 

 While listening, Bardon looked more concerned as for the supposed omens. "a demon..." he repeated to himself like if he didn't know what it meant. "Say, has anyone seen this demon?" He bit down on his lips a bit at the situation. If anything, it may need the work of a group greater than two. He doesn't underestimate the duo they formed, but he wouldn't like to underestimate the unknown as well.

"Aye sir!" The man blurted out at Bardon's inquiry. "Evil they say it is. No blade or arrow can harm it. They say it comes out at the blackest part of the night to reap the souls of the innocent, sneaking up like a breath in the wind! No one knows where until it be too late....They say it leaves no one alive..."

Lucius's hand rose up and made an audible slap as he palmed his own face. Beneath his hand, his head shook in aggravation. With an obvious effort, he reigned in the urge to call the man a halfwit and imbecile at the mention of his tale. 'Demons...preposterous!' He thought. "Thank you for the information sir, if that's what you will call it," he spoke aloud to the man as he nudged his pony forward, "but I believe we shall find out what this Demon is for ourselves. But I wonder....If no one is left alive, where do these accounts come from?" The man's face turned slightly in thought, failing to grasp what Lucius was actually saying. But without allowing the man to puzzle it out in front of them, Lucius started his pony into the village as he waited for Bardon to catch up.

"I think it's about time for a drink, don't you?" He asked his compatriot. "But please, for the love of all that is right, tell me you don't believe this demon nonsense..?"

 Bardon smirked as he expected that kind of question from his friend. "I don't, for now. It is hard to believe something that couldn't have been seen, yes, but here is how I see it. Let's say someone have discovered a new species that no one ever heard of, but he doesn't have an evidence, then people won't listen to that someone. However, until there is an evidence of the contrary, those people can't say it doesn't exist. I'm keeping that encounter in mind, but I have to agree; whatever it is, it is very unlikely to be a supposed demon, but I'm not discarding the possibility. Unless, of course, someone could bring me evidence of the contrary to me." While the end of his theory was obvious, it seemed more of challenge he was throwing to Lucius. After all, Bardon thought it would be him that would recall about details. "I think it would be a good time to stop for a drink, yes." He ended his sentence with, wanting to rest a bit from the surprise attack they got.

Talking about the devils, a blackened mass moved towards Lucious, taking him away. Bardon gasped for his breath as he heard his friend screaming to let him put down. He gave a chase to the thing that went into the woods. It was probably one of those demons. It was moving quite fast for it to transport a full-grown man. He soon lost its trace. Although, he still continued in the general path of where he was taken, thinking he would soon find the whereabouts of the thing and his friend. He would mostly like to know if his companion was okay. More the hours passed, more he thought the worst. “Maybe the rumors are true...” he told himself, as he brought to conclusion that the thing that took Lucius was neither a normal human or someone that he knew.

“I must report this to... his majesty...” he hesitated on the last few words he had. He had a bitter opinion on the monarchy which he didn't dare to discuss with others. On this last note, he would set his way to the capital, hoping he would arrive in good times. Of course, he wouldn't thought that they would like to hear his story. He chuckled softly; maybe they will think he is one of those crazy peasants that he thought crazy at first. What a ironic situation.