Pristinus The Everlasting Dragon

The Primordial Dragon that lives at the center of an ancient city.

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a character in “City-State of Kan”, as played by IEatBubbleMan


Physical Description: A massive Dragon, with white scales but most of his body is covered in mosses, leafs, vines, and general foliage covers his white scales.
Personality: He is wise but naive, he has never spoken to another creature but instead communes with nature and the creatures that live within the forest. He is calm and curious.
Equipment and Abilities: He does what most Dragons can do. Extra abilities include his ability to communicate with nature and those who live within it.
In a Primordial Land stands a Ancient kingdom. The kingdom is in ruins, no creature has lived inside its ancient halls for as far back as even the most wise men can remember. Only one wonders its halls, a being of great power and wisdom. A primordial Dragon named Pristinus. Though older then most could even imagine, he is naive and young at heart. He has never met another creature, besides the animals that surround and live near him. He is considered a Fauna dragon so he is one with the forest around him. He still lives inside the ruined kingdom surrounded by the massive forest, pondering what could lay past his borders.

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Pristinus The Everlasting Dragon's Story