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Kamilla DeMir

"Oh, did you really think you could catch me? Well, better chance next time"

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a character in “Corporate Races”, as played by Mathew Littlepaw


Kamilla DeMir

Proud of You- 10 Years
Full Name: Kamilla Ron'Dea DeMir
Nicknames: Princess, Demir (MTG reference), Blur, Frenchy
Age: 21

"The path to greatness starts with a promise to ones self. And when you make a promise to yourself, bad things happen when you break them."

Race: White, French
Gender: Female
Hair & Eye Color: Blonde & Blue

Birthplace: Paris, France.
Birth DateJune 13th, 2369
Height & Weight: 5'6 & 130
Build: Thin and lengthy, yet fit and in shape.

Clothing: Kamilla typically enjoys wearing traditional gowns and dresses form the early 21st century. She enjoys colors such as light blue, gold, and white because they make her look appealing. Her favorite colors are gold and white, the same color as Foudre- her car. While racing, Kamilla wears a gold and white skin-tight race suit.

Personality: Kamilla is a very kind hearted, and sweet girl; who can be perceived as argent or even rude. She is a typically a quite girl, and only speaks when spoken to or when she can add to the conversation. She considers everyone her friend, until its time to race. But even on the race track she shows a high degree of fineness and mannerisms.


Mazda- The manufacturing company of some of the fastest and most popular race cars in the world. Mazda is Kamilla's main sponsor, and is the company responsible for making Kamilla's car Foudre, especially designed model of the Mazda Kaan made especially for her.

DeMir Housing and Architecture- Kamillia's father's company, which she owns a large percentage of herself.

Sprouts Hair Care Products- The official sponsor of Kamilla, and female racers everywhere! Sprouts: 100% natural, completely preserve free, and NEVER tested on animals!



Kamilla's "La chair et le sang"- Flesh and blood -it is her main vehicle used in all of her races. The car is a Mazda Kaan, an experimental type of car that is almost completely reliant on Fusion Energy. The car itself runs on energy from the car's physical action of moving. Meaning the faster the car goes, the more energy it makes. The more energy it makes, the faster the car goes. In theory, the car can reach speeds faster than any vehicle in the history of mankind. The car does have a battery that supplies it with power at speeds below 10 miles per hour. But once the car reaches that speed, it becomes completely self-reliant. This makes the Kann have a lower acceleration rate, but is by far one of the fastest and most powerful cars in the world, if not the fastest. This fact gives the car its signature name, meaning Lightning in french.
The car weights less than a ton, with its engine being most of the weight. Its height is around 3 feet, with a length of 19 feet. What it lacks in weapons, it makes up for in defenses and speed. The body is made of a super-strong and ultra-light steel-carbon fiber alloy. It is strong enough to withstand a flurry of bullets and still keep its shape, but heavier weights (Such as the weight of a car slamming into it) can easily break it. But, luckily, the car goes fast enough that evading blows from other cars is never really a problem.

The tiers of the car are actually circular bodies of bullet-proof glass. They are not filled with air, and therefore cannot be punctured or popped while on the track.

One of the only offensive quality's it has is its front. Because the engine sits behind the driver, the front is safe from head-on collisions and impacts. But more than that, because of the unique design of the body, the front points of the car are almost indestructible. With this fact in mind, the front was outfitted with a series of blades and spikes hidden in the front of the car. At a top speed, with the blades deployed, they can cut through/destroy almost anything.

Another offensive ability of the car are the "spokes" inside the wheels of the car. Once the car reaches a speed above 30 miles per, the couplings inside the wheels begin to flow with electricity. Other vehicles, or anything for that matter, that comes to close to the couplings are fried beyond their wildest imaginations. And, at speeds of 60+, the couplings overflow with power, and can ark and lash at anything that comes within a 10 foot radius of them. While normally this kind of effect would destroy the car itself along with anything around it, the Kaan is insulated with 100% non-conducting fiber glass. Another example of Mazda technology hard at work. Mazda, Zoom Zoom.


So begins...

Kamilla DeMir's Story


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Sara 009 looked around the garage, where the drivers and their crew were checking out the vehicles. She herself was by herself, but that was probably for the best. She noticed the car to her immediate left and reviewed its strengths and weaknesses in her head. It was driven by a Kamilla DeMir, a french driver, with an experimental car that had electric weapons in the wheels and spikes in the front. She reviewed her various possibilities to counter her, then looked to her right, where a Xavier Donovan worked on a heavily armored but fast custom called 'Rusty.' It had an A.I. built in, much more advanced than the GPS given to her. She also reviewed her possible counters to that particular vehicle, which didn't have much in the way of weapons, before getting back to work on her bike.

"Racers, ten minutes until ready!" Shouted the speakers.

The setting changes from United Race to Earth


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"Racers, ten minutes until ready!"

Xavier shoved himself out from under his vehicle, Rusty, which he had been making last minute repairs on. He nervously bit his lip, looking around at his competitors. There were a lot, which made him extremely uneasy. The red-head opened the door and leaned into his car.

"Is everything ready, Rusty?" Xavier asked his car, probably appearing insane, but the interface replied.

"I'm completely ready to go," Rusty said in an American accent, sounding completely human. The sound of the car speaking made a few racers jump, and Xavier couldn't help but smirk.

Xavier didn't bother to even pay attention to the others surrounding him. He hopped right into Rusty and got his headphones plugged in. "Rusty, tell me if the announcers say anything else," he said as he slipped his headphones over his ears and took a sip of the water bottle sitting beside him in the cup holder.