Corinne Anglesmith

"I won't let you clip my wings."

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a character in “Darkened Light Academy”, as played by missfightingfork


Name: Corinne Anglesmith

Sex: Female

Age: 17

Race: Angel


- Birds
- Classical music
- Socializing
- Using her talents


-Rudeness and poor manners
- Being treated like an idiot
- Sexist jokes
- Cruelty of any kind


- Flying
- Converting light into healing energy


When in her human form Corinne is a tall, slender girl with short black hair and intense dark green eyes. In her true form her skin takes on a strange luminous appearance and a small pair of silvery feathered wings sprout from her back but other than this she retains her human appearance. She wears a necklace with the family emblem on it that she has had since her birth and she dislikes wearing trousers of any kind, she holds the traditional view that women should only wear skirts and dresses. Despite this view she still dresses modestly, sequins and high heeled shoes are definitely out of her wardrobe.



Corinne is a kind creature but with a stern nature. She enjoys using her angelic powers for good purposes and would never consider hurting anybody without cause however, she would defend herself in a fight and possibly kill if needs be. She is friendly and loves nothing more than casual conversation although because of the way she was raised, she never gets too deeply involved.
Protecting the family secret was always her top priority. Corinne is very independant and prefers to stand on her own two feet, she loves the satisfaction of achieving something alone. Although not really close to her family she is incredibly loyal and would never abandon them permanently despite her constant need to be free from their restrictions.
She will always be there for the people she cares about and who need her whether they want her or not, she is very strong willed.


Corinne carries nothing except her suitcase for the journey, a mirror and her beloved Ipad.


Corinne was raised with the belief that her and her family were nothing but a bunch of freaks, outcast from the human world. Her family hid themselves away from society and both Corinne and her little brother Keran were kept away from people, Corinne herself rebelled against this and spent a lot of time away from home, often disappearing for days at a time mingling with anybody she could find. In contrast to her parents negative view on angels Corinne indulged in her race, pursuing as much knowledge on angels as she could with her grandfather's support. At the age of fourteen she also discovered whilst treating an injured bird that she had a talent for healing, being able to use light and convert it into healing energy. She was startled when she recieved the letter, she had thought her family's secret had been well kept. She didn't want to leave her home behind and she now has to take care of her brother alone and she fears all is not what it seems with this academy place, after all why were they being forced to go?

So begins...

Corinne Anglesmith's Story