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Daven Theirin

I am nothing like my Father or 'Brother'.

0 · 241 views · located in Ferelden

a character in “Dragon Age: The Grey in Between”, as played by Bugbuster


Daven Therin[/color]
"I choose who I am."

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Nickname: N/A

Gender: Male

Age; 22

Sexuality: Straight

Race: Human

Role: The Bastard son of King Maric

Status: Warrior

- [i]Color and Length:
Daven’s hair is Dirty Blond color usually in messy state from wearing his helmet or he just leaves it the way it is as he wakes up.

- Color and Shape: Dark Brown Eyes which he has been told he inherited from his mother.

Skin Tone: Slightly Tanned

Height: 6" 1'

Weight: 149 lbs

Overall Appearance: Since Daven has fought his way to gain his status as a Knight and Soldier in the Ferelden Army, he has a few scars on his body but mainly on his right arm.

Personality: He is considered cautious, wary and reserved with people he doesn't know. Daven however is different around people he knows and trusts but it must be earned. He knew who his father was, as Arl Eamon had told him but never knew who his mother really was. He has no compassion for his Half-Brother or most of his 'family' and considers very few to be actually friends.

Daven always uses his head and thinks quickly on his feet. However the opposite sex sometimes to cause him to get flustered and bewildered. He thinks there another species altogether.

History: He was a mistake, some of nobility knew about Maric's bastard Son however King Maric disregarded them and called them 'rumors'. Unlike Daven's father his mother loved him and nurtured him. She left him with Arl Eamon and he stayed at Redcliffe. He never knew what became of his mother but Arl Eamon raised him like a son but told Daven at 14 who his real father actually was, Daven quickly left Redcliffe and joined the Ferelden army as a squire. It took him tell he was 18 when he finally became a True Soldier and on his path to become a knight to one of the house's.

He always pushed through obstacles no matter what they were. He quickly rose through the ranks of the army an became a Knight at 22 when the army marched to Ostagar. He and a few scouts had left to scout out the Darkspawn. They had been cut off from the army by the Darkspawn and had to go around and cut through where the Darkspawns lines were weak. However it was too late and the army had been massacred.

Weapon: Two Handed Great Sword

Mount: A Black Horse with a Brown Mane which Devan uses when he travels.

Potential Interest:[Someone your character is interested in. Optional.]

So begins...

Daven Theirin's Story


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A lone knight walked down the road, he stuck out from the rest of the wounded and people fleeing. His armor was no where near being unscarred or shiny like a Shining Knight should be on his white stead. The armor had dents and a few arrow marks in it aswell, the most visible on his lower torso where dried blood was aswell. Daven keep on moving, he hadn't stopped since the battle of Ostagar, He hadn't rode the horse for a few hours as the armor and it having the lack of water and food probably would have killed it.

His legs were numb and he could barely feel them with each step. He glanced down the road from where he had come and back to the way he was walking, "North... Huh." he said patting his horse's neck. He was alone the darkspawn had killed the rest of the men he had been traveling and fought with. All he knew was that the battle had been lost, supposedly the Grey Warden's killed the King and Tarn Logane had pulled his troops out to evade the Grey Warden's trap, or whatever that bullshit was about. He didn't really care, all he knew was they were left for dead by that man. He knew his 'brother' had perished in the battle he wished he could say he didn't care but he still felt. Something.

Daven finally stopped by the edge of the road and tied his horse to the tree as he let out a large sigh, "Guess we'll camp here?" he said stroking his old friends mane.