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Chikuma Naoko

"Oh yes, I definitely believe that you have the ability to be successful....if you actually tried at least."

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a character in “Colors of the Rainbow”, as played by QueenofSpades



Chikuma Naoko






9 Binstock

Ball-Point Pen, Watch, Phone, Multitool Pocket Knife, Sunglasses, Mints, Lip Balm, Wallet, Lighter, Earbud Headphones

Veggie Egg Rolls, Dark Red and Dark Blue, Warm Green Tea

Roses, Chamomile Tea, Teasing People

Fish, Strong Perfume, Strongly Scented Candles

~Short Bio:~
Chikuma is someone who is rather specific about everything. He can be a smartass, though he does mean well. Although he can be cold, he does have a soft side that would be an apparent dream to whomsoever he wed, if he ever thought about even having a relationship that is.

Chikuma Naoko was raised in a multi-family home where he had to tolerate many different classes of people. By the time that he was in his teens, he had learned that if he wanted to be left alone to get his things done, he had to be a bit forceful. It came to him naturally when he did so, but for some reason it also ended up attracting some of the girls in the multi-home towards him more. He never was interested in relationships and so he just brushed them off like everyone else. He did start to feel a bit empowered once he realized everything about his class and also the power that he can influence over the weaker minded.

Moved Out from the Multi-Home

~Face Claim:~
Kaito (Vocaloid)

So begins...

Chikuma Naoko's Story


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Hakuryu Kenson, heir to the ruler's throne, stood in front of the court in which ruled underneath her beloved, and previously deceased, father known as The Ruler. Thankful to her, it was because of mere old age, and he had died peacefully, not in pain or by assassination. Now that the old Ruler was dead, and no other qualified to do so than her, she was to be presented forward as the new Ruler of the lands. She had to dress nicely and attempted to not show how nervous she was feeling. Her nerves were calmed slightly by the feeling of her two most trusted guards near her as she was lead to the second highest. They exchanged a greeting before she was properly initiated to be the next ruler of Alterteriquin.

Whilst this was happening, there was news spread over of the Ruler's death and his daughter's succession. It was hard for someone to miss all of the fuss, for it was known throughout everyone of how harsh the old ruler had been to most everyone that was considered 'below' him. Even with that said, he wasn't always the kindest towards his own daughter either. His main thought was that it would be beneficial to help make her callous to being mistreated or being hurt emotionally or mentally. Of course this was not right, but he was her father and that is whom decided what did and didn't occur. She was very annoyed with the fact that he was so cruel herself, but knew she as well was the same way at times.

She was never allowed to see really anyone else that would pose a threat to her or could end up doing so; this meant she did not get to see more than possibly 2 people depending on the circumstance. A lot of the time, she was only capable of taking to her clairvoyant, servants, or those that also were of a form of power in some sorts that was relative to her. She disliked the responsibility she was given, and the new threat that now hung over her head from the lower classes to be a proper successor of her father or perish. She knew that she was special, and could fend for herself very easily, but at the same time she also was very paranoid sometimes when she woke of what may happen to her whilst she is sleeping. With as many servants and guards as she did have, though, this truly wasn't a concern. Since most of the lower classes didn't have the same luxuries that the priority classes did, it was less of a concern about how threatening they could be all together.

There was always the treat of what they could end up doing, though. This day of her initiation after the ceremonial granting of leadership, she was brought out with her guards and then some around her and introduced to the public as their new ruler. She was uncomfortable with this, but it had to be done and it would thankfully soon be over and she could be alone again. Whilst they walked, she glanced around at some of the faces of people onlooking her. Some were neutral, some disappointed or unhappy, and some were pleasant. It was a mix that made her stomach churn slightly. She purposely had made them stop at some of the stores to talk and greet some of the people that were working, and she was kind enough to give them a few bins here and there as she went along. No matter who's gaze she met though she managed to just keep a smile, almost condescending in the way it was being kept on her face, throughout her walk. She was nervous yes, but this also meant she could now have control over the lower classes, and she seemed ready to take care of anything that stood in her way of keeping that power.

She finally was able to go back to her place, though that gave her nothing in the sense of having any sort of privacy still. If anything, it was just the same as it had been and had instead introduced her to merely more of the higher castes. She met the public overseer even. 'Saku' or 'Suzu' or something of that sort was the only part of his name that she could remember though all of the ridicule fussing about. She calmly walked off and went about her day upon this. She didn't know of the lowers that had already started to dislike and distrust her, and it was not even a day into her being the ruler. For those outside her home, they started to gather a few people and move off to the side, away from where they could be heard and taken away for what they were to talk of.

When they started to talk to one another, it was a sort of meeting in which they invited others to join in at will with. They seemed to be talking of how 'Now is the time to take down the hierarchy before it is stabilized again' and that 'who's to say this new ruler wont be as bad as her father'. It was a bit intense in the sense of hostility and aggravation in their group, but they seemed to be making a point with each other and were perfectly happy with the idea of starting a rebellion. They dispersed and started to plot separately from each other in order to not get caught conspiring against the new ruler, Mistress Haku. Though it took a while to really reach everyone that was around day and night, it was soon known throughout that there was both a new ruler and talk of rebellion against the hierarchy already.

Many of the higher castes hearing about this talk of rebellion found it to be humorous or ridicule. Even some of the middle class did too, though it also seemed they were both humored, weighed by the possibility and danger of a rebellion, and were slightly fearful of what could happen to them if they got caught on in the scheme. Overall it seemed to be a big mess between all of the classes and their opinions on the new ruler and how everyone thought that they should handle it. It always seemed to be evident that there were those that wanted to rebel either for the sake of rebelling and causing an issue or those that wanted to truly take down the hierarchy, but that was a moderately small amount of people at that point in time. Other than that, though, it was shown that many of the others were either neutral, curious of how she was going to rule, or too afraid to talk of anything relative to a rebellion at that time from all classes alike.

From the point of view of Suzu, Suzuki Natoko, though, we can see that he was first to find out about the standpoints of most. He was the Public Overseer, so it was his job to know what was going on throughout the talk between the lower classes. It also wasn't too hard for him to keep away from everyone either and stay concealed, especially considering that he was unliked by many both high and low classes alike. It was, at times, a dangerous job for him, but he could handle himself, and was quietly listening in whilst people were conversing about the new ruler. The rebellion talk, the fear, the curiosity, and the neutral; he had heard all of it throughout the different classes towards Mistress Haku.

Suzu remembered seeing her whilst she was on her walk, showing her newly obtained status and power. He believed she was very attractive. 'Stupid!' he had caught himself drifting off from what his goal at the current time was from remembering her again. He shook his head and went off to report his findings to the others of the court. They were glad that they had someone whom could easily move unnoticed or uncared about through the lower classes, though they were not thrilled that it was him specifically that was doing so. He knew they didn't like him and, to be fully honest, he felt he really didn't seem to like them either let alone care if they did like him or not. Suzu didn't frankly care if anyone did so long as he was still friends with Mistress Haku.

That's one of the few people that really mattered to him, considering that she was both his close friend and only friend. He had pretty much no one else that he could trust or befriend really, especially considering his job. In a sense, he saw his job as being one that was a 'snitch' more than a 'public overseer' as a 'title'. He was a snoop and acted as the hidden eyes and ears of the council as to make sure everyone stayed in their proper place in the system. He wasn't the only one whom was an overseer either, too, but he was one of the topmost ones they relied on for important information or to help confirm any suspicion that may happen within the different classes throughout the days. It was a very risky task to be set off to do, but that was his lifestyle and, having no one else to worry about him, he didn't have to worry much about upsetting anyone if he met an early demise while doing his job.

The system itself though was obviously not just a mere monarchy, but had a low tone somewhat of what could be described as a sort of dictatorship truly. It wasn't something that was favored to admit, and was kept silent if ever brought up. It was a 'monarchy' and their ruler was one that was truly 'Gifted' in the sense of who was fit to rule. With both the power that each ruler has always been bestowed and the family roots to back up the genetics that passed the power down, it seemed that it truly was deemed to always be a sense of who was fit to rule by those circumstances and never anything but. This was most likely one of the main factors in which helped to keep those below in line; the power of the Ruler and the rulers of the past.

Copycat is what the unique power was, and though it seemed slightly unuseful in a practical term of living wise, it was a very useful power when it came to manipulating others gifts to be used for themselves. The could copy any one power from someone that they wished and use it as much as they like until they found some other power they liked or got too tired to be able to use the said power any longer. It was the power in which helped to divert attacks or turn the attack against the one attacking, and always was disadvantaging when only in a physical fight. Through that small detail, there were loopholes though that were found, and Clairvoyants that had been blessed with the power of future sight would be taken away for use as much as the Ruler wanted; this helped them to not need to constantly use Copycat for that single power when its merely available in the form of someone else. Best of all, the said Clairvoyant is conditioned to obey the wish of the Ruler whenever their power was needed. It wasn't a great life for the Clairvoyant who was taken, but it was most likely a better life than those that were not taken and instead had to find a way to continually support themselves.

All the classes had to deal with the matter of trying to take care of themselves throughout hardships, and it was obvious within jobs that class still was a very big factor in how much one would get paid or if someone would have a job even. Many lower class people had either no job or one that was tedious or paid a small amount. The lower classes always had it worse off than the middle and high class, and that is how the ones above them liked it to be and stay like. It kept them from having too much ability to cause an uprising, and also kept them from technological advances easier unlike the middle and upper classes. The middle classes were split towards low or high in their own sense too; many could have enough to live off of, but not necessarily have enough to have a little extra for certain things without extra effort, or else they could have enough to live off of, but not enough to be seen as any better than their class even when there was enough left over to have comforts others may not be able to have. Upper classes almost never had to worry in the slightest about finances unless it had to do with helping keep the system in check or of being robbed.

It wasn't unusual for many lower class people to be thieves because of the incapability of getting a job, and instead many resorted to stealing from the highers or from each other. It wasn't unusual for there to be a moderate amount of crime throughout the city and the different stores, though the highest rate of crime always was Robbery or Theft. It was surprisingly not as common, or at least not as often caught for, in terms of people committing other crimes asides that like treason or murder. Though, with the rate of development being leveled out between classes as low to high, it made so that there was not too much technological development in the beautiful surrounding landscape; Though this made it easier for someone to either hide from society, or get away with murder if desired when it truly came down to the wire.

Other than robbery caused by lower class people, it was a mildly calm society that had been made, and was not bothered until the change in leadership within it. It was unknown to many what was brewing between classes about this ruler, and it was hard to say what would happen in the time to come with the following new leadership. Though it seemed as if Mistress Haku would be a bit more merciful, no one truly knew what to think of her and her condescending smile that was almost always present on her face. No matter though, there was talk that something would end up happening to the system whether it be destroyed or merely shaken slightly, maybe even freed up more, but no one knew for sure and it was obvious that time would only tell as to what was going to happen.

Hakuryu herself, though, was unfazed by the talk of rebellion that had been reported to her. Many had tried to rebel against her cruel father beforehand, and failed even when it caused civil wars between the different classes. She was confident that her clairvoyant 'friend' would help her when needed, and knew that with both her council and her quiet eyes and ears at a constant that she would be ready. No matter how secret a plot or plan would be attempted to have concealed, there was always a way for it to leak into the ears of those whom should not be hearing the information. With the current information, the support she knew she had in the beginning, and those that surrounding her would protect her life with their own down to the last guard, she was completely content and even curious to see if they would truly try to rebel against her. No one could see if it was her thinking it was funny or actually being curious though. Deep down, it seemed like she truly was a bitch, just like her father had been, but she tended to not really 'show' that side of herself full on when she was with others. She knew it herself though, and knew that no one else should know, only think or theorize about it.

Even through the night of that day, it was still evident that some had been stirred about by the Ruler being replaced, and there was of course talk in the small stores and bars around town about how people were thinking; of course her eyes and ears were there always, even when she was asleep in her own bed and the night watchmen of the city, such as one like Hemoro, patrolled the streets for any burglars or robbers that at times may be snooping about under the stars of the two moon sky. There were also some that were homeless once in a great while that they may come across and need to be shooed off to one of the shelters made for those without a home any longer. Much of the time, though, it was silent aside from any bars or night clubs. Whilst it was silent and one of the patrol officers on graveyard shift stumbled upon one another, they would stop and talk. They too though also were wondering what was going to happen now with Mistress Haku as the new ruler, and what would start happening during the day, and what could stir up during the night from all of the talking having to do with rebellion. No one was safe from the talk that lingered in the air, for no one wanted another civil war to break out within the classes, and no one wanted to spill blood once again as it had been not too many years ago with the last ruler.

After talking, the patrolling deputies would go on their way and continue their work until the next morning crept into life, and once again everyone started their days as they would, trying to act as if the tension from the previous day still was not there or had never happened. It was hard to ignore for some, but the rest decided to accept it and move on so as to not ruin the lives that they had now in being undisturbed with their peaceful lives. Not everyone seemed to want to do so, but many either made themselves do so or had already just embraced and became happy at the possibilities of what could happen in the very near future. Thus with this, a closer look shall be taken upon some of the citizens of this world, and the fate of what is to come in the future will slowly start to become unraveled before all.

The setting changes from Alteteriquin to Darker Than Black

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Chikuma, or Chi, was walking around calmly, looking for a certain someone whom his friends had sent him to go find. They had said that he went by Dominic, and he had white hair. They gave Chi enough money to go get them their drugs, then go ahead and keep the rest to do what he wanted with it. He approached Darker Than Black, having been told that was where he was supposed to be usually. He noticed the faint figure and white hair, and figured that must be the guy. He was in the right spot at the right time. He glanced around seeing no one else around that would get him in trouble, then approached Dominic, "Hey, you the candy man they were talking about around here?" He raised an eyebrow and leaned on the wall.

The setting changes from Darker Than Black to Cafe Hoshisi


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ImageYuu Akomatsu
Although he knew he didn't look suspicious, seeing the cops still put him on edge and made him nervous. They would be able to see he would be of one of the poorer classes and instantly assume he was some sort of delinquent. That was how it usually went anyway. He decided to plant himself down a nearby alleyway, simply keeping out of sight as two officers seemed to cross paths. He overheard their conversation and found it hard to not laugh at how the officer was so quickly and bluntly shut down. "What a loser." Yuu muttered to himself as he watched the two officers finally part and go back to their duties. He could relax for now.

Stepping out of the alleyway, he noticed a man speak of something to do with the candy man? Keeping out of sight he watched the sapphire blue haired male speak to someone who was hidden in the shadows of an alleyway. Catching a whiff of the strong scent of a cigarette burning. How had he not noticed this stranger before who kept hidden in the alleyways? Then again he didn't exactly purposely check alleyways, that was dangerous. It wasn't his business so he decided to go home and sleep after he had finally successfully stolen some bins off a sucker.

Morning came and Yuu decided to spoil himself for once. He decided to visit the Cafe Hoshisi. When it came to food, Yuu really appreciated and savoured it. Especially proper food which was rare for him. Upon entering the shop, he received a few looks; he probably looked like a hoodlum. He glared so they would avert their gaze but only made their opinion of him worse. Taking a look over the menu he took his time before finally deciding on what to order. "I'll get a small chocolate smoothie please. Eat in." He actually wanted the Cinnamon Dolce Frappuccino but he really couldn't afford it. The cashier gave him a rather loathing, belittling look. He was used to and simply gave her a cold glare before putting exactly 2 bins on the counter. That was the last of the stolen money.

As Yuu moved to go find a seat, he instantly stopped to witness some white haired male with quick reflexes, catch a female and her drinks just in time. "Tch. Clumsy girl." He muttered out of annoyance to himself, clicking his tongue; the usual angry, annoyed expression on his face. Today wasn't a good day for him, people were already giving him looks. "Oi. You're in my way." The grump spoke out loud this time impatiently to the two. He just wanted to hurry up and sit down and finally enjoy a nice smoothie that only seemed to happen once every few months.

The setting changes from Cafe Hoshisi to Darker Than Black

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Dominic's vaguely irritated expression faded to neutral as he saw someone approaching. As they came closer, he noticed their eye color.
Oddly high status, for a customer. The look in Dominic's eyes was wary, but he relaxed his posture to avoid seeming too suspicious to others in the area.
"And if I am?" He unfolded his arms and stuck his hand in his pocket, pulling out a pack of cigarettes. He shook one out so it poked out of the box, and offered it to the Spirited.
He often did this. Two guys smoking outside and chatting seemed less suspicious.
It was a good way to run out of smokes, but it was better safe than sorry. There was only so much of the future he could see, and he would entirely prefer to keep out of Hell and high water.