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Kazumi Fujimoto

"You may think I'm crazy, but I know more than you ever will."

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a character in “Dark Arcana”, as played by akai-pyon



Kazumi Fujimoto
A g e
B i r t h d a y
April 1, 2001
A r c a n a
The Fool
G e n d e r
S e x u a l O r i e n t a t i o n
P r e f e r e n c e
Someone who understands that people need to cut loose every now and then. But someone who is also willing to hold me back. Someone who simply listens when I want them to listen, and talk when I want them to talk. And even when I don't want them to talk. Someone...whose willing to do what's good for me, even if it goes against my wishes.
C r u s h
None yet.
H e i g h t
W e i g h t
107 lbs

A p p e a r a n c e
Kazumi has rather ashy brown hair. Thick but straight, she does odd things with it. Sometimes it's in lopsided pigtails. Sometimes it's down, or in a single, straight ponytail. Other times, she wears it in a fishtail. Her eyes are dark chocolate brown. Kazumi has slender fingers, strong and supple, from playing the piano, the violin and the flute. She has pale skin and an almost mischievous smile. Her grin can usually mean nothing good will come out of anything she has planned.

Although small and slender, Kazumi has a presence. She has a loud voice and a very recognizable laugh. Not an obnoxious laugh, but a soaring one, one that pierces through all conversations and one that's rather fun to listen to. She is very confident, and gives off the impression as such. She's at her best in the spotlight, either dancing her fingers across the black and white keys of a piano, or flitting them across the side of a flute, or running them up and down the fingerboard of the violin. She has a pierced nose - a simple diamond stud on the left side and two piercings in both ears, along with one in the cartilage of her right ear. She never wears matching earrings.

Kazumi also has a tattoo on the her upper left shoulder. It is of a pair of roses, sharing a stem. The roses are outlined in red, filled in with black and the stems have sharp, curved thorns on them.

U n i f o r m (s)
Outfit 1: A white dress shirt underneath a black pull-over vest with red and black striped tie, usually loose. She also wears a red and black plaid skirt with black lace edging that goes to about mid-thigh. She has her knee high black socks, as is required and black flats.

Outfit 2: A black beret pulled over her hair, which is fashioned in ponytails, a white dress shirt with tight sleeves at the top that open up into "wings" that falls off of one shoulder, revealing part of her tattoo. She also wears a gray choker around her neck. A black and silver skirt and knee high black and white Argyle socks, as well as black boots complete the ensemble.

P e r s o n a l i t y
Generally easy-going, Kazumi prefers to be an individual. She often does rash things without thinking, without a care for the consequences. She lives her life in the moment, with a desire to know all there is to know. She looks at the world through a child's eyes. She appreciates the simple things in life - from the tulip blooming in the garden, to the guarantee that there will be food on the table for dinner. She can be rather childish, often easily distracted. She questions practically everything that happens.

However, when she gets too distracted, reality always calls her back in one way or another. She's resigned herself to this.

Kazumi is certain her future is not set in stone. Her future is anything she wants it to be. As long as she understands this, and as long as she knows that everything she does will influence her future, she is willing to take the risk.

....seemingly unconcerned that he is standing on a precipice, apparently about to step off....

L i k e s
- Ice cream
- Stuffed animals
- Writing
- Music
- Day dreaming

D i s l i k e s
- School
- Teachers
- Those that force her to face reality
- People who judge based on appearances

S c h o o l A c t i v i t i e s
- Orchestra: She's the Concert Master
- Film: She writes some screen plays, and does a lot of the technical stuff

C l u b s
- Student Council
- GLBT Alliance

A b i l i t i e s
Time manipulation: She can stop time for exactly 18 seconds. Nobody else feels the time stop, only she feels it. However, she can only do it once every six hours and it drains her.

Reality warping: Upon touching someone and maintaining contact, Kazumi is able to plant very realistic illusions in their heads. They will see, feel, taste, hear and smell whatever she wants them to and they will believe that it is real. She can only do it to a single person once every seventy-two hours. However, illusions are of no great matter for her. If she simply wants to alter one sense of everybody in an area, well, that's no trouble at all. But those illusions can be overpowered.

Precognition: Perhaps the reason why the Fool is so unconcerned about stepping off the precipice is because he knows that he will not be harmed. Visions of the future come to Kazumi at random times, however, they tend to be stronger when she is daydreaming.

Gravity manipulation: In a sense of flying, if she touches someone and maintains contact, Kazumi is able to alter the gravity of their body. She can do it to herself anytime she wants, but it takes a lot of energy to make someone else fly with her.

W e a k n e s s
She does not have a lot of energy. Most of her abilities require huge amounts of energy, and they are both physically and mentally draining on her. Used too much, especially reality warping, she starts to lose sight of what is real. Use gravity manipulation too much, and her gravity will never settle. Precognition comes at random times and the future changes often, so her visions can be wrong.

S o n g
"Everybody's Fool" - Evanescence

So begins...

Kazumi Fujimoto's Story