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Hasegawa Mei

"So cute! I mean- ew. You like that kind of thing? It's for kids."

0 · 889 views · located in Class 4-A

a character in “Class 4-A: Stranded”, as played by OurStars



N a m e ? Hasegawa Mei
A g e ? Eighteen
R o l e ? Girl One

L i k e s ?
+Cute things
+Sweet Foods
+Open Spaces

D i s l i k e s ?
-Her boyfriend flirting with other girls (more of a pride thing)
-Feeling trapped
-Being ignored
-Losing Face
-Sour Foods

S t y l e ?
As if a stereotype of popularity, Mei has always been the sort who really likes to wear cute clothing. Of course, when she was younger this meant things with adorable cartoons on them, and other such things. Although she still loves such patterns, her pride prompts the young woman to hide this preference, and hence she wears clothing considered stylish and fairly mature, generally speaking. She is a big fan of high heels, probably because she is somewhat petite to begin with, and can usually be seen in a dress or a skirt. Everything she wears is feminine, unless designed to be otherwise for some special purpose, and she usually dresses for others, not for herself. She dresses in such a way so that others will think that she is naturally stylish- in actuality, her father helps the young woman pick out her clothing, because her natural taste is minimal.

B e s t F r i e n d ?
Honestly, Mei isn't the sort of girl who makes genuine friendships very well. Instead, she has those that she hangs out with or who cling to her for popularity or something like that. It isn't that she doesn't want friends as much as it is that she doesn't know how to deal with them.

R e l a t i o n s h i p ?
Masami Raiden
Mei has been dating Masami since freshmen year, when she realized that he would be what she needed in order to secure a spot at the top. Call her shallow all you want, but that is the way her mind has been working for the past few years. She isn't actually incredibly attracted to him romantically, actually, though she likes him well enough. He's just too. . .nice, maybe? There isn't enough about him that she finds genuinely interesting.

C r u s h ?
Jujigin Yuudai
Something about him simply intrigues Mei, despite the fact that he isn't really what people would consider her 'type' to be. Unlike Masami, he isn't easy to read (seemingly) or anything like that- there is a mysterious quality about him that she simply loves. Mei has been making some advances on him for a little while now, about half a year, but no cigar.

F a m i l y ?
Hasegawa Eric and Jun --Mei was adopted as an infant by a very loving gay couple, Eric and Jun. Eric is actually from America, initially, but the two met while he was on a business trip in Japan. They were married in the US, and then moved over to Japan after adopting the young girl. Eric is a prominent legal mediator, and Jun owns a small grocery shop that they live above.

Hasegawa Lily --Mei's adopted sister, who is only one year old at the moment. She was adopted from Vietnam.

G o a l s ?
+To own a toy company (secret)
+To Graduate
+To be admired
+Travel the World

F l a w s ?
+Takes things for granted

T a l e n t s ?
Kids --Believe it or not, but Mei is actually surprisingly good around kids, though she prefers not to let people see it because she fears looking like an idiot. Toddlers seem drawn to her and, when she knows that the coast is clear, the young woman actually rather likes the little children herself, because she finds toddlers and infants to be the epitome of adorable. Her skill with children is probably why she would make a good toy designer.
Lying --Deception is a fairly easy thing, though people may try to tell you otherwise from time to time. For example, someone on the outside would never guess that Mei is still slightly obsessed with toys and stuffed animals and all of that other 'kid stuff' that she publicly denounces as stupid and immature. She is very good at only showing the side of her personality that she wants other people to see, both from practice and a strong vanity which prevents her from revealing her true interests. She can also easily fake emotions, though occasionally her true feelings will shine through. How else would she have convinced everyone that she loved Masami for four whole years?
Sewing --Kind overly-motherly for her tastes, but Mei is adept with a needle and thread, or just a sewing machine. When she was younger, the girl's favorite thing to do was make her own little stuffed dolls, and she still holds the skill that was built up from years of doing that. In fact, she has made some of her little sister's outfits, which her father (Eric is the more stylish one) approved of primarily because it actually made sense for such a cartoony character to be worn by a child. She carries a kit with her at all times, in case there are any wardrobe malfunctions.

P e r s o n a l i t y ?
On the surface, Mei comes across as being something of a social butterfly, able to charm others at will with her silver tongue and such. She isn't necessarily popular only because she is fairly attractive and dresses well- very few people can be complete b*tches and still be actually popular. Of course, Mei can be harsh and deceptive at times, but that is true of anyone. She can also be somewhat decent as well, not exactly the sort who is just going to go around bullying others or something ridiculous like that. However, her vanity is probably unrivaled in this school, and though she gives off an air of being aloof and arrogant, the girl is incredibly conscious of what others think about her. She is the sort of person who dresses for others, acts based on what she thinks will further the reputation that she is trying to create, etc. In that manner, she is actually a very clever girl, calculating well in the way of social ladders and high school heirarchy systems. How else would she be at the top, and stay there? From how she looks to who she dates, everything is done so that she can maintain the safety of people noticing her. Even if some people dislike her, envy her or even go so far as to hate her, as long as she is noticed and liked by some, Mei is willing to do anything.

After all, her biggest fear is probably to be completely ignored; a nonessence in her world once more. That is part of the reason that she has come to seem so shallow and cunning- because she hates the concept of being the girl in the corner whose name no one knows. That is a life that she absolutely refuses to go back to, no matter what it takes to avoid that fate. However, traces of her old self still remain under that plastic exterior. Though she is able to keep any remnants locked away, one may occasionally see her, thinking herself unnoticed, doodle popular cartoon figures, or become giddy over a new, limited edition plush doll. She isn't a nerd, but something of a geek, especially when it comes to toys and cute things. Not that anyone besides her fathers and a few people from her elementary and middle school would know that about her. She'd probably blackmail someone who found out her secret side, because she is terrified that people will think that she is too childish, too stupid and excitable for the rank that she has reached. A true symbol of our generation, she would rather be popular than be herself.

B i o g r a p h y ?
Mei was far too young to remember her life before being adopted by Eric and Jun, having been no more than a year old when they brought her home to their well-furnished home above the grocery store that the couple owned on the side from Eric's being a talented lawyer. The couple were very loving, of course, and ecstatic to have finally finished the long adoption process that had been necessary to finally welcome the little girl into their warm family. She was the center of attention, of course, being their only child up until she was seventeen, and was given most everything that her little heart could ever desire. From infancy, though, she always seemed to prefer things with cute cartoons, like snowmen or little kittens, to basically anything else. This was perfectly normal, of course, for a young child. Despite being rather spoiled, as well, she didn't really become rotten, or even particularly outgoing to be honest. When school first started, she found herself the type that was easily ignored, because she talked slightly too softly, and wasn't used to it requiring effort for her to be noticed. Thus began a career in which she thought herself doomed to be part of the wallpaper and thus never tried to change. She was happy enough, anyway, making her little plush dolls and receiving buckets of attention from her fathers. It wasn't that she was bullied, necessarily, although she wasn't exactly accepted either. Mei was there, but not really. When groups were picked, she would quietly work alone. This doesn't seem as though it is the same person that became one of the most popular girls in her high school, does it? Well, there is a good reason for that- because she changed her personality in the pursuit of attaining the popularity she had never possessed before. She had been a plump girl in elementary school, with awkward braces and the inability to move on from the cutesy things that other children were beginning to announce themselves too old for. Thus, her isolation continued in middle school, with the exception of one or two people who had found themselves in similar situations. Still, those other people were more solitary by nature, and thus couldn't give Mei that which she had slowly desired more and more as her years passed by.

Eric and Jun announced that they would be moving when Mei was still in eighth grade. She would be going to a different high school than everyone she knew, because it would be in a different city entirely. The young woman realized this to be the opportunity which she had been quietly waiting for. Over the time before high school began, she exercised more, was taught to style her hair, and watched an unhealthy amount of TV to figure out what would be the best tactic in order to be noticed this time around. Although her room was soon stripped of her beloved cutesy toys, she still kept them all, keeping them in the closet or under the bed. She began having her father, Eric, help her pick out outfits ahead of time. Come her arrival at the new school, she was pleasantly surprised to find herself being admired and considered one of those people who are instantly popular. The new experience overwhelmed her a bit, and soon the young woman worried all the more what people thought of her. She even began dating a boy, Masami Raiden, because she knew that he could help her secure her spot in the light, a place she had longed for for some time by then. Her love of cute things and excitability were hidden as far as she could squash them down, so that Mei would seem the epitome of what people believed that she should be- attractive, shrewd and still a bit harsh. She maintained the relationship with Masami, though she felt nothing, and continued to dress in ways that she normally wouldn't have until it was simply normal for her (she still wore her favorite cartoon T-shirts and slippers at home), all for the sake of keeping her spot. Then, senior year, she began to find herself attracted to one Jujugin Yuuda, who has a mysterious aspect to him that she rather likes. Not even really considering the feelings of Masami, whom she has never actually seen in a romantic light to be honest, she began to make some advances on Jujugin, if only to be rejected every time. She doesn't actually know that Masami knows about the advances, honestly. Once upon a time she might have been more observant and empathetic to others, but that girl is locked away.

So begins...

Hasegawa Mei's Story