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Dearest Diary

Dearest Diary


The seal has broken, and the pages have been taken. Who will you be forced to side with? [More inside!]

853 readers have visited Dearest Diary since Fear The Cat created it.



A Depressing Day

Darkness blankets the forest. The rain splashes against the barrage of trees. Leaves dance to the song of the rain. Pit-pat, pit-pat. I wonder if they're singing a song of death? Death does come for all... Perhaps... Perhaps it is my time. Not many would mind that. Hecklers, they all are. Driven to oppress those less lucky than them. Those who are defenseless. They can call me a liar. They can call me whatever they wish. But it never affects me. They say I'm a killer, a murderer. They say I disgrace the whole kingdom. They call me a trader. How dare they! I did nothing wrong. The King was in the wrong, not I. Not I! Oh... If only they'd believe me. Only one stands by me now. Oh, lovely, she is. Beautiful, intelligent, humorous and kind. Before I die, I'd like to thank my wife for staying by my side. Even if this is only on paper. Even if no one will know. None but I....

I wonder how she'll fare? If I die tonight, soaked to the bone, shivering, teeth chattering from the cold and the rain... I hope she'll be alright. My lovely wife... I wonder if She's reading this right now. The Goddess. The watcher of the kingdom. Perhaps if I write a prayer... My wife will be alright. I bother not write for myself. My life is at an end. That much is clear. Besides, my lovely will only be more oppressed by the hecklers surrounding me. O' Great Goddess, will you hear--- see ----my plea? Will you protect her? From the bullies? From the thieves? From sorrow? Please. I beseech that you do. For her sake. Just bless her with a happy ending, yes? At least one pure soul should end with one.

The darkness is growing. It's becoming colder. If I were speaking this stutters would mar my speech. I wonder how long I have left? Should I prolong it? Or end it all now? Ugh... Gravity is pulling me down, making me surrender... I'll just keep rambling... Distract myself...

It's awfully dark out here. Darker than usual, even. But wait a second, I see something--- Is that a light? How odd. It seems to be growing. Is it... getting closer? Is there still a spark of hope on this grim day? When darkness transforms into light, they say, it's a sign of true hope. Is there really h"

The day's entry ends there.


Let's entertain ourselves with a different story, yes?

Once upon a time, there lived a Goddess; a beautiful woman who watched over the wonderful kingdom of Callerias. She was in charge of all. She controlled the world. She watched over humans among other creatures who lived upon the planet, and she watched them all with the help of her brother. All was well in this world, this kingdom. The ruler was untainted and the residents happy. The animals living in the midst of the humans were treated wonderfully. The world was happy. Peaceful. But that peace was not to last. After all, what good is a story if it does not have a problem?


"A Warm Day

I'm not sure if I'm hallucinating or just blessed. Last night. She came to me, the Goddess, yes. Bathed in light, with hair as white as snow that cascaded down her back, all the way down to her hips. Her eyes shimmered, a gold so pure you'd think she'd stole the color from a merchant's necklace. The warmest of smiles painted itself across her face, and in an angelic tone, I still remember what she said, what happened... I remember every detail.

'You are a kind young soul, aren't you? Too young, I have decided. Too young to die. Too kind.' I still remember the white dress that flowed over her body in an astounding fashion. I still remember how she closed her eyes as she offered me her hand. As I took it, I felt a warmth flow all throughout my body. The rain evaporated off my skin, floating into the sky like forgotten pain. 'You do need to return to that beautiful wife of yours, yes? Wouldn't want to disappoint her now, would we?'

With just a wave of her hand, the rain slowed. The darkness that clouded the forest began to dissipate, and the warmth, the warmth radiating from her skin soothed all of my shivers. Soaked became slightly damp. Hopeless became blessed. She then pivoted her foot the right. A tree to my left bent down, as if bowing to me. It then amazingly unattached itself from the ground and hobbled over me, before growing into the shape of a carriage. Plants from all over then helped to form the carriage, decorating it with vibrant flowers and leaves of unique shapes and sizes.

'I'll take you to her. Your wonderful wife.' The Goddess smiled, as she directed me to her newly made carriage. Hesitantly I placed myself into the carriage. She sat besides me, her smile ever-present. That's when the carriage started moving itself toward my home. 'You look tired. You should sleep, my dear.' The Goddess suggested, eyes locked with mine. And that's exactly what I did. I slept. Oh, she's talking to me now, in the present. Something about a key. The entry must end here."


All was peaceful until the Goddess's brother began causing trouble. First, he played petty pranks. Then it escalated into something more. He began playing with their lives--- seeing how emotionally distressed he could get them before they completely broke. He started murdering just to a get a funny reaction out of grieving humans. This angered the Goddess, and she decided it was time to take action. But she could do nothing. Her brother's powers were the same as hers, their skill strengths the same. If they fought the fighting would never stop; it would be a never-ending war that would wound them and the planet. But the Goddess had a plan. She had a key. This key could absorb something; a grand power: the fabled fountain of purity. The fountain of the Goddess, placed on the top of the world. This fountain was what created the world, the Goddess, the God (the Goddess's brother), everything. If triggered its power could be released. A power so grand even she and her brother would shiver in spite of it.


"A Hopeful Day

Champion. She wants me to be her champion. Oh, how the winds of fortune turn today. She wants me to fight for her, to fight by her side in order to protect all those who can't. In order to protect the defenseless, the weak, the oppressed. I must agree. Someone has to fight. And if the Goddess is giving me a chance, by hell, I will take it. I will fight proudly besides her in order to smite her brother, the oppressor. I wonder what my lovely wife will say? I hope it doesn't make her upset. She hates it when I put myself in danger's way. To face a God won't be all too pretty, that is for sure.

Speaking of Gods... The Goddess said something about a fountain. She said if I drink from the fountain, I will become very powerful... Powerful. What a vague word to use. I wonder why she wants me to drink from a fountain. Perhaps there is something special about it."


The Goddess could not use the fountain's power, and nor could her brother. But a mortal, if pure and resilient, could. So the Goddess, in order to best her brother, would need a champion. A human she could bless with God-like powers so that he could pursue happiness for all. The Goddess chose a young man on the verge of death. He was dying in the midst of a horrible storm while caught in the darkest of forests. He wrote in a diary while he last moments were slipping away. He did not write for himself, but for his lovely wife. The Goddess felt he was a good choice for her champion. Selfless at heart and tainted by her brother's mayhem and mind control, she felt she could save him. Not only protect his mind but bring him out of the dark. He was the perfect soul to be her champion.


"A Dark Day

Dear diary, it has been so long since I've written in you. I remember when; the last day I wrote in you. I remember the day I met the Goddess. It was so long ago. Years ago, it seems. I was on the verge of death. She came to me, in a white gown and with glittering golden eyes. That was a wonderful day... Oh, I still remember how it felt like to be at death's door. And here I am again, knocking. It's so dark again. That same darkness still lurks. Though I doubt the bright light will appear now. Oh, dear diary, I haven't written in you in so long. I've missed my dear journal. Life isn't the same without it. It's darker, like how it is now.

I close my eyes for a few seconds. Breathe in the air even though it hurts.

'My champion, I...' The Goddess's voice becomes apparent. I can barely turn my head. And even when I manage to turn my head I can't see her, it's so dark. 'I'm sorry, my hero. My champion. But I can do no thing. My brother. He has harnessed a power so strong that not even I can heal the wounds it inflicts. All we can do is hope for the best... And wait for time to take over. But know that your struggles have not been for nothing. We will down him, whatever it takes.' A familiar warmth grazes my skin. And for a moment, I see her, crouched over my body with worry in her eyes. Light engulfs her figure and the beautiful figure that she is shines even in the bright light. She's setting her eyes on this book, my book, my diary. I wonder what she's planning...?"


She offered him the chance to smite the one who tainted him, to save his wife from a lifetime of oppression, and with no hesitation did he agree. So She told him about the fountain along with her plan. He fought as hard as he could, besting monsters --- the horrible creatures her brother began to create --- and ventured onto the fountain. There he drank the sacred water. He felt the power flow throughout his veins. He felt the power bless his soul, make him stronger, faster, better. He gained four powers: the power of darkness, gravity, and heat. Darkness to represent the transition from dark to light when the Goddess reached out to him. Heat to represent the hope in his heart, changing from empty and frozen, to full and ignited. Gravity to represent resilience; choosing to stand tall even when gravity constantly pulled him down. Wind to represent the change of heart he could bear, the way he could reverse the breeze, change the freshness of the air.

After a trip to the fountain, the Goddess's champion was ready. For years, he and the Goddess fought side by side. They worked well together. They trained, they undid her brother's deeds, they saved lives-- physical and mental -- all over. Slowly they took the Goddess's brother down, wrecking his pillars in order to fall the whole building... They seemed to be winning, but that victory did not last. The brother grew angry. Enraged, even. He knew that the Goddess's power in all this sprouted from her champion. So he decided he'd best her champion. It would be a hard task; he was blessed by the fountain. The Goddess's brother knew this... And yet, he managed to pull it off. He fell her champion, leaving him dying at the step of the fountain. He then drank the champion's blood, filling himself with a whole new level of power. It was then that he went for the Goddess, now stronger than her.

While on the verge of death, the Goddess came up with yet another plan. In the midst of her struggle she ran to her champion's barely breathing body. She took his diary and tore out four pages--- each represented one thing. The first, darkness. The second, heat. The third, gravity. The fourth, wind. She threw the pages out and watched as the breeze carried them far, far away. After that She knelt down and spoke with the hero as his last breath drew nearer. She comforted him. Cradled him. Though this moment of comforting did not last long, as the Goddess's brother pursued them both. As the Goddess's brother was about to strike them both dead forever, the Goddess took the champion's diary and began writing with a feather pen, dipped in the water of the fountain. The fountain sensed the despair in the Goddess's words, the struggle, and decided to do the Goddess a favor.

The fountain sealed away both the Goddess and her brother. They would be forever stuck in the reflection of the fountain, their prison, powerless, having to deal with each other for eternity... Or at least, until the seal broke.


Millennia later is where our story starts. In the ancient kingdom of Callerias, live four kids, all living their normal lives. Everything seems fine until a random piece of paper, an old one by the looks of it, comes flying their way. Curiosity beckons as the four kids all snatch at the piece of paper. It looks as if it's from a diary. The words on the paper begin glowing. Suddenly they feel a burst of power pulse all throughout their veins. After a few seconds the power rush dissipates, the words stop glowing and everything is normal again. They ignore the instance and go on with life. That's when they notice oddities--- one can see in the dark. Another isn't affected by the cold or by the heat. The next can sense subtle changes in the wind and those to come. The last is surrounded by oddities in gravity. The list goes on... It's all very strange, yes. But it gets even stranger when they start to hear a voice in their head. "The seal is breaking. We must fight once more."

Seeking help, the four ask around. They are told to venture to the fountain of purity and ask the reflections what to do. The reflections? They ask. They are told that the reflections are two creatures. A wise one and a tricky one. A brother and a sister. They lived in the fountain, offering their wisdom to those who ask of it. Nodding, the four kids thank the people for their information before setting off to the fountain, diary page in hand.

They reach the fountain. They see the reflections. Something begins to crack. The fountain begins to crack. A huge explosion goes off, and knocks the diary pages out of the kids' hands. The reflections are freed. Both reflections grab for the pages, each ending up with two. The pages control the kid's consciousnesses. The pages are connected to the kids. So two stand side by side with the brother, their rage directed toward the sister, and vice versa. A fight is born.


The plot revolves around the four, along with the Goddess and her brother. The roleplay takes place after the incident at the fountain. There they will meet the reflections (the Goddess and her brother) and 'choose' a side. That's when the seal breaks and the fountain shatters. During the commotion, everyone leaves the scene. That's when the fighting and the plotting starts back up again.

There are six roles that need filling: the Goddess and her brother, along with the four kids. The way this roleplay works is first come first serve. Reservations can be made in the OOC section. When you're reserving a kid, please mention whose side they'll be on. Reservations last three days, and yes, WIPs are fine. Once your WIP is turned in you'll have five days to complete it. Extensions can be given if necessary. Anime face claims only, by the way. One more thing: the Goddess and her brother have powers as well, but because of the sealing incident they've been limited to just one. You may decide what that power is. If you have any questions please state them in the OOC. ^^

| Name | Age | Kid | Darkness | Brother's side | Female | Face Claim | Taken by yours truly. |

| Name | Age | Kid | Heat | Gender | Side | Face Claim | Open! |

| Name | Age | Kid | Gravity | Gender | Side | Face Claim | Open! |

| Name | Age | Kid | Wind | Gender | Side | Face Claim | Open! |

| Name | Age | Goddess | Power | Female | Face Claim* | Open! |

*The Goddess's face claim doesn't have to match the one in the diary's description.

| Name | Age | Goddess's Brother | Power | Male | Face Claim | Open! |

Brother's side, spots taken: 1 out of 2
Goddess's side, spots taken: 0 out of 2


I like to let people design their own skelly. That way, everyone's character skeleton is unique and pretty in their own way. I'll add the things you need to include, and I'll let creativity take its wing when you create the character yourself.

You'll need to include:

  • Their full name.
  • Their age. (Kid age range: twelve to nineteen)
  • Their role.
  • Their face claim. (Anime only! And yes, EVERY character must have a face claim.)
  • Their sexuality.
  • Their height.
  • Their weight.
  • Their scent.
  • Their habits.
  • Their quirks.
  • Their hobbies.
  • Their likes.
  • Their dislikes.
  • Their fears.
  • Their weaknesses.
  • Their strengths.
  • Their power. Please elaborate! Be detailed and clear.
  • Their personality. (Two paragraphs at the VERY least, please. I want details! I WANT EVERYTHING!)
  • Their bio. (Two paragraphs at the VERY least!)
  • Password.

More shall be added if I think of anything. Keep an eye on this list.

You're welcome to add anything!

Toggle Rules

Ah yes, rules. You can't avoid them, can you? Hopefully you'll manage.

  • Don't g-mod, please.
    G-modding is when you control someone else's character. Unless you have special permission from the roleplayer, you are only allowed to control your character. g-modding includes getting hits. For example, say there are these two people: Tom and Jerry. Jerry is about to hit Tom. This is what Jerry types: Jerry lunged at Tom, driving his dagger into Tom's heart. That is g-modding. What he should have said, is this: Jerry lunged at Tom, attempting to drive the dagger into Tom's heart. That is not g-modding. Instead of giving Tom no chance to react, in this version, he tells Jerry's actions, but does not confirm them. This gives Tom a chance to dodge it or get hit. It's Tom's roleplayer's choice.
  • Have fun.
    This is probably the most important rule on here. We roleplay to have fun. That is law. If you're not roleplaying to have fun, if you don't roleplay and achieve fun, then you are breaking the law. Do us a favor and don't break the law. Have fun, goddammit.
  • Keep fights IC.
    Fights IC stay IC. Please don't take fights OOC, and make everyone uncomfortable! No one wants to hear you quarrel, let alone be in the quarrel. When you submit your character sheet, make sure you type "noddle poodle," at the bottom.
  • Be committed.
    No one likes someone who bails. It ruins the entire roleplay for everyone. It creates what you call a dead roleplay. That's the last thing I want. So if you're going to be out for a while, if you have to bail, please, at least tell me. It may not seem like it, but it does soften the blow. And try to be committed to this roleplay, okay? I understand you have a life outside of this website. But try to post at least three times a week, if not more.
  • Be literate.
    300 words a post, at the very least. No acceptations. And please, have decent grammar and spelling. It's not that hard to click the little red line, is it? I understand a few mistakes now and then, and they're fine as long as they don't mar the post.
  • Have fun.
  • Cursing is allowed.
    I don't mind cursing. You can curse like a sailor for all I care. If that bothers you, then I guess this isn't the roleplay for you. There's nothing else to say here. By the way, the password is answering this question: have you ever written a diary?

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