"I serve the Silver Queen now and forever."

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Appearance and Build

Standing at a height of 5’8 Nala is of good stature not being too short or too tall. Her light copper skin has a natural glow to it and is smooth to the touch. Face oval in shape Nala has deep set expressive dark brown eyes. With full breast and a slim build Nala is a woman with a woman’s body. Her hair is golden brown in coloring. The texture of her hair is thick and wiry and stops at the nape of her neck.

What/Who are they?

Nala is the head handmaiden of Amelia Stormborn and she is also one of the Silver Queen’s most dearest of friends. Nala is no ordinary handmaiden, as she possesses magical abilities. She is a witch. No one besides the Queen and herself know of this.

Where they live?

The South Atlantic Kingdom


Living the life that she has lived she forced her to developed a higher endurance level as a coping mechanism to deal with the ordeals she has faced in her life. Her past has made her somewhat guarded as she is not one to put her faith in others until you give her a reason to do so. Her time of servitude to her male masters has given her a great distain for the male gender. Overtime she has learned how to separate her hatred for the man she served from all men. Although it still does take her longer to warm up to men then it does to other women.

Nala courteous manner is a small part of what makes her such a great handmaiden. While she is not of the highbred class she is well mannered and can conducted her well when around the upperclassmen. She is a reliable person and is a diligent worker who strives to do all she can for her Queen.

Nala is devoted to Amelia and would give her life for the young Queen if she had to. Amelia is the reason she has her freedom and while the Silver Queen and she will always be truly grateful for it. Her time spent serving Queen Stormborn has boosted her self-esteem and she is finding her voice.


As a child Nala was filled of childlike innocence and was wise beyond her years. She enjoyed learning about the different cultures of different lands and was always eager to learn new things. An upbeat and positive child when Nala was enslaved at the tender age of ten all traces of that innocence and childhood wonder she held vanished.

The taking of her home was the first of a long line of tragedies that the young girl was going to endure. In the slaver-raid in which she was captured she had watched her family get slaughtered before her. The leader of men who raided her home and took her as well as other kinfolk of hers took Nala as his personal slave. In the year that she served him she was forced to do many things and whenever she would refuse or try to fight back she would be either raped or beaten or at times both.

Slowly the chains of slavery wore down the child and she became timid and submitted into her new life. It was shortly after her eleventh birthday that she was sold to one of the Good Masters of Bermuda City. The Good Masters is the title employed by the ruling elite of the city of Bermuda, composed of slave-traders. While most of the slaves were later sold by her new master he kept her. Nala had always been very intelligent and her new master saw this and made her learn new languages so that she could be used as a translator when people from other nations visited Bermuda City.


Her new master was cruel and arrogant but he never touched her in a sexual nature so Nala was somewhat grateful for the change. It was five years after coming to Bermuda City that she first realized that she possessed magical abilities. She had known that her mother was practicer of magic arts and as a child she had been intrigued by magic but never thought that she too had the gift, as she had never shown any signs of it.

A friend of her mother's that had been taken along with Nala during the raid and sold to a different Good Master in Bermuda City was the first and only person Nala told when she discovered her powers. She like her mother had dabbled in the magic arts and over the course of the next several years she served as Nala’s teacher in secret. Through her new teacher Nala was given grimoires from which she study from and developed her magic. The grimoires not only taught her about her magic it also taught her about her lineage, Nala comes from an extremely powerful matriarchy of witches.

Upon arriving at Bermuda City, the Queen of the South Atlantic Kingdom is given a tour of the Unsullied barracks by the Unsullied's owner, Kraznys mo Nakloz, Nala’s master. Believing the Silver Queen does not understand the Low Valyrian spoken in city, as she is a foreigner there, Nala translates her master’s native tongue into the Common Tongue spoken across most lands. Ignorant to the fact that Amelia is fluent in the language of which he speaks, as they talk, Kraznys insults Amelia several times, this makes it difficult for Nala to translate literally everything said by her master, choosing to leave out her master’s commentary on Amelias' words and insults to the Queen.

Through Nala translating Kraznys explains that the Unsullied are trained for battle from the age of five, and that only one in four recruits survive the training. He also demonstrates that the Unsullied do not fear pain or death by slicing off the nipple of one soldier (much to the disgust of the Silver Queen), who not only shows no sign of pain, but thanks the slave master for the opportunity to serve him. Kraznys goes on to explain that the Unsullied are trained to show no mercy or weakness by killing a newborn slave child in front of its mother at the end of their training. Amelia despite her outrage by this still asks how many Unsullied are available. She is told there are how many warriors are for sale and is given until the next day to make a decision.

When Amelia meets with Kraznys and other Good Masters the following day she announces her intention to buy all of the Unsullied for sale, but Kraznys says she cannot afford them. The slaver grows increasingly insulting and condescending - which makes it difficult for Nala to translate politely. Amelia then adds she also wants to buy the hundreds of young men still in training. In exchange she offers one of her dragons. The Good Masters agrees, but Amelia also asks for Nala as a gift and a show of good faith for the upcoming transaction. He agrees, and that is how Nala begins her servitude to Silver Queen.

The first thing Amelia asks Nala for is her name and if she has any living family, but she says she does not. Amelia unlike those Nala was forced to serve gave her the choice of whether or not she wanted to serve her offering Nala her freedom. Having to make a decision that impacted her life was a power she had never had and it was overwhelming to suddenly have a choice.

Amelia warned her that she may one day in the near future be heading into war and that anything could happen in war. Nala’s response to this was simple as she recited the Valyrian aphorism: "Valar morghulis". Amelia responded by translating, "all men must die", revealing to the Nala that she knew the language that Good Master had been speaking, and also adds that "we are not men", making Nala smile.


The day of the exchange, the slave masters and Kraznys, along with the Unsullied warriors, meet with Amelia to complete the deal. Nala, sporting a new dress giving to her by the Silver Queen to match her outfit, is present when Kraznys and Amelia conduct their exchange. She stands in awe when the dragon emerges from its crate, as she like many others around the world did not know whether or not to believe that dragons had been reintroduced into the world. She watched as Amelia handed the chained Drogon to Kraznys, who frantically attempted to shake loose of his collar and barked angrily at the slave master.

Kraznys then gives the Queen the golden whip, the symbol of ownership over the Unsullied. Amelia asks if it is done, and if the Unsullied are now under her command, to which Kraznys insultingly says yes. Amelia tests her new power by commanding the Unsullied, in Valyrian, which shocks all as know one knew that she spoke Valyrian, to march forward then halt. Nala had learned the day before that the Mhysa of Dragons had an understanding of the language but she had no idea that she fluently spoke it.

Kraznys who in the moment was to consumed with the dragon before to notice the unfolding events before him complains that Drogon does not obey his command. To which Amelia then angrily responds to him in Valyrian that Drogon does not obey him because he is not a slave. Kraznys then realizing that Amelia speaks Valyrian is shocked, which Daenerys explains to him she is fluent in, revealing to him that she had understood him all along. Nala watches in amazement as Amelia then orders the Unsullied to kill all the slave masters and free all the slaves in Bermuda City, but to hurt no innocent people. As Kraznys tries to come to grip with the situation, Amelia gives Drogon the command "Dracarys" and the dragon burns Kraznys alive.

With the Unsullied under her command, Amelia sacks Bermuda City with little resistance, overthrowing the Good Masters. Once the dust had settled, Amelia tells all of her Unsullied warriors that they are now free, and if they choose, may leave unharmed, or fight under her command as free men. At first, the Unsullied remain quiet, not knowing what to do with their newfound freedom, which was a feeling Nala knew well seeing as she had just felt that exact same way a day earlier.

However, one Unsullied soldier after a moment begins to beat his spear against the ground, signifying his allegiance to the Silver Queen. The rest of the Unsullied follow suit shortly after. Now in command of an army of free men, not slaves, Amelia marches forward with her new army, and Nala followed her knew Queen as the start of her new life began.

The Balance of Nature

The Balance of Nature is a belief system based around the observance of Nature and the reverence of Spirits. The goal of many witches is to honor the design of nature and to maintain balance within the world. The balance of nature is intimately tied to one's spiritual relationship with the Earth, and the ideal that all things (e.g. animals, humans, life, etc.) are considered sacred, as they are all different aspects of Nature.

Contemporary witches would also agree that using modern ceremonies, rituals and shamanic practices is the best way to attune themselves with the natural rhythms of the universe in their efforts to obtain guidance and knowledge from wiser known witches called "The Spirits". However, according to her mentor Gloria, it is implied that not all witches follow this belief system, and have the freewill to choose how they wish to practice their power.

Types of Magic

Magic (Witchcraft) is the power to affect change by supernatural means. Magic can often be split into good and dark, though depending on the practitioner may also be neutral. Magic is a hereditary trait that connects a person to the elements and forces of nature in order to practice witchcraft.

Traditional Magic

Traditional Magic is the most common form of witchcraft among modern witches. Traditional Magic draws energy from the forces of Nature and may be used however the witch sees fit. Although Traditional Magic is very popular among the witchcraft community, it also very exhausting. Due to the fact the witch is exerting their own energy, the witch may experience symptoms of dizziness, fatigue, and minor nose bleeds.

Spirit Magic

Spirit Magic draws on the power of the Spirits of Nature and dead witches, and may be used for either good or evil purposes. Unlike other forms of magic, a witch can only use Spirit Magic however the spirits see fit. If a witch abuses the magic bestowed upon them, the spirits may break the connection, preventing the witch from harnessing their power.

Ancestral Magic

Ancestral Magic is a form of sorcery commonly used. Similar to Spirit Magic, this form of sorcery draws energy from the dead ancestors of a witch in a certain location and can be used however the spirits see fit. However, unlike Spirit Magic, this power can only be harnessed from the location of where the witches died, meaning that should the witch abandon the area, they will be rendered powerless of that magic.

Dark Magic

Dark Magic (Black Magic) is a form of sorcery that draws on malevolent powers, and may be used for negative purposes (e.g. to cause destruction or misfortune, to injure or kill, or for the profit of oneself rather than for the benefit of others.) In popular usage, the term "dark magic" is often used to describe any form of magic that disobeys the laws of nature.


Expression is an extremely dark form of magic that draws on darkness that doesn't exist on the natural plane without harming it. The details and history of expression remain unknown, however according to Gloria, the forces of expression are considered so powerful that many witches discredit it as magic, for it expands beyond the limitations of both traditional and contemporary forms of witchcraft.

Powers and Abilities

Channeling: Channeling is the ability to draw power from natural and celestial events. Witches are also able to channel the power from other witches. But in that case, a witch who wants to cast a spell must have some object from that other witch/warlock. Using too much energy from the elements (water, earth, air, fire) can kill a witch. Witches can channel powers of more witches at once.


Elemental Control: is the act of controlling and manipulating the elements of air, earth, fire, water. The capabilities may include moving, altering, and mixing existing elements and changing weather elements.

~ Fire (Pyrokinesis): This has control of the flames, embers, or any object with a temperature considerably higher. The manipulation of fire is one of the most used and basic in the use of magic. However, it requires concentration, as loss of control of whoever uses this power can lead to mass destruction and death. Fire is associated with strong emotions such as passion, anger, rage.

~ Water (Hydrokinesis): This has control of the bodies of water, liquids of any kind. The manipulation of water is used for divination, healing and restoration of nature. Despite not being widely used as an element attack, it requires concentration to comply with the desired goal. Water is associated with passive emotions such as serenity, tranquility.


Air (Aerokinesis): This has control of the gusts of wind, tornadoes, etc. The manipulation of air is used for causing storms, creating rain or cleaning the environment. Despite not being widely used as an element attack unlike the other elements, air is both the weakest and the most powerful at once. It requires concentration to comply with the desired goal. Air is associated with emotions such as freedom, harmony, wholeness.

~ Earth (Geokinesis): This has control of the minerals and earth movements. The manipulation of earth is used for earthquakes, tremors, and agriculture. This element is considered to be the most difficult to handle, since its shape is solid which makes it less flexible in comparison to the other elements. However, it is a good element to use as a powerful defense or attack against the enemy. Earth is associated with patience, strength, stability, goodness.

Pain infliction: is the ability to inflict great pain onto a person by causing their blood vessels to burst and thus giving them multiple aneurysms. This power is most commonly used to disable the supernatural, however it also work on humans as well (with possible dangerous side-effects). The users are able to use this ability non-verbally and channel it either through their eyes or hands.

Potion Making: The act of brewing potions and elixirs with magical properties.

Precognition: The act of foretelling future events based off extrasensory perception.

Spell Casting: The act of changing and/or controlling events through the use of charms, hexes, rituals, etc. One of the most obvious characteristics of a witch is their ability to cast spells; a "spell" being the word used to signify the means employed to carry out a magical action. A spell could consist of a ritual action, a set of words, a verse, or any combination of these.

Telekinesis: Telekinesis is a power possessed by witches, which gives them the ability to move people and objects with their mind. There isn't a known limit to this power other than the limit of magic used in all witch powers.

Weather Manipulation: is the ability to manipulate, control and affect the weather. The bearer of this ability can sense and influence meteorological patterns, creating rain, wind, hail, lightning, snow, sleet, fog and temperature changes. This includes the ability to generate various natural phenomena or control the intensity of the weather in highly concentrated (inside room) or vastly extended (continental) areas. This power is one that only advance witches can use and it must be used quickly and accurately, otherwise, the witch could die from the great power.

Witches Tools



Witches use material items that act as talismans. They are usually in form of either a crystal or stone. It can increase their powers and help them to channel magic.


A witch records all of her/his spells, rituals and recipes in a Grimoire. It is a spell book filled with information, hexes and spells. Nala uses her ancestor's Grimoire to learn her craft. Since being freed from her imprisonment she has had an obsession with Grimoires and collects them.


Cauldrons are used for witches spells and curses.

Stones, Herbs and Minerals

Witches use stones and herbs in their magic as many of them have magical properties. Amber crystal protect witches from evil, Vervain protects them from vampires and Wolfsbane protects them from Werewolves. The later two have the same effect but are for vampires and werewolves, respectively. They cause the victim to be weak and feverish when ingested similar to poisoning. When in contact with it, it will burn them. Lapis Lazuli, when enchanted, will protected Vampires from sunlight. Minerals such as salt are often used in spells.

Candles and Fires

Witches use candles in their spells to aid them and channel the flames. This enhances their magic as they draw energy away from the flames. Fire is a strong component in Witchcraft as it is the main offensive tool used. It is also used as barriers and to destroy objects. They also use candles in channeling. Nala uses this power, to create fire in her hand, as well as to light candles and make them out again.


Disbelief: The act of denying or disbelieving in ones magical potential causes a person to inadvertently suppress their paranormal power.

Fear: A distressing emotion aroused by impending danger, evil, pain, etc., whether the threat is imagined or real; the condition or feeling of being afraid could cause a witch to temporarily suppress their powers.

Mortality: Based off the fact that witches are still human, they share many of the same weaknesses as non-supernatural beings (e.g. age, disease, hunger, etc.)

Overuse of Magic: The excessive use of magic could lead a witch to death from overexertion.

So begins...

Nala's Story