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Troaw Aeor

"Keep your hands away from me."

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a character in “Deus Ex Divines”, as played by Hinasil


Name: Troaw Aeor
Age: Troaw doesn't remember how old he is, but by the rust on his armor he is quite old
Gender: Male
Race: Steam Golem

Racial Weaknesses: Ice in large amounts would be enough to freeze him, thus stopping the steam from giving him power. If that would happen he would need a powerful spellcaster to bring him back to life. Logic is another problem, since he has little brain from being made by a man he does not have the gift of common sense but he does take orders very easily. Then there's small spaces, his large and bulky size would prevent him from going into cramped pathways.

Racial Strengths/Abilities: Unbelievable strength, enough to crush a human's femur with a small twitch of the pinkie. Power over steam and unaffected by water, and actually gains strength from it. Really, really hot. It's like touching a piece of metal that sat in a fire for some hours.

Description: He is covered in rust from his long life of not being polished and standing out in harsh weather. Other than that, the heat of the steam and metal are able to keep dust from gathering and dirt from hardening. From being in prison so long though with little moisture in the air has made him less 'steamy.'

Tattoo: Troaw woke up with what he thinks is a wolf symbol on his left pectoral, the wolf looks like it's running at you.

Personality: Since Troaw has low brain function he cannot start up a conversation unless it's a warning, and even then he just turns toward whatever it is. He can give replies if he knows what he's talking about and for confirmation or agreement. He follows just about any order you would give, not orders like, 'Go jump off that cliff,' or, 'Steal this for me.' He will sometimes enact kill orders, but only if you give him a reason. He is like a robot, programmed with an ethics code so someone won't just exploit him. He is able to be corrupted if he hangs around the wrong person a lot.

History: Troaw came about from a wizard who wanted some protection around his tower. After sending out for the best armor in the land, he developed a spell that would create an unstoppable, completely loyal, ethical creature. Sometime later he finished the spell and gave birth to the monstrous steam golem he is. Then he served several, perhaps even dozens of years with this wizard just standing outside and killing any who try to get in or have trespassed. He did not argue, nor do anything else. That was what his life was for, and he didn't even know of any other life.

Then the fateful day came, apparently his 'father' had made some bad ties with a school of magic. They came in midday, a huge gathering of low to middle classed mages, and they easily froze Troaw with all of their combined powers, which gave them an easy path to the old wizard who had lived there. They took the golem and threw him in the nearby dungeon where he was given his life power back, but told him to never move and not to break out. He has followed that order for however long he's been in there, because his ethics are to follow the most powerful thing nearby.

So begins...

Troaw Aeor's Story


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Character Portrait: Troaw Aeor Character Portrait: Kityana Uveina
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#, as written by Siryn
Ridiculous, Kityana thought to herself once again. It wasn't the first time that she'd cursed her luck. No, the first time was when she'd been captured by the humans. That in and of itself was humiliating enough. She could feel the anger welling inside just thinking about the memory. This time, however, her thoughts were centered towards her wonderful cellmate. The golem stood still; stoic and silent. Her attempts at conversation were fruitless, thus adding to her frustration. The golem was a male, that much she had been excited about when she had first seen him. However, that excitement soon faded when she couldn't get him to hold a conversation with her. Only a few words would rumble from it's mouth every now and then, but otherwise, he was like stone. Smoldering stone, but stone none-the-less, she turned her eyes to look at the golem once more as she thought.

The second thing that was ridiculous about him was that she couldn't get close to him. The only time he would move was if she tried to approach him. She had no need to be chained against the wall for she had silver bracelets around her wrists that kept her powerful drow magic to a minimum. For the first several months, she'd tried to get her magic to overcome the silver. Forcing the tiny purple flames forth to try to get free, but she only managed to drain her energy. There had been one time she'd gotten close enough to him to touch him and withdraw the energy she could feel pulsing through him, but the moment she'd touched his body, her hand had burned. It had boiled down to the fact that she couldn't talk to him, he wouldn't allow her close enough to touch him and even if she managed to, she wouldn't gain anything from it.

"Would fate smile once on me? I would have settled for life in prison if I had a male to talk to and touch. This... this is humiliation," she grumbled to herself. Raising her hands in front of her face, she stared at the silver bracelets with hatred. After a moment, she crossed her arms over her chest and leaned against the wall. Kityana closed her eyes and tried to ignore the fact that she was never going to get her energy back. She probably wouldn't even see another man for the rest of her life. She sighed heavily.


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Character Portrait: Troaw Aeor Character Portrait: Kityana Uveina
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#, as written by Hinasil
Still as stone, the golem stood in his cell with his seemingly weak cellmate. He did hardly anything but follow the orders he was given when he first got here, "Stay right there." This drow woman seemed to need a man, not like this golem at all, a real being that had the capability of free-will, thought, and communication. Golems had no use for chatting, unless there were several of them. Even then they had no life they could talk about.

Troaw stared at the wall in front of him, he was at the side of the cell which looking in would be on the right. His former bright, white hot midsection was now a dim, scalding midsection. He had little moisture to bring back his former strength, these guards knew to not give him any water. The moisture in the air was enough to bring back little bits of power, but at this rate it would take close to 100 years to get back to his old state. He couldn't care less, because he doesn't even care and he is just following his orders and ethics. The thing is, had Troaw been at full strength when he was ordered to stay here, he wouldn't have to obey. Those wizards were weak compared to him, only together were they able to bring him down.

He released a flow of steam that was building up some pressure, the hot moisture filled the cell and spilled out a bit into the hallway beyond the bars. It heated up the area a bit and Troaw just took back in the moisture so now it was just heat. Thanks to his control over steam he could feel everything it touched and exposed every little detail about it. He had the ability to see, this just gave him a better feel for everything. He had done this time and time again so he could tell you everything about this cell, and nothing had changed from the time he did it a few hours ago.