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Jaxson Mayes

"How can I get him to remember me?"

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a character in “Do You Remember Me?”, as played by Dreamalot106


Jaxson “Jax” Mayes


- The rain, especially when it thunderstorms. He loves the feel of the lightning in the air and the deep rumbling of the thunder.
- Caramel popcorn, it’s perfect whenever it starts to get sticky and leaves goo on your fingers.
- Upbeat, dance music. He's hardly ever seen without his headphones plugged into his ears and he never, never, never goes anywhere without his iPod.
- Funny movies and TV shows, witty comedy is always the best. He watches The Big Bang religiously and catches the episodes he misses online.
- Photography, capturing moments in time and memorializing them forever is Jax’s favorite pastime.
- Blazers and skinny ties, they look spiffy. He likes to wear them with either dark or extremely white-washed skinny jeans.
- Bisexuals, they’re always the most interesting…

- Extremely hot days, especially when it’s humid too. It’s just too much then.
- Exposed film, this means memories have been lost and that’s just absolutely tragic.
- Stupid movies, stupid humor is not funny. Slapstick is okay every now and then, but only occasionally.
- Homophobes, they ruined his relationship, almost killed his boyfriend, and made him move across the country.
- Guys with piercings, it looks weird no matter what orientation a guy is.

Jaxson has always been the pretty much complete opposite of Sebastian. He’s normally very talkative and exudes confidence, with the exception of being around the Lees. They were the only adults Jax has ever met who have intimidated him to such a degree. Jaxson has always been an extremely loyal person, demonstrated by his attempted visits to Sebastian while he was still in the hospital. Highly intelligent, Jaxson has always worked hard in school to earn his grades and scholarships to college. He reads very quickly and will often read a new book a day during the school breaks. Unfortunately, after the “incident,” Jaxson became a somewhat more choleric person, especially immediately after. Now though, the quick temper he acquired has died down tremendously and can only really be provoked with true, repeated stupidity. Jaxson has also become a more personal, private being since the “incident,” preferring to not grow too attached to any of his peers for fear of them leaving him one day too, just like Sebastian.

Brief History:
After Jaxson’s mother was fired from the Lee household and the two paid-off, Jax and his mother moved several hours away to a smaller town his mother had spent much of her teenage years in. During this time, Ms. Mayes was unable to find any long-term work, the Lees having black-balled her because of their sons’ unconventional relationship. Jaxson put in extra effort at school, picked up a job and continued in his attempts to visit Sebastian in the hospital;he was rewarded with multiple scholarships to the college of his choice along with some of the excess money from the Lees.

At college Jaxson had a roommate for only a month and a half, but then the other person dropped out and Jaxson finished out the school year without a roommate. At the same time he began dating a fellow freshman in an attempt to get over his relationship with Sebastian. However, he didn’t expect to have a roommate his second year in college – especially one so familiar.

Theme Song:

Always - Panic! At the Disco

When the world gets too heavy
Put it on my back,
I'll be your levy.
You are taking me apart
Like bad glue on a get well card.

It was always you
Falling for me.
Now there's always time.
Calling for me.
I'm the light
Blinking at the end of the road.
Blink back to let me know.

I'm a fly that's trapped
In a web
But I'm thinking that
My spider's dead.
Lonely, lonely little life.
I could kid myself
By thinking that I'm fine.

It was always you
Falling for me.
Now there's always time.
Calling for me.
I'm the light
Blinking at the end of the road.
Blink back to let me know.

That I'm skin and bone.
Just a cane and rusty throne.
All the castle's under siege.
But the sign outside says leave me alone.

It was always you
Falling for me.
Now there's always time.
Calling for me.
I'm the light
Blinking at the end of the road.
Blink back to let me know.
(It was always you)
Blink back to let me know.
(It was always you)

Extra(s): Currently dating someone at the university - a girl named Ginette. Not completely into the relationship because it was just meant to be a distraction from his and Sebastian’s previous relationship.


So begins...

Jaxson Mayes's Story


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Jaxson Mayes

"So when is your new roommate getting here?" Ginette asks, her chin resting on Jaxson's chest. Jaxson shrugs underneath her, his hands interlaced behind his head.

"I'm not sure. His stuff has been arriving all week so he could be here any time." Jaxson looks down at the girl half laying on him. Her texture of her soft dark brown hair, dark eyes, and somewhat rounded nose, even her cheekbones. They all reminded him so of... Jaxson leans his head back again and closes his eyes, inhaling deeply. The press of breasts against his own bare side dispel any illusion of this girl possibly being Sebastian.

He jerks underneath the girl, his eyes popping back open in surprise as her plump lips make their way across his chest.

"Sorry," she murmurs. "Didn't mean to bring you out of your day-dream. It must have been good though. You're starting to become aroused again." Ginette grins and pushes herself up so she can kiss Jaxson. The wavy hair that had been tucked behind her ears and hidden by her back tumbles around her shoulder as they kiss. She slides her hand down the length of Jaxson's abdomen but stops kissing him as her hand continues on. Looking down she sits back and brings her hands back to herself.

"What is it?" Jaxson asks. Propping himself up on his elbows.

"Do I not excite you anymore Jax? What happened to our love life?" Jaxson opens his mouth to answer, but continues on. "We used to have so much fun. Now I feel like I have to force you to have sex with me. It's not a good feeling. Please Jax. Just tell me. Is there something I'm not doing to please you, or, or-"

Jaxson gently takes Ginette's upper arms in his hands, squeezing them reassuringly.

"Hey. Calm down, okay? It's not you-"

"It's me," Ginette interrupts him, finishing his sentence. "Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know. I've heard this before. Does this mean-?"

"Hey! Ginette, don't interrupt. I wasn't done." Jaxson gives her a lopsided grin. "What I was saying. Yes, it is me. School's about to begin and we're all stressed out about class schedules and new roommates. My mind's just a bit preoccupied. That's all. Okay?"

Ginette smiles smally and nods, but she lets out a reassuring breath too.

"Okay," Ginette murmurs. She slips her hands under Jaxson's and holds them in his lap. The couple smile gently at each other, the silence in the room somewhat awkward. A noise at the door draws the two's attention away from each other and to the other side of the room.

"Hey, uh, speaking of roommates. When's yours supposed to be back?" Jaxson asks, mildly alarmed.

"Apparently now!" Ginette lets go of Jaxson's hands and leans over him reaching to the floor for their clothes. She tosses him his shirt and pants and clambers off the bed as she pulls her top on. "Hurry up Jax! She can't see you in here! She'll freak out! I told you how she is!"

"Oh yeah, she's that super religious, conservative freak right?" Jaxson asks, laughing quietly as he pulls his boxers and jeans on.

"She's not a freak!" Ginette argues, also giggling as she slips into her own bottoms.

"Ginette? Do you have someone in there with you? Were you two having sex? You know how the Lord feels about that! You and your partner are going to go to Hell for committing such adulterous crimes!" cries a voice from the other side of the door.

Jaxson and Ginette exchange and glance and have to stifle hysterical laughter.

"Definitely a freak," Jaxson says, pulling his shirt over his head.

"No. Just super religious, as you said." Ginette buttons her jean shorts then grabs her hair brush off her dresser. "Hey fix my bed for me would you?"

Jaxson nods and straightens the covers on the bed quickly as Ginette runs her brush through her hair several times. She sets the brush back down on the dresser just as her roommate finally comes through the door, her hands shielding her eyes.

"There are no naked bodies in here are there?" she asks before opening the door up the rest of the way and coming in.

"Nope. No naked bodies. You can look Olivia," Ginette says, leaning against her dresser casually. "We were actually just talking about our roommates and classes and stuff. No sex, so no naked bodies."

"Is that so?" the other girl asks doubtfully, taking her hand away from her face.

"Yep. Completely true." Jaxson nods. "In fact I was just about to leave."

"If there was no sex, then why is Gina's bra on the floor over here? Hmm?" Olivia picks up the hot pink leopard print undergarment and tosses it to her roommate.

"You know what? There was sex. We had great sex actually. Something you'll never have with all your Jesus talk and whatnot." Jaxson kisses Ginette's cheek then grabs his messenger bag, leather jacket, and shoes off the floor. "And with that note, I'm going to leave now. I have some reading I need to finish and I'd like to check and see if my own roommate has finally, actually moved in yet. So I will you two ladies later. See ya." He salutes the girls as he squeezes his way out the door.

As he expected, the two roommates begin squabbling as soon as he's down the hall. Of course he feels kind of bad for leaving Ginette to deal with her roommate by herself, but he honestly did not feel like dealing with the drama. That always seemed to happened whenever Sebastian invaded his thoughts, something that had begun happening more and more recently. Maybe because the one year mark since the last time he had tried to see Sebastian was coming up soon, which meant it had been a year a half since the incident.

Jaxson pauses at the end of the hall to take off the bag slung across his chest and slip on his shoes. He stuffs his socks in his back pocket and slides into his jacket before quickly checking to make sure his laptop and everything are in the bag. Satisfied, Jaxson slings the messenger bag back on and continues to the stairwell. There he takes the stairs two at a time up on floor to the third.

Exiting the stairwell Jaxson follows the hallway to the very end, humming Sarah Smiles by Panic! At the Disco as he strolls. When he goes to unlock the door, he's surprised to find it already unlocked. Figuring it must be because his roommate finally arrived, Jaxson prepares himself to welcome the other young man.

The big planted smile vanishes instantly and is replaced with pure shock when Jaxson steps towards the other guy in his room. The light brown hair, the pale complexion, the oh-so-familiar scarf he had given the other boy at his last birthday they shared together. Jaxson does a double take of the room, making sure it is his stuff on the other side and that he hasn't accidentally walked in on someone else. There are probably hundreds of guys with that same scarf after all. He looks back at the boy on the bed. The truth is undeniable.

"Se..." The sound dies in Jaxson's throat. He clears it quietly and starts again, stepping back away from the bed some. "Sebastian?" he asks quietly, half of him hoping he's just made a fool of himself by calling a complete stranger the name of his ex-boyfriend, the other half desperately hoping the boy on the bed is indeed who he thinks it is.


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#, as written by Tilly
Sebastian Lee

Drifting somewhere between consciousness and sleep, Sebastian remembered he was surrounded by a bunch of his things that needed to be unpacked. Never one to be unorganized, he forced himself to stay away long enough to situate his side of the room. Aside from being a bit of a neat freak he also didn't want to aggravate whoever his roommate was. His things had been in the process of being moved in for a while now and Sebastian didn't want to leave all of the boxes sitting there much longer. So he began opening the most important boxes first, ones with his clothes and other daily necessities. "Maybe I bought too many outfits." He frowned a bit while looking at the wardrobe which couldn't hold anymore clothes even if he folded them.

He took extra time to hang up all of his scarfs, his favorite ones getting a special spot hanging on the outside of the wardrobe. He stepped back and smiled at his minor accomplishment, even though he still had much more to do, his most prized possessions were proudly on display. Over the summer his parents took Alicia and himself on a cruise around the Caribbean. Aside from having the girl throwing herself at Sebastian every two seconds, it was a vacation he greatly enjoyed. They'd taken tons of pictures and he knew his mother was responsible for making sure he had every single one of them.

There was an obnoxious amount of pictures and Sebastian only picked one to put in a frame on his desk. It was one of him with his parents, plus Alicia, all smiling genuinely at the camera. He admired it for a moment before moving on to actually put sheets and a comforter on his bed. Anyone who knew him well would know the set consisted of his absolute favorite colors, everything was black, white, and blue. All of the pillows were black and white polka dots that matched the scarf he was currently wearing. "It actually looks livable now." The boy stepped back to admire his hard work, running a hand through his brown hair and taking a breath. An alarm on his phone startled him halfway to death and had him jumping at the noise. It was just a reminder that he needed to take his pills. He never could remember when to take them so it made sense to use an alarm. Putting everything aside he stopped to go and take his medication, happy knowing the headaches wouldn't be bothering him as long as he did.

"Oh the boxes!" They were all over the place, on his bed, taking up the floor space. Sebastian hurriedly broke them down and tried his best to take them to the trash on the first floor, once again nearly killing himself in the stairwell when he stumbled every two steps. It was a miracle he'd never broken any—with the exception of the accident a year ago. He was so clumsy, just walking on a flat surface could be deadly. "I'm so sorry!" He apologized when he bumped into one boy on his way back to the room, almost knocking them both down a flight of stairs. He was extra cautious the rest of the way back, determined not to fall, break, or accidentally set anything on fire. A sigh of relief passed his lips once he unlocked the door and plopped down on the bed. He was physically exhausted and felt his eyelids closing.

His nap, however long it lasted, ended when the door opened. It took his mind a second to register that there was another person in the room. He blinked and sat up quickly, pulling the scarf back down around his neck when he heard his name being called. It was obviously his roommate, but Sebastian wondered how he knew his name. "Um hi," he stood up, swaying a little from standing to fast. He steadied himself and held his hand out in a friendly gesture, a small smile pulling the corners of his plump lips up. "I'm Sebastian, but I guess you already know that." He laughed a little nervously, always being slightly awkward when meeting someone for the first time. "Sorry about all the boxes randomly showing up over the week." Looking at his roommate though, he felt strange. Sebastian felt like he was familiar, but almost instantly dismissed the feeling. He was sure he'd never seen him before in his life. 'I guess that isn't saying much since I lost my memory.' He thought absentmindedly.