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Crown Prince Ning Zao

"Let us form one body, one heart, and defend to the last warrior our countries, our homes, our honor, and the graves of our fathers."

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a character in “Chi and the Four Kingdoms”, as played by RolePlayGateway



Name: Divine Snow
Chinese Name: Ning Zao
Role: Crown Prince of Ning and a General in the Ning Army.
Age: 26
Fighting Style: Snake (water element): Snake style is based on whipping or rattling power which travels up the spine to the fingers, or in the case of the rattler, the body shake which travels down the spine to the tip of the tailbone. The ability to sinuously move, essentially by compressing one's stomach/abdominal muscles, is very important. Footing is quite grounded. The stance work is fluid in order to maximize the whipping potential of any movement. This necessitates building a strong spine to contain the power and strong fingers to convey the strike.

Weapon: Silver Shard (spear). Zao's spear is 7 feet long and has a common leaf shaped blade and a silver horse-hair tassel lashed just below. This Silver Shard is used in perfect harmony with his Snake Style. It has thinly carved silver veins ruining along the shaft almost imitating a snakes scales.

Appearance: Zao is tall at 6'1; however, that is not his most defining feature it is his long pearly white hair which he keeps back in a ponytail, and his rather pale skin. His hair has caused many to stare at him in curiosity, as it differs greatly with the common black. Some people believe it is the Ice spirits that gave him his white hair and skin as a blessing, also ironically this spread his nickname of Divine Snow, caused by his flowing white locks and rather pale skin. Others believe Zao has the spirit of the mighty Polar Bear, but again these are merely rumors.

Zao has high cheek bones, and an angular face with a long straight nose with a slight curve giving it a hawkish angle. His lips are thin, and usually in a small smile, while not a particularly handsome man, Zao has a powerful Regal bearing. His teeth are straight and as white as his hair if not more so. He has startling bright sky blue eyes, that remind people of the chill of the north.

Other: Zao is the greatest horseman of Ning, and one of the greatest in china. He is usually seen on his great white stallion Glacier.

Personality: Zao is first and foremost the Crown Prince of Ning. He acts with the utmost honor, and elegance that a man of his statues is meant to display. He is a very proud man, and acts with the utmost dignity. Zao knows his duty to protect his family, his country, and his people, and will die before admitting failure. Due to his long military career and its rather early starting point, Zao is no stranger to war and is a very confident commander. He is rather well educated and spends a lot of his time simply reading or practicing combat, and the rest riding with his steed Glacier.

He loves his family, and knows he must marry soon in order to ensure his family line continues, but he is pushing it off as best he can. His Country comes before his own personal wants.


Zao was the first born son into the Ning family, thus was given the title of Crown Prince, making him the heir. Zao was raised with the sole-purpose of being a Crown Prince, and a leader of his people, so he has no knowledge of how to do anything else. At 10 his father bought him his most prized part of his life: Glacier. At that time Glacier was a simple young colt, but over the next 6 years that simple Colt has grown up into the powerful white stallion is today, and he is Zao's closest friend.

At 16 Zao was given his first experience in war, it was one of the many battles that were to follow, and Zao fought as best he was able at his fathers side, to this day he is unsure of how he did. He succeeded though and contiuned to serve in the military as a high commander in the many skirmishes between the countries especially Ning and Haung as fire and ice do not get along. Over the next 10 years Zao was to fine tune his abilities as a warrior and commander.

With the coming of Chi, Zao readies the army as best he is able, and hopes his father will do whatever he can to ensure unification of the Kingdoms in order to defeat the Chi. Zao is willing to do whatever it takes even marrying a princess of the other kingdoms to bridge the countries, even if its one of the foul Wong daughters.

So begins...

Crown Prince Ning Zao's Story