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Sera Aitken

I'm a bitch I'm a lover,

0 · 485 views · located in The Insanity

a character in “Don't Starve”, as played by shadowseductress




I'm a Bitch-Meredith Brooks

"I'm a little bit of everything, all rolled into one"

"So take me as I am"

{Full Name:}
"They call me Lady S"
Sera Erin Aitken
                  {Birth Date:}
"A lady never reveals her age"
March 25th, 1971
"I'm not as old as you expected huh?"
                    {Sexuality:} Bisexual
"Love is love not matter who receives it"

"You look at me like maybe I'm an angel underneath"

Sera is a rather tall girl, at about 5'11, but rocks it from her head to her toes. She is a performer by trade and has a body she is proud to show off. Her natural hair color is blonde, but she likes to have a hair color that 'matches her personality' and by that she means light and bubbly. She is curvy all over with nice hips and plump chest. She is sexy and she knows it. Sera is not afraid to flaunt what she's got. She has little modesty and is typically wearing clothes to prove it. She has eyes that change color but they typically stay a nice amber color or brown. She has pale skin that she works hard to keep clear and beautiful.

"I'm a sinner, I'm a saint, I do not feel ashamed"

"I've been all over the world love, but my heart will always be in Scotland"
Perth, Scotland 1994
Sanity: 150 Health:175 Hunger:200
1 fire pit, 1 lean-to , 1 backpack, 1 chest, 1 parasol, 20 logs, 6 units of berries, 5 units of seeds, a basic farm plot, an axe, 10 twigs, 8 rocks, 5 beefalo poop, twigs, grass, 1 spear, 3 meat morsels

"Yesterday I cried, Must have been relieved to see a softer side"

Sera's moods change with the wind, at herat is is a very loving creature, but that is her fault. She loves too deeply, to quickly. She has been hurt in the past and it has made her distrusting and bitter.

She doesn't allow herself to be pressured by society, despite her fame as a performer. She allows herself to feel all of her rainbow of emotions and doesn't feel the need to hide them. She is extremely confident in her image and has the "I'm gorgeous and I know it" attitude. She also tends to be extremely flirtatious, but that can change on the dime when she decides she's done with you where she can become very cruel and hurtful.

The things she loves she loves deeply and the things she hates she hates deeply. Sera has no "Grey area" She will always be exactly as she is. She enjoys feeling sexy and isn't afraid to dress a little provocatively. But if you give her unwanted attention she will unleash a wrath upon you that you will regret.

"I'm your hell, I'm your dream, I'm nothing in between"

[color=#ColorHere]"We don't talk much and by much I mean never"[/color]
Sera hasn't spoken to her family in years and she doesn't plan on it now. Don't ask about them.

{Friends & Lovers:}
[color=#ColorHere]"Every one wants to know about my sex life!"[/color]
She never had any close friends, except maybe her manager who was paid to put up with her. She has lost count of the lovers she's had, she loved them all for a time but now they are gone and they are unimportant.

{Known Languages:}
"I'm traveled"
English, small amounts of french

Sera grew up in a very sheltered house hold. In her family children were seen not heard and every day was torture for such a free spirit like herself. She was a runnaway at age 15. She was quickly discovered for her talents and was taken under the wing of her agent. She spent most of her life traveling the globe and doing shows and finally being free as she liked. However something went wrong inside her. The shadows on the walls started to move, to talk to Sera. They told her of someone who loved her dearly. He didn't care about her fame. He loved HER. They informed her on how to get to him and this is how she ended up in Insanity. By their instruction she is now stuck in this death land. She thinks this is a test from her "Dark Prince" and she will pass no matter what it takes as long as it ends up with her getting to him.

"I'm numb, I'm revived, Cant' say I'm not alive"

"For you my love, anything"
Survivor 2
"Nothing can keep us apart"
Sera is trying to survive at all costs. She has something to prove to someone very special to her.
"I can be anything you want me to"
Sera was a professional dancer/performer

{FC: Audry Kitching || HEX: #Violet}

"When you hurt, when you suffer, I'm your angel undercover"

So begins...

Sera Aitken's Story