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Leonard "Leo" Rache

"What does a boot do, other than crush ants?"

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a character in “Cape and Cowl”, as played by Ruth Soul <3





Image Name:
Leonard "Leo" Rache.


Twenty Three.


The Double-Crosser.




At a glance:
Leo stands at an average height of 5'8 and weights a healthy one hundred and twenty six pounds, making him like any other average male. Plotting behind his thick black glasses are a pair of deceivingly soft blue eyes. Unkempt yet stylish, jet black hair compliments his smooth pale skin. On Leo's face almost always lies a laid-back smile, complimented by relaxed shoulders and a friendly gesture. Leo's posture and facial expressions tend to give off friendly vibes; in fact, he appears to be a very likeable person. This 'friendly vibe' usually lies in his facial expression. Though he usually looks nice, his look can change from welcoming to menacing within seconds.

Leo's costume color scheme consists of blue and white. It looks more like a uniform than anything, with a high collared, blue and lengthy jacket laying over a formal, blue, button down shirt. His pants, also blue, go down to his ankles. The lower part of his pants are covered by black, tight, shin-high boots. Though somewhat odd looking, his costume is easy to move around in and in Leo's opinion, stylish. Tucked out of sight are his weapons; two daggers and a long sword. He's always liked old-fashioned weapons.


ImageOne could say Leo is arrogant, but... Arrogant is an understatement to say the least. There is no person on this world more full of himself than Leonard Rache. For you see, Leo has always been fond of himself. He thinks of himself as a boot, surrounded by ants. And, of course, what does a boot do when it is surrounded by such... vile creatures? Why, it crushes them. But one does not simply crush something. No, not at all. What's the fun in that? Exactly. There is no fun in that. Why, if you're going to crush something, why not have fun? You see, the real fun is the time leading up to the stomp. Yes, the few moments that trigger the ant's anticipation and absolute terror. That moment is what Leo loves most. That moment is what Leo lives for. He always has been quite sadistic.

Just not in the way most would think.

Leo does not enjoy hearing a victim scream out in pain. He does not enjoy violence. He does not enjoy being violent. In fact, he can't even stomach it. But what he loves, what he lives for, is emotional pain. Nothing makes him happier than betrayal... As long as he isn't the one being betrayed, of course. Seeing someone's face, daunted, when they figure out they're being cheated on. When they figure out their most faithful friend was working against them. When they figure out they've been betrayed, lied to, you name it. And you see, Leo is a liar. He wasn't always a liar. But that's not important. Leo is the friend that stabs you in the back, just to see you wallow in your own pain. Leo is the faithful companion who steals your girlfriend, simply to see your awe-stuck face when you walk in on them kissing.

Leo usually targets strangers when he's looking to betray someone. However, if you betray him, you will automatically become his new target. It doesn't matter what he is doing, for Leo is a very vengeful person. He will stop at nothing to get revenge, even if it means losing everything. And Leo happens to be very possessive. However, he will not show anyone that he's mad. In fact, he will act completely normal. Leo may be extremely irritable but he knows how to control his emotions. At least, in front of other people. And speaking of his persona, he is known for his silver-tongue. Leo has a way with words, and when he is out for the kill, he will use his charisma to his advantage.

In short, Leo is arrogant, sadistic, anything but trustworthy, vengeful and charismatic. However, when his personality is not being pulled down by all of these negative traits, he proves to be cunning and quite funny. He can be very charming, and flirtatious if he needs to be. In fact, Leo has an easy time making friends. But of course, his 'friends' don't stay friends for too long. What's the point of friends if you don't get to stab them in the back later on?

His personality is what gave him the codename "Double-Crosser."


Image Power:
Leo has the power to manipulate spirits. He can control them, speak to them, summon them and more. From time to time, he loses control of the spirits and they control him, but this is a rare occurrence... Of course, it still happens every now and then. He usually has the spirits do his dirty work. For example, he is an assassin on the side, so he usually has his spirits do the killing. He'll just get close to the victim with his charisma and cunning, learn everything he needs to know and let the spirits deal with the violence. He's never caught because he isn't killing the victim in the first place.

Also, each spirit has a personality of its own, and each a different relationship with Leo. And spirits can only be seen or heard by other people if Leo wants them to be seen or heard. However, if someone cannot see or hear a spirit that also means they cannot touch/be touched by a spirit. So to attack someone, the spirit has to be visible to the person it is attacking. Spirits can be used as a shield as well.

Leo sticks to three weapons: Two small daggers, and a long sword he keeps tucked away unless needed. He doesn't use his weapons for anything other than self-defense and revenge, though he usually sticks to emotional vengeance when it comes to revenge. Though Leo doesn't like violence, nor can he stomach it, he can use his weapons. And he can use them well. When he is attacked, he almost always stays on the defensive side and runs from his attacker, using the help of spirits to distract the enemy. This is a strategy he's used several times and it hasn't failed him once.

It's not like being attacked is new to him. In fact, it's very common...

  • Prying || Due to his charisma and generally likeable persona, prying for information is as easy as counting sheep.
  • Brushing Off Insults || After years of hearing 'friends' scream at him, he's gotten used to insults.
  • Emotional Manipulation || Leo's charisma can easily twist someone's emotions. One of the only time he uses this ability is when he's out on a job.
  • Lying || Nothing comes as to him as easily as lying does.
  • Framing || Even if he's never at his crime scenes, he does fraternize with the victim to get his information, automatically making him a suspect, so it's only natural that he frames someone else.

The Blessing:
No one, not even Leo himself knows why he is able to control spirits. He only knows that he can and he may as well use it to his advantage.

The Curse:
Leo isn't always in control of the spirits. There are times, that, Leo loses control and he ends up being the puppet. It doesn't happen often, however it isn't a rare occurrence. At these times Leo has absolutely no control over himself. Now, some spirits don't exactly like Leo. They don't like the fact that he has control over them and would rather him not. Even if it meant killing him. Many spirits hold many different feelings toward Leo. The problem is, when Leo loses control, no spirit in particular gains control. Which usually results in Leo fumbling around, out of control, trying to do at least fifty things at once. Not only does losing control endanger his life, but it endangers others, puts his career at risk; it puts anything within a mile of him at risk, really. Not to mention, he's much more vulnerable in these moments.


ImageOne would wonder what kind of messed up, horrible, traumatic childhood Leo must have to be like he is now. But the funny thing is, his childhood was not messed up. His childhood wasn't terrible, nor was it traumatic. His parents loved him very much and he didn't have many friends, but he had some, nonetheless. Friends he wouldn't trade for the world. He loved his parents dearly, and he was very protective over his little sister. He got good grades. He wasn't bullied. No school drama, either. Sure, his family wasn't filthy rich, but they definitely weren't poor.

So, one might ask, what went wrong?

The world was wrong. Of course, Leo didn't realize this until the whispers started. Ah, yes, the whispering of the spirits. For some unknown reason, Leo could hear spirits. And it didn't take long for the spirits to realize that Leo could hear them. They figured it'd be fun to mess around with the kid. So they did. They began pointing out everyone's flaws. They were little things at first. Like his little sister, and how she couldn't pronounce the letter "r". How his friends always used Leo as the chump. They always dumped the blame on him. Then it progressed... They began whispering about people, strangers, even. They pointed out muggings. They began mentioning bombings, shootings, how corrupt people were. The whispers went on for years. And as the whispers continued, Leo's point of view began to change. Before, he was pure. He saw the world as a beautiful place. But, once again, his point of view change. Leo began seeing things more negatively, for the world was a horrible place. A horrible place, full of horrible people. Full of idiots. Full of sinners and violent people.

And then, he begin to think, what was the world worth? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Which meant he wasn't worth anything, either... No. No, he was worth something, because he was the only one who could realize how idiotic, violent and horrible the world really was. Leo began to look down on everyone around him. His parents, his friends, his classmates, and strangers. The spirits continued whispering in Leo's ear. To the point where he began to resent them; his friends, his parents, his classmates... He rejected all of his friends and pushed his parents away. He grew away from his sister and stopped protecting her. The only thing, the only people that he trusted were the voices. The spirits. They were all he had left. So he began talking back to the voices; the spirits. And they told him that he not only needed to push away, but betray them. At first, Leo was hesitant. But it didn't take long for Leo to agree.

So he betrayed them. He stabbed his friends in the back. He told his Father that his Mother was cheating on him, which, at the time, was true. He told bullies his little sister's insecurities. And Leo found out that it was great. Betraying his friends, seeing the look on their faces was absolutely hilarious and extremely satisfying. It served them right for being oblivious morons. He talked to the spirits more, agreeing with them, becoming the corrupt person he is now. It wasn't until Leo was eighteen and out of his parent's house that he realized he could control the spirits. This made him even more arrogant. He was powerful and smarter than everyone else around him! Everyone was a violent, idiotic moron, and now he had the power to extinguish them! This is what started off his career as an assassin.

Leo wanted to watch the world burn. And now he had the power to light the match.

So begins...

Leonard "Leo" Rache's Story


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It was a dawn like any other day as birds slowly began their songs greeting the new day. Cheerful cheeps and tweets like in fairy tales awakening the sleeping princess from her dreams with a choreographed musical number. Although, the current setting would have only been suitable for the darker fairy tales of old if one were to peer into the open window. It was like any other apartment, a bit dirty but it had a quant feel about it. Or at least, that was the atmosphere until the night before as fragments of the bedroom glass mirror gleamed sharply in the morning sun, perhaps there was an accident? One of the occupants of the bed let out a small yawn as she ran a hand through her frizzy bed-head and silently slipping from the sheets, narrowing missing the dangerous mess.

Steam rose from the bathroom as hot running water danced over the woman's nude body. With the heavy steam it was difficult to make out any defining features that was until the figure emerged, draping a towel about her person and ruffling her hair with another spare towel. Bright fuchsia eyes stared back in her reflection as the woman delicately applied make-up from her supplies arranged neatly on the counter with the final touch being the placement of boring green contacts to hide the bright coloring of her eyes. Ebony hair was strangled into a high ponytail as the woman did a final check of her appearance. Her cheeks seemed to be less hollowed and there was not a single trace of fatigue under her eyes thanks to the cosmetic products.

Lipstick-covered lips formed a small pout as she leaned against the doorframe of the bathroom "Are you going to just sleep the day away, sweetheart?". Her voice seemed unnaturally sweet as she gently teased the dozing man before slipping into a more professional choice of attire. Her black long sleeve clung delicately to her frame as it matched with the grey office skirt she had chosen. Her choice of shoes were a little less formal as her job could involve being on her feet all day, so a pair of flats would have to do. As the man in the bed did not stir an inch even after a hand delicately ran through his curly locks. The only item she needed now was a fragile leather-bound notebook which she gently placed in her purse before leaving the room with a blown kiss "Then again dead men do need their rest."

Crossing the name 'Weston Ire' off the notebook's pristine white paper with a faint smile on her face as the receptionist known as V. Morris response politely to the morning greetings of her coworkers before settling down behind her own work station readying for another hectic day. One of the doctors commented on her good mood and inquired if her sleeping problems troubled her the night before. That same mysterious smile appeared as the young woman responded "It only took a few hours to get settled down..but I managed". Even in his drunken state Weston had put up a fight when caught off guard by his lovely bar date slammed his head into the large bedroom mirror. His date brushed it off cooly as an accident and had pressed her lips to the small trickle of blood coming from his head wound. The mood seemed to improve when his date inquired if he had any ties or something similar around...

Being gagged apparently wasn't on his priority list and neither was getting slapped multiple times in the face by his moody date. The surprised look on his face when V reached for a glass fragment and gashed it against his face would be one that would float about her daydreams for quite sometime. Her latest target had been a fighter until the very end as not many men can handle being gutted quite literally. Soft silk sheets became rougher as blood had the tendency to do that..yet the distraught woman could careless as she fell into the sheets, sleep embracing her at last. Her nightmares were silenced at least for now...the shrill ringing of her desk phone could bring them back if it tried hard enough. After finishing the call, a sigh escaped her lips as her night had not gone as planned she wasn't 'deep' enough to bring back any memories..this time around. Now to see how long it would take for the cops to find the body, that always an interesting bet.