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Catherine Marina Silvers

"Leave. Leave me ALONE."

0 · 318 views · located in Divination Academy

a character in “Divination Academy”, as played by AllIEverNeeded


|Full Name | Catherine Marina Silvers

|Age | 17

|Gender | Female

| Sexuality| Bi - but leans more towards girls (probably)

|Nicknames| Ashes (Due to her pyromania), Cath (Shortened first name)

|Reason for Enrollment[b]| Catherine was rejected from the mental institution due to dispatching every last nurse present.


▶ Necromancy (Although, this is only an interest and never a practice.)
▶ Being as pretty as the girls in the magazines
▶Finding someone who will accept her as is


▶ Cats (preferably grey tabby kittens with white sock paws)
▶ Sitting in her room alone in the darkness, tracing the shadows on the wall
▶ Contemplating her life
▶ Music (Alternative Rock, Vocaloid, Heavy Metal)
▶ Drawing


▶ Being alone
▶ Dolls
▶ When she falls in love, then loses her ability to focus
▶ Running out of wine (only on her bad days)
▶ Herself, her own reflection


▶ Quick learner
▶ *Actually* rather helpful


▶ Overconfident
▶ Easily brought down to someone else's level


▶ Catherine HATES when people linger over her shoulder if she's in the process of sketching, inking, or coloring, so she only draws in the dark


|Area of Magic| Shadow

Shadow Puppetry: Catherine can summon and control Lesser Shadows for brief intervals of time as marionettes(usually five to ten minutes, but if she is able to, 20 to thirty minutes. The Greater Shadows are beings she has absolutely no control over, just the Lesser.)
Shadow Veil: A veil of shadows cast to reduce or completely obscure her (although she can use this at any time, Catherine would rather use it when people happen to be bothering her.)
General Manipulation: Similar to Shadow Puppetry, but she can form/control various forms of shadows or allow them to act on their own for a given amount of time. During this, she can regain a sliver of her Energy if any is depleted.
Alight: Allows a temporary burst of flame to erupt from her palms, but this is a once-a-week sort of ability due to the fact that it chips off %99.0 percent of her Energy

|Secondary Area of Magic|
Fire **Very limited**

| Preferred Weapon |
▶ A thin-bladed scythe composed of solidified crimson blood, which only Catherine can wield

Personality Traits



|Overly Dependent|


Backstory/History: On the eve of September 25th, 2015 at exactly 10:00 PM, a call was carried out from the Oakland Residence by seventeen year old Catherine. As she stated during the frantic phone-call made from her cell phone, she had been visiting the local library until around 9:55, before arriving at her residence. There, upon the front steps leading to the front door the young female discovered two lifeless bodies later identified as Jessica and Toby Silvers, aged 35 and 40. Both had been stabbed twenty times in the chest, as well as their eyes being gouged out by a screwdriver, which laid beside the father. The community immediately pointed fingers at Catherine, for until statements were given she possessed no public record - until the authorities were able to find her not guilty by reason of a verified alibi and salvaged records. It was known that the girl experienced blackouts the week after, where she would awaken holding kitchen knives with cut arms and gashes beneath her eyes. Following this, Catherine was submitted to the Psychiatric Ward of Oakland General for twenty-four hour observation. A report given to Government Officials is as followed:

Name of Admitted: Catherine Marina Silvers
Current Age/Date of Birth: 17, 1998
Hours Admitted: 24.5
Documented State: Not fit for release *Consult Administrator for updated condition within 24 hour range.**

Placed Admitted within the Observation Chamber. - 10:45 PM
Catherine has not shifted from her position. [Seated upon her cot] 10:50 PM
Audible murmuring heard within the Observation Chamber. [Shall Investigate further] 11:00 PM
Unexpected light bulb bursting, glass scattered about the floor has been re-positioned to spell out: "They are here, let me out so I can see them." Catherine refuses to move, hands covered in blood due to shards. 11:30 PM
The rest is drenched with copious amounts of crimson liquid.
During her short residency, Catherine Marina Silvers began heavily drinking and smoking, as well as growing more used to the flickering shadows around her. Yet, the girl fought for control of her sanity, which began to slip away after every bottle of Hard Cider consumed - during a routine check, she managed to get grasp of a medical razor, which she used to slit the throats of every nurse present within the room. The blood, was used to construct her current weapon.

So begins...

Catherine Marina Silvers's Story

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Divination Academy

9:00 am ~ Monday

Cold breeze weaved in between the students as they flooded in through the industrial gate. The almost castle-like academy loomed over the crowd of students, the loud chatter eventually filling the hallways. Of course, not everyone had classes first thing in the morning, some had free periods, or some were just too rebellious to go. Everyone had to line up to collect their planners, which were booklets that contained the rules and their class times, along with the roommates for the year.



❄ Amber Park & Catherine Marina Silvers ❄


❄ Kitty Laurent & Flora/Air Element ❄


❄ Flora/Air Element & Trenton Camyron ❄


All students must be inside of their dormitories by 10:00pm.

No girls are allowed in the boys' dorms, and vice versa.

No students are allowed to enter any staff exclusive areas or forbidden areas.

Do not speak of magic or display magic to any mundane humans.

All students must attend all meals, rollcalls, and classes.

All students are not allowed to leave school grounds after dinner.

No harassment or bullying.

Pets are not allowed anywhere within school grounds.

Any students caught breaking these rules will have their magical abilities suspended for one day. If it happens again in the same week, the punishment will increase by one extra day, and another day if the student continues to break school rules.

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Amber Park


Amber said her goodbyes to her parents as she shut the car door. Pushing open the bulky doors, which lead to the reception of Divination Academy, she took a deep breath. A correctional school for magical delinquents was certainly an interesting explanation for an academy.

Collecting her planner, she looked at the roommates section, 'Catherine, huh?'. Amber was subconsciously biting her lip, she couldn't stay still, not on the first day of school. Even if it sounded rather cliché, it was true, the girl found the first day of school exciting, despite the strict rules and rumours of ghosts. How many years would she spend here? Two, maybe three? She could survive two years, she hoped.

Glancing at her timetable every few seconds, she noticed that she didn't have a class first thing on a Monday. That was good, she didn't have to worry about a class for another hour. There were multiple ways she could kill the time, the library, the cafeteria, or just explore. The librarian, assuming there was one, would probably dislike Amber for her inability to stay still and she'd probably get in trouble for walking around the school during classes. 'The cafeteria it is!' Amber boldly thought, probably making a strange face. She started making her way to the cafeteria.

The set of doors leading to the said cafeteria were heavy, like fire doors, but not impossibly heavy. The cafeteria was empty, aside from the lunch lady, who had a resting face that resembled the receptionist from Monster's Inc. Amber bought an English Breakfast tea, along with a crossaint. She sat on one of the stools, which was covered in red leather, and looked around. It could be worse.

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Said roommate had happened to be standing behind Amber, tapping her tightly laced ebony leather combat boots against the icy tiles below. “I swear, something's gonna happen if you take your time,“ she hissed in a sweet, yet horrifyingly dead voice coldly between pursed painted ruby lips, reaching over and snatching her planner with thin, slender ivory fingers, only to flip it open; following this her lips down-turned in a thin, disdainful scowl: “Roommates... Darks always get paired with blondes,” Catherine muttered beneath her breath, emitting a harsh laugh before turning upon her heel.
Darks indeed, Catherine was being quite literate. For as she turned, crimson seeped within her natural burning amber for a mere moment, a spark of insanity within. “Oh, the cafeteria. I feel as if I may accompany you, girly...” She purred, before immediately stepping directly behind Amber, maintaining a now dulled expression.
This girl... She flipped emotions as if one were to flip a light switch. Who was she...?

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Amber Park

Amber turned around once Catherine had tapped her shoulder, "You must be Catherine, then!" The blonde girl took a glance at Catherine's attire, frowning, "Don't you get hot wearing all that black?" She inquired, tilting her head. Forgetting she even asked the question moments later, she asked another question, "But what's so bad about blondes?" Amber was genuinely curious, she didn't think her hair colour was bad, but, then again, Catherine could have been implying something else, but the girl was too oblivious to understand it. Amber also ignored her own question again. This made it clear the blonde girl couldn't stay still for the life of her.

Upon hearing Catherine tell Amber that she was going to follow her to the cafeteria, she was excited. Maybe Catherine wouldn't consider her a friend quite yet, but Amber was quick to assume someone was her friend, so she made it official in her mind that her roommate would be her friend. "So is this you first year? I haven't seen you before!" Amber asked, this time actually waiting for a response.

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"You ask too many questions, white rose," Catherine replied coldly, leaning down to flick Amber's forehead with a painted fingernail, shadows flickering off her fingertips for a mere second before entirely dissipating into the air. "Forget following you... I need to set up my... whatever they have here.~ If you follow me, however, I won't much appreciate it. Ahahaha.~" Catherine hadn't brought any bags with her, at least none that were currently present, the only distinct item balanced expertly over her shoulder was the thin, sleek handle of what could only be assumed as a scythe, with its gleaming curved crimson blade. Turning upon her heel once more, Catherine began to make her way down the hall, humming beneath her breath as the scythe's tip skittered across the ground, something... dripping from it.

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Amber Park

The girl rubbed the flicked area of her head for a second after her roommate had flicked it. Amber knew that Catherine wasn't one to make friends easily now, but that didn't stop her from trying to follow her, "Hey! Something's dripping from your scythe!" Amber shouted after her, running until she matched Catherine's footsteps, her staff hitting the back of her legs occasionally. "And you still didn't answer my question, is this your first year?" Amber repeated, glancing at Catherine. Her suitcase dragged behind her as she pulled it along. Despite Catherine's coldness, Amber still smiled, a happy expression plastered on her face.

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"It's m.ade of blood, so it drips blood. This is my first year, okay? Now stop asking questions and leave me be." Tapping the scythe against the ground caused a thick veil of shadows to separate her from Amber, Catherine herself seeming to have vanished once the shadows dissipated. Of course, she had simply ducked into the library in order to secure a moment's peace, if not that then even a second without being bombarded would do. Slumping against a wall, drawing her knees to her chest and closing her eyes was the only way of calming down, after all... she didn't have her medicine. Not today, it was being shipped over from Oakland.

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Bram McKee

He had just finished a section on arithmancy when he heard a sound like falling somewhere else in the library. Feeling quite certain that he hadn't dropped anything, Bram finished his alphabetising and drifted through a bookshelf towards the source of the sound. He was quite surprised to find what appeared to be a student, crouched down with her eyes closed in the back of the room. He remained at the top of the bookshelf for a while, listening for anyone who might be following her, before he descended soundlessly towards the ground, standing some feet away from her.

"The library is still being re-stocked," he said– not sure what else he could say under the circumstances. "If you are looking for something in particular I'm sure the librarian will help you once she arrives."

He then paused. "Unless you're just lost, or something. In which case I think there's a map of the building by the front desk. At least there used to be."

Thus satisfied he had done all he could, he drifted back towards the arithmancy section– right through the bookshelf near them.

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"I... needed to get away from my new roommate... overbearing people make me anxious." Catherine muttered beneath her breath, immediately biting her lip as that must've sounded quite horrible, at least after the words had slipped from her lips. Allowing a single breath to escape a moment after, she stood from the ground, using the very tip of her scythe to steady herself. Eyes opening, shimmering amber flicking with pure ebony. "If.... you asked the shadows for help, whatever you're trying to do won't be so hard."

Veil up, Catherine slipped from the library back out into the main hall. Pausing to catch her breath, glancing around to ensure she was the solitary individual present.

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"Hey you... girl." Catherine stood in the doorway, leaning against the frame for a moment before deciding to approach her, "I... didn't mean to lash out like that, earlier. Truth is, my... anxiety meds haven't come in from Oakland quite yet, it's been a Hell of a morning." She retained hope that Amber would somehow find a way to forgive her, and to Catherine forgiveness was obtained by being brutally honest, a trait which the girl lacked in entirely some mornings, yet on the days when she could hold her own against each crippling condition... "I'm... sorry."

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She looked up, forcing a smile upon her face, "It's...all right." Amber assured. "I know I'm intense, sorry." She apologised.

Standing, she'd finished packing, and she looked at her planner. One more period until her next class. She had time to kill.

"My ADHD meds haven't come through yet, so..." She trailed off, a little put off by being abandoned.