You've got to be vulnerable to be tough.

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Citizen Database

  • FULL NAME: Fara

  • DoB: Febr 30 3006

  • AGE at last survey: 10 yrs, fully developed.

  • RACE: Human/Bio
  • OCCUPATION: Unemployed.

  • Previous survey results: Born on the outskirts at a city birth ground. Parents, unknown. Curious of the world, taught by no-one. Lives in the city because that's what she's always known. Lives outside on the outskirts, near the north-east. Is a loner with a penchant of talking to strangers, although is distrustful of humans and overly trustful of bios.

  • Physical description: Fara is a tall woman without hair. She dresses in simple clothes, with sleeves and excessive length cut off to expose her skin to as much sunlight as possible. She customarily paints her eyes with pupils, and her eye colour is a light green. She also has freckles of sun damage across her cheeks and nose. Her skin is a pale brown, with a slight tinge of green. She is usually barefooted, and like to dress in bright colours, like red.

  • Traits: Bio who lives her life amongst humans, as such she is rejected by both species on the planet, the only solace she gets is that with her hard life, she learns just that little bit more about the world. A 7th generation bio, she is at the forefront of her species, and still retains the curiosity of youth. However, provoke her or her people too much and she just might snap. She does, after all, have some pride.

  • SKILLS: Acting, medicine collection, running errands, running in general, climbing.

  • To improve on: Smooth-talking, fitting in, general education.

  • Assets: A small, red scarf that she wears around her ankle.

  • HOUSING/LOCATION: Fara lives in a 'house' she constructed herself that it in the canopy of the forests near to the edge of the City. The house is a cradle of branches, twisted into shapes like basket-weaving. It is accessible via some coincidentally well-placed branches. The base of the tree that is her home has had it's earth worn away somewhat due to her constant climbing up and down.

So begins...

Fara's Story


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Fara sighed, her head full of foreboding as she walked through the endless, stifling corridors of the Teranyan. Like usual, it felt odd to be without sunlight. Her eyes pounded with what she might call light-headedness, and her body shifted uncomfortably as she brushed against humans, all rushing, busy busy busy about their business. She kept her head down, avoiding them. She was... unfortunately aware how much hatred these people felt towards her, and it simultaneously intrigued her and made her sad. More than sad sometimes, as she remembered the vicious anger that had coursed through her skin, that had made her feel more alive than she could have ever felt, as she'd.-

The thought petered out as she spotted the entrance to the Messall. It was late in the day, that quiet time between the middle of the day food and the end of the day food. Yet of course, people still milled about. She shook her head to clear the air, and stretched luxuriously in a dappled spot of sunlight, letting herself breathe properly. The air was thick with the smells of cooking and bodies though, and she grimaced, her face contorting into a caricature before relaxing back to normal.

She took her time to look around, uncertain as to where her contact would be. The parcel she carried in her satchel could wait, just as she could. Her eyes scanned across the room, taking in the tables pushed against the wall, the countless cubby-holes, decorated with battered stickers, tatty cushions, flags, rugs, knick-knacks and all manner of other things. Fara was always surprised by how much stuff humans seemed to have, and the Messall was a prime example of this. As she watched, her gaze was caught by a fellow bio, looking equally as uncomfortable. He hadn't noticed her, so she watched him for a while, saw him struggle to talk to someone blocking his path, saw him get rebuked, and mocked, and harassed.

She looked away, blinking rapidly, feeling... feeling something that she didn't know how to describe. Something dark and twisting in her mind, that burned and ate at her. She ignored it, tamping it down, to deal with another day, she thought. Thankfully, it was at that point that her eyes alighted on the man she was looking for. He was a light-skinned male, with tawny hair and a crooked smile. He set her on edge, yet it was his parcel that she was delivering, and his money that paid her energy bills and gave her something to do, so she bit her lip and approached to sit at his table.

She was appreciative of the silence near to him- he'd chosen a good seat, free of other people yet not so conspicuous that it would look strange for her to join him. She looked up at him and smiled shyly, slipping her hand into her satchel. The man never seemed to notice her, and it always bothered her, yet she continued with the transaction, slipping the parcel to him as he handed her a little parcel of her own. By the time it was finished, and the man had walked away without a word, Fara knew she needed to get out of this damnable building, as the air tightened around her, and her nerves shot through the roof. Time to find the sky.