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"The Divine Conflict Between Harmony And Discord Rages On, the Fate Of The World Its Promised Prize. Fighting To Secure It Are Brave Souls Summoned For that Solitary Purpose..."

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D i s s i d i a F i n a l F a n t a s y T a c t i c s
~ P r o m i s e d M e m o r i e s T o
T h e S u m m o n e d S o u l s ~


~ φ η τ яσ ~
"The divine conflict between Harmony and Discord rages on, the fate of the world its promised prize.
Fighting to secure it are brave souls summoned for that solitary purpose. Champions, cut from a cloth different from those which form the fabric of our world.
These warriors from afar are helpless but to do as bid, waging battle after endless battle for the gods who called them here, granted neither respite nor reprieve.
Relying on what fragments of their shattered memories remain, the fight to end the conflict, and for a chance to return hom to the worlds they each once knew.
What they cannot know is that they fight in vain. This war is one with out end, and it is their fate to serve forever, untile, at last, their ebbing strength gives way..."

~ ρ ℓ σ τ ~
The daughter of both cosmos and Chaos has finally come into the world. The ultimate tool, the Catalyst, that could unlock the victory for one of the Two Gods.
The Two Gods have summoned their Chosen Warriors to go and retrieve her. Chaos, to have her for ultimate power, to finally tip the scales in his favour. Cosmos, to protect what harmony is left in the world.
For each god here are five warriors that they have chosen to fight in their stead. Now a Catalyst exists, no one knowing which side she will be on or when.
So what happens when the Catalyst falls in love with the Red Mage of Cosmos, and the Ninja of Chaos?

~ ω α я я ι σ я ς ~
~ Red Mage ~Ninja
~White Mage ~Black Mage
~ Monk ~Brawler
~ Elementalist ~Onion Knight
~ Dragoon ~Summoner

~ ς κ ε ℓ ℓ γ ~

Job Class:
Abilities: (find at the link provided)
Skills: (find at the link provided)

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1] I am the Ruler of this roleplay, so whatever I say goes.
2] This roleplay is rated PG-16. What does that mean? It means no cybering, and no blood guts and gore. Come on people when you buy the game they ask you if you are seventeen, and there is no blood and gore like in other games that they don't ask for you age for, so please be realistic to what the game would have.
3] Romance? Sure, but again no cybering.
4] Cussing? Keep it to a minimum and try to replace letters with symbols for ex. @$$, F*** it really is not that hard. Also please don't cuss every other word or every post.
5] Be respectful to other roleplayers, treat them the way you expect to be treated.
6] Keep the OOC in the OOC threads.
7] This roleplay is semi-lit, so please have at least two paragraphs in each post.
8] Don't sign up for a character then never post, or post only once. That really ticks me off. Really think about weather or not you want to join this roleplay and keep up with it, I want this one to last.
9] Try to post five times a week to keep things going. If you are going to be a way for any extended period of time, please let us know in the OOC thread, and make sure that you exit your character, make them do something that is not going to interfere with other characters so that we don't run into a stand still.
10] Have Fun!!
11] Put "Marche, Mewt, Ritz, Luso" somewhere in your profile so that I know you read these rules.
12] Use the Skellyprovided.

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Character Portrait: C E L E S T


Character Portrait: C E L E S T

The Catalyst ~ An Esper Who Is Daughter To Cosmos And Chaos. ~ Job: Songstress


Character Portrait: C E L E S T

The Catalyst ~ An Esper Who Is Daughter To Cosmos And Chaos. ~ Job: Songstress

Most Followed

Character Portrait: C E L E S T

The Catalyst ~ An Esper Who Is Daughter To Cosmos And Chaos. ~ Job: Songstress

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