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Gwenyth Cousland

"My guilt is the burden I must carry until my task is complete."

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a character in “Dragon Age: The Grey in Between”, as played by arteech0kee


Gwenyth Cousland
"Yes, I am a woman, but that does not mean I cannot lift a sword!"

:: "Just a Girl" by No Doubt :: :: "Figure 0.9" by Linkin Park:: :: "Bye Bye Beautiful" by Nightwish :: :: "Pins and Needles" by Opshop ::


"I'm not usually thrilled with being called something else, nonetheless,
I may be lenient when it is something appropriate.

- Gwen - the most common and always used
- Cousland Girl - people who don't know her name
- "My Girl" - by Teyrn Bryce and Teyrna Eleanor
- "Adopted Baby Sister" - a mockery from Fergus Cousland due to her blond hair
- "Stubborn woman" - Ser Gilmore
- "The daughter that wouldn't stay put, pick a decent man and pop out babies like she's
supposed to
" - Arl Rendon Howe

"Does my chest and bottom not reveal it?"

"I am the Youngest Cousland."
Twenty-One Years Old


"A soft skinned, weakling race that gets ridiculed by others."

A daughter of Teyrn Bryce and Teyrna Eleanor who survived the massacre,
has set out for revenge, but not before experiencing the thrill of killing darkspawn.

"I wield a Sword and a Shield"

"I've had long hair for most of my life, I've decided to make a change."
Her hair is of a dirty blonde color. She had recently cut her hair to just above her shoulders,
layered short from the front and longer towards the back, and has a side fringe that started
from the right side and down to the left. The split is on the right side and combed over.
Her hair is naturally straight.

Her eyes are slightly bigger than an average person. The color of her eyes are
of a golden brown, which would be lighter than anyone in her Family.

Skin Tone:
"I'm not as light as any other person, but I am not as dark as any other person either."
She has a lighter tan skin tone, and has the tendency to darken if she stayed out too long.

"My Mother is two inches shorter than I am."
Five-foot-Six-inches tall, and the second-shortest in the Cousland household.

One-Hundred and Twenty-Nine Pounds // Fifty-Eight Kilograms

Overall Appearance:
"I have a womanly figure, but don't let it fool you."
Gwenyth's figure is measured at 35-24-34 (87cm-60cm-86cm). Arl Rendon Howe used to make an
inappropriate comment about how she was made to be a child-bearer, and she found it insulting to her
as she wanted to be something more. Gwenyth is rather toned, but she has feminine shoulders, average
breast size and not so slim. Her eyes are warm and welcoming, her nose slender and pointed, her lips pouted,
teeth straight, and her cheeks higher up and her teeth are straight. Her face is of a rounder shape, and
her ears not so big.

"The scar is a reminder of my mischievous childhood."
Located along the top of her rightshoulder to midway of her upper arm, with a jagged figure like a lightning
bolt. She received it during an attempted escape from her room, she wasn't able to cling onto the edge of her
window properly after her Nanny walked in on her, and she fell off. She landed near a rock, which already
made her arm bleed and broke the same arm in the process.

"I had it placed on there to remind me of who I am and why I'm doing this."
The Seal of Highever was tattooed on the palm of her left hand, which was the hand she used to
wield her sword and attack. Although it was often covered by a pair of gloves, she would occasionally
reveal it when she was doubtful of what she was really doing with herself.

"I am no longer a noble, I am a commoner."
When she is within a safe location, her clothing consist of the commoner clothing worn by Fereldans,
which are constructed of sturdy fabric and are trimmed with only the simplest of embellishments. In other words,
a pair of brown leather pants that have a few patches on them and a creme colored shirts, matched with brown
boots. However, her armor of choice would be made from medium material for more mobility and slightly stronger
protection, and she would refuse to wear a helmet.

"I'm a Cousland, born and bred."
To describe the youngest and only daughter of Teyrn Bryce and Tyrena Eleanor Cousland, she was a very
demanding person to both herself and those around her. She cared about her appearance, dress, and the society
in which she resided. A very proud, confident, beautiful woman with nice manners. She had a sense of self-dignity,
and she can't be easily confused. A woman who does not like criticism, but she could just pretend that she does not
pay attention to the quip until a good opportunity comes for her to take revenge on her offender. She is also an
optimistic person, failures and blunders would never knock the bottom out of her feet, she always stood firm on her
feet. Under mistakes, Gwenyth could concentrate and collect energy to accomplish the same thing, but with
tremendous success, because she was said to be a real fighter and a winner.

She was also very independent and fully capable of being greatly successful on their own, but she would prefer not
be alone. And she might be too caught up in herself and be very self-centered, but she's never too self-absorbed to help
anyone who needs it. She pampered her friends and treated them well. She also appreciated loyal friends and are
very generous to them, but she has only a few real friends - not everyone could stand her difficult
character. She is respectful and understanding of people's differences, although she wouldn't usually hold a grudge
towards anyone of fault, she would sway to a vengeful path if the person had crossed and snipped on the thin
thread before she snapped.

Her strong points would be the confidence she has, her ambitious drive, generosity, loyalty, encouraging
voice towards those who need it most, courageous, positive, strong willed, self-confident and independent. Although
her weak points would be her protentious, domineering, melodramatic, stubborn and vain traits.


"I came from a loving home with two Parents and an Older Brother, who is married to an Antivian,
Oriana, and a son, Oren. We all reside in Highever. But I should have merely mentioned that we were the Couslands,
maybe then I would not have to explain all that to you.

Born in the warm bed in the Castle in Highever, Gwenyth was the second child and only daughter of Teyrn Bryce and
Teyrna Eleanor Cousland. She had an older Brother, Fergus, whom was the rightful heir to the teyrnir of
Highever. Gwenyth was a simple child, she grew up like any other noble they knew, and she was raised to be a prim
and proper daughter, although she wouldn't stay put and always escaped to follow in the training sessions that
Fergus and her Father had - much to her Mother's dismay.

Throughout her childhood, Teyrna Eleanor had made sure to keep her daughter away from weapons and armors so
that she would not be influenced to follow in the footsteps to war, even though she had been referred to as a 'Battle
'. Gwenyth didn't obey, at time when she would pretend that she had been studying, she would crawl out of
her window and make way to watch her Father practice and train the guards of Highever. Teyrn Bryce had been accepting
with the idea of his daughter training with swords and shields, and with persuasion, had allowed her to be taught the
proper form of swordsmanship when she was a little older. She trained with Fergus, but also with a knight, Ser Gilmore,
whom she grew a certain bond with, although they had kept it in secret because her Mother much preferred her to
marry a noble and become a wife and raise children, which tied her to an arrange marriage to one of Arl Rendon Howe's
sons that was set to happen on her twenty-first birthday.

However, since the start of the Fifth Blight, everything had began to change. Her Father and Brother announced that
they would call upon the forces of Highever and Amaranthine, along with Arl Howe, in support of King Cailan in his battle
against darkspawn at Ostagar. Gwenyth forced her way into the battle, pleading that she would much rather fight the
darkspawn instead of staying behind with her Mother and go through with the arranged marriage with one of Arl Howe's
sons, and she made a risky confession to delay any wedding plans by telling them that for years, she and Ser Gilmore had
been in a secret relationship behind her Parents's back, which had made Teyrna Eleanor want to go through with the
arranged marriage even more. Her relationship with Ser Gilmore was forced to end and they were no longer allowed to
see each other unless there was a guard present and supervise their actions, and speaking was only limited. Hurt by the
actions of her Mother, she decided that she would run away from the walls of the Castle and explore on her own and
live a life of no rules, and packed her belongings along with the Family Sword and a Shield that her Father gave her
on her birthday.

Gwenyth managed to escape.

Three days since her departure, she felt guilty from her unexplained escape and returned to Highever with a guilty
conscience. She prepared to apologize to her Family for her rude manners and would accept to go on with the arranged
marriage to please them, but when she arrived, everything was in ruins. There were smoke, corpses tossed over each
other, blood stained the stoned floors and walls, there was a strong stench and cold chills of death that flowed about the
Castle. The guards were all stripped off their armor, some had arrows and swords pierced through their torso. A head
hung at the top of the Castle doors and there were no signs of survival anywhere. The first place she had ventured into
were the bedrooms, but they were scavenged, the female slaves were naked and looked abused while the male slaves were
practiced on with multiple blades. Gwenyth entered Fergus's room and found Oriana and Oren dangling. She collapsed to her
knees with tears down her eyes at the sight of her Sister-in-Law and Nephew's lifeless, naked bodies with a tight rope
around their necks. She rushed towards her Parents's room and found her Mother and Father at the exact same position.

Five days since the massacre at Highever, when Gwenyth arrived at the inn in Denerim, that she heard of Arl Howe's
betrayal. The man whom her Father had trusted so much had betrayed the Couslands, using the chaos of the Fifth Blight
as his route to power. She realized that throughout the whole time she had disappeared out of a rebellious spur against her
Parents, Arl Howe had arrived to Highever. The men and women at the inn had explained to her that Arl Howe told Teyrn
Cousland that the Amaranthine forces would be delayed for a few of days. And her Father, who did not want to keep the King
waiting, sent the bulk of Highever's forces ahead to Ostagar under the command of Fergus while he stayed behind as he had
intended to leave with Howe's Amaranthine men once they arrived. After Fergus left the castle, Arl Howe's forces took
advantage of the weakened defense and attacked during the night, killing the teyrn, his wife, and Fergus' wife and son, as
well as most of the other inhabitants of the castle. Although Fergus was left as the rightful heir to the Teyrnir of Highever, Arl
Howe then declared himself the new teyrn straight afterwards and sent out assassins to find and murder the
remaining Cousland children, who were not present at the time of the massacre.

Despising the new teyrn and the wish for revenge, Gwenyth had set out to find her Brother and get revenge on the
death of her Family. Still living with the guilt of running away when she could have helped stop the massacre from
ever happening, and her Family would have been alive that very day.

"I am constantly reminded why I am on this path."
A grey iron long sword that was first wielded in the service of King Calenhad, the Silver Knight, who united all of Ferelden
almost four centuries ago, and handed down to Gwenyth from her Father, although Fergus was supposed to be the rightful
owner, she took it off him through persuasion. The Family Sword was paired with an oval shaped shield, which has the
seal of Highever painted on the front. The wood was hewn from the forests surrounding the keep.

"None... If you must know, I prefer walking and enjoying the scenery...
Okay, I lied, I can no longer afford a damn horse.
Why are they so expensive nowadays? And they are not as fast as I hoped they would.

Potential Interest:
"No one at the moment, but there used to be someone."

So begins...

Gwenyth Cousland's Story


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Gwenyth Cousland

A few days ago, Gwenyth was last seen in Denerim, but because of what she had heard about her Family and what has become of them, she realized that the only person she really needed to find and tell was her Brother, Fergus, who went to Ostagar prior to the massacre in Highever. She didn't know whether or not people had told him already, but either way, she was determined to find him and talk him into getting revenge against Arl... err... Teyrn Rendon Howe, and if he didn't go on with her, she was willing to do it on her own.

With nothing but her sword, shield and the new armor she worked so hard to pay for, Gwenyth arrived at the other end of Korcari Wilds. She had only started walking due to the death of the old horse she purchased with the small things she had left to trade him for, and he had passed away the day before because of dehydration and exhaustion as she had only stopped to camp every few days as she was desperate to get to Fergus before the war started. With the news of King Cailan and a few Grey Wardens present in Ostagar, she thought that approaching their supposed campsite from another direction would've been more convenient as walking right through the main entrance and getting killed for thinking she was an intruder.

"Okay, Gwen, you can get through this," The youngest Cousland whispered to herself as she stopped by a lake to let out a few breath. She exhaled and inhaled at a faster pace as she began to feel her heart race, and her senses made her feel cautious as the hairs on her skin had suddenly stood up. She felt a pair of eyes - maybe more - watching her as she tried to relax herself. Gwenyth closed her eyes and mumbled, "Don't tell me that there are band-"
An arrow passed by, an inch away from her head. Her eyes narrowed and she grasped her sword and shield, both had been held tightly as she turned around and gasped. A ghoul, of some sort, with a cloth wrapped around its head, his mouth opened with blood and saliva dripped out of it, and it was dressed with armor that seemed to have been more expensive that her own. She gulped and bit her lower lip. "This must be one of those darkspawns that people spoke of," She thought aloud as she felt her heart thumped against her chest as she waited for it to move.

A roar came out from the creature as it charged towards her. Gwenyth clenched onto the sword tight as she ran towards it to meet it halfway. Its sword had scratched her armor, and she became rather agitated at the thought that she worked so hard to buy such armor to only get it scratched with the rusted weapon the creature wielded. She frowned and thrust her sword forward, her eyes stared into the creature's eyes as she pushed the sword right through its chest and swept to the side Blood gushed out and sprayed onto her skin, and she shivered as the body limped and fell to the floor. Though she couldn't sigh or take a relieving sigh as she heard an explosion and turned her head towards the direction. There was some sort of fire beacon and she noticed how close she was to the campsite. The war must've begun, and she was delaying herself. Gwenyth shook her negative thoughts and began to run towards the direction, although hoping not to face too much of those darkspawns along the-

She spoke too soon.


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Once she reached the campsite, everything was in flames, some already in ashes. There were bodies everywhere, some slumped atop the other and there were some who were headless and limbless. The sight made Gwenyth shiver and pause in shock as everything reminded her of the moment not so long ago when she returned to Highever Castle and saw all the lifeless bodies of her relatives and people she knew, and the memories caused her to become so distracted that she didn't realize that there were those ugly creatures around. She felt a loose tear roll down her eyes before she furrowed her brows, gripped the handle of her blade tight as well as the hold of her shield, and she turned around - just in time - and swung her blade violently towards the darkspawn. Its head flew to the other side, blood squirt up towards the air as she kicked it away from her and used her shield to get through a few more of them.

After a while, she managed to get through to the other side. Though there were still plenty of darkspawn and ogres about, she managed to make it to the other side with her head intact, even though her armor was barely whole. There were scratches on the metal and there were bloodstains mixed with her own as there was a bleeding gash on her exposed left arm. She tossed her shield over her head and around her neck as she held onto the wound on her left arm. Gwenyth followed the wounded fighters towards safety as they retreated, and she couldn't find the time to talk to any one of them because she ended up having to help a few of them onto the horses and carts as they looked to be more in pain than she was. However, while trying to stay stable, the Cousland girl ended up separated after a group of darkspawn appeared and threatened to attack the group of wounded fighters, and being able to still fight, she had to hold them back.

"Great, I'm all alone," She sighed as she stopped at the side of the dusty, blood stained road and pulled off the armor on her right arm to take a good look at her wound. She had to rip the sleeve of her clothing to fully see it, and she winced at the sight of the shard from the weapon the creature used had remained to stay put right in the middle of the wound. "Oh, that's not good," She groaned while pressing the shard between her fingers and looked away. Gulping down the smallest ounce of strength that she had left in her, she bit her lower lip hard and pulled as strong as she could. She felt the shard slide between her flesh and out of her, the red liquid drizzled down to the ground as she threw the shard across the road, towards the bush. Her head lowered as she was on the verge of fainting. Her eyesight went to a faint blur, but being stubborn, she used the ripped cloth to wrap the wound - tight. She then pushed herself to her feet, her weakened arm had weighed her to the left, more so as she used it to hold onto the shield. Her sword was held by her right hand, but it wasn't her strongest arm.

"Come on, Gwen, we have to get out of here..." Gwenyth spoke to herself, trying to motivate herself, but everything blurred out after two steps. And after another two more steps, she was dragged to the side, tripped and landed into the bushes. At that few seconds, everything had turned black.


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#, as written by kexia
Raynan sat up against his tree in complete silence as the broken warriors of Ostagar continued to move through. His eyes trailed over every suit of armor that passed by. Templar. Soldier. Solider. Mage and Templar. He let out a soft sigh and settled in, pulling his cloak tight around himself. He would be there for days; waiting to be sure that no Grey Warden ever made it to Lothering. From time to time, when there were few people on the road, he would comb the forest around him, making sure that none had escaped into the trees and were sneaking their way past him. The assassin was nothing if not thorough.

The man had leaned his head back against the hard wood of the tree and closed his eyes, about to drift off in a light sleep when he heard a scuffle begin a bit further down on the road. He watched as a small group of darkspawn came running out of the forest toward a few of the survivors. Raynan watched, somewhat amazed as a woman, of all things, shooed the wounded soldiers off and turned to take on the beasts herself. The thought of helping her didn't cross his mind even once. What good would it be for him to reveal himself? Then his mission would be thrown off, and questions would be asked that he didn't want to answer. So, he sat observing. She clearly was no Grey Warden. In fact, she seemed to have very little knowledge of the creatures- made obvious by the way she fought them. Therefore, the assassin was surprised when the woman proved victorious and the darkspawn lay dead at her feet.

He watched as she seemed to stumble a little bit up the road in his direction. Clearly she was wounded. His cold blue eyes flitted over her form until he found the source, just as she pulled the armor pieces from her arm, letting them drop to the ground as she then ripped her sleeve to reveal a ugly chunk of debris caught in her skin. He shook his head as she pulled the shard out, his eyes following the metal as she tossed it away in his direction. He remained still, though, bringing his gaze back to her while she bandaged the wound. Should have left it in, he thought. Stupid girl. At least until someone could stitch the wound. "Come on, Gwen, we have to get out of here..." he heard her say, and then she began to walk again, even closer this time. And suddenly, she was tumbling into the bushes, nearly landing right on top of him.

"Bloody Ferelden women," Raynan muttered, glancing up and down the road to see if anyone else was around. When he didn't spot anyone, he unfolded his long legs and grabbed got up. He knew he had to move her before someone came up and invaded his perfect little hiding space, trying to rescue her. He leaned down and picked her up and moved her out of the bush, laying her down further in the trees on the soft, mossy ground. He knelt next to her, icy eyes scanning over her now that she was up close. She was beautiful, behind the blood splattered all over her face and matted in her hair, and the shape of her armor indicated that she had a rather voluptuous form that the assassin could certainly appreciate. Her armor was scratched and dented, and covered in a mixture of blood, but it was not the armor of the King's army, nor that of a Templar or Grey Warden. "What the blast would a woman like you be doing, running around in the south during a massacre?" he asked the unconscious woman in a low, hissing voice. "And what am I supposed to do with you now? I have more important things to do than to care for a stupid, injured girl."

His eyes slid down to the wound on her arm, where the cloth she had tied was already filling up with blood. "Going to bleed to death," he mumbled, eyebrows furrowing in annoyance. He reached up and grabbed one of the daggers from his back and used it to cut off more of her sleeve. He placed the dagger back in its sheath on his back. Raynan quickly untied the cloth that the girl had wrapped around her arm. He folded up the extra cloth that he had cut form her sleeve and placed it over the wound, then tied the bloody band tightly around her arm once more. Eyeing his work, he let out a soft snort. Why do I even bother? he asked himself. Ah well, she may be of use to me later… With a warm hand on her wrist, he checked her pulse. Steady enough. She'd wake eventually. The assassin pushed himself back up and moved back toward the road, though he adjusted his hiding spot ever so slightly so that he could keep an eye on the girl as well as the road. It wouldn't do for her to wake and catch him off-guard.


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She felt something tugging on her arm, there was a warm breath against her skin, and a dark, husky voice speak towards her, but she couldn't respond. She couldn't move. She felt everything, but she could move herself at all. A sudden pressure on her wound made her twitch. She came in and out of consciousness and it was a while before she finally opened her eyes and she sat up. A groan escaped from her lips as she clenched on her arm and frowned. She cussed under her breath, which wasn't so lady-like, and she was surprised that her wound had been changed and it looked a lot cleaner. It scared her to think that there may have been someone around to have fixed her like that without her knowing, and from a sudden fear, she stood up and looked around to find whoever was there, yet no sign. "Anyone there?" She called as she kept her hand on her wound when it began to throb. There were no signs of her weapons either.

Gwenyth caught an glimpse of her weapons then a man hidden by the bushes. She took a step back and wasn't exactly sure what was going on. She wasn't sure if she should run or if she should just scream to see if anyone around could hear her. Whoever that man was, he had a vibe that she didn't like, but because he was the first person she thought of to aided her with her wound, she couldn't help but thank him for it. Gwenyth, being raised to be respectful, cleared her throat and said, "Um, thank you for helping my wound..."

'Did that even sound right?' She thought to herself.