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Navia Selholme

"Look all you want, but do not touch."

0 · 276 views · located in Krynn

a character in “Dragonlance: War Re-Dawning”, as played by Everscale


Name: Navia Selholme
Age: 21
Race: Human
Class: Mercenary
God: Paladine
Alignment: Neutral Good
Level: 0

Appearance: Image

Navia is not a busty, hour-glass girl. She is tall and thin and very strong, every inch of her body lined in muscle. She spends no effort trying to attract men. All of her body goes wholeheartedly into her fighting. The only allowance she makes against practical battle-strategy is the length of her nut-toned brown hair. She wears it as long as any other woman, not because men like it that way, but because she does. She wears full plate armor, carries two swords, and her face is plain and unpainted as it has been since the day she was born. Her eyes are a stormy gray. Her skin is darkly tanned and heavily calloused. Nevertheless, men seem attracted to her – at least, adventurous men, which is the only sort of men she would ever consider hooking up with.


Personality: Navia is no sweetheart, nor is she in any way a pushover. Though she is kind, gentle, and friendly to anyone who is friendly back, she will not lie down and take the sort of things women are traditionally expected to take. She will not be disrespected, she will not be underestimated, and she will not be threatened. She has fire in her spirit, which can be terrifying to behold if you are on the wrong end of her sword. She has a competitive streak to her which will not allow her to back down from any challenge, no matter how dangerous. She loves adventure, loves risk – be it romantic, violent, or even something so simple as gambling over cards. She has a foul mouth and is not afraid to lash out at the slightest insult, but she is also viciously loyal and protective of all those close to her. She would kill to defend a friend’s honor, let alone his life, and if a child is threatened there is nothing that can stop her from fighting. She is not always the clearest of thinkers, more inclined to rushing into battle than stopping to strategize, but if you can get her to slow down and think, she shows herself to have a rather brilliant mind. She certainly has a talent for sarcasm.

Likes: Spicy food, adventure, challenge, adrenaline, gambling, romance, flirting, dancing, performing, fighting, being the center of attention, nice weapons, flashy magic, cloaks, armor, earning money doing what she loves, animals, children

Dislikes: Things that are too sweet, being disrespected, being treated differently because she is a girl, make-up, dresses, jewelry, sitting still, not having a job, staying in one place for too long, seeing children suffer, anyone who her friends dislike

Fears: She pretends to fear nothing - the truth is the undead give her chills.

Dreams: Someday, she wants to marry an adventurous man and raise a family on the road, like her parents raised her. In the meantime, she wants to collect as many different swords as she can.


1. A viciously spiked scimitar of finest dwarven make.
2. Three silver daggers hidden cleverly on her person.

1. Full-plate armor.

Miscellaneous Items:
1. A silver and blue cloak.
2. Several strips of leather - for tying up her hair.
3. Several days dry rations.

Magical Items:
1. Gem of Fireball



History: Navia has never known a steady home – she has never lived in one place for very long. The longest time she ever spent in a single dwelling was two years in a prison cell when she was a teenager. Her parents conceived, birthed, and raised her on the road. A pair of mercenaries, her mother Jaeda and her father, who called himself Chaos, met while acting as bodyguards for an arrogant noble. The mission failed terrible – the noble lost his head to an assassin – but Jaeda and Chaos gained new partners. Within a year of beginning their work together, Jaeda discovered that she was pregnant with Navia. The pair of them decided not to settle down. They didn’t think they could handle it, and so long as they cared for Navia, they were sure it would be alright.
Navia has never once felt bitterness towards them for it. Something in her blood, something she got from both of her parents, burns her with a thirst for adventure. She has never in her life thought of settling down, at least not consciously. Even when her parents were killed on the job when she was seventeen, she did not shy from her path. By the time her eighteenth birthday arrived she was making her own living as a solo mercenary. She has been living that way ever since, happy to fight for money and for the sake of fighting, never quite believing in the causes for which she was hired.
Somewhere in the back of her mind, however, something about it seems wrong. She feels something different about the world, like something has gone wrong, and she wants desperately to fix it. She just isn’t sure how she can. Navia has never fought for a cause before now, and she does not know where to begin.
She has decided, for a start, to return to the place where she was born. Her parents told her the story many times – how they arrived at the Inn of the Last Home in Solace late at night, how Jaeda had been in labor for hours and Navia was born in the back of the Inn, how they lived there for the first two months of her life. That was where she began, and so that is where she must go now to make a new beginning. She can only hope that her reasoning is sound, and that there will be a path there for her to follow.

So begins...

Navia Selholme's Story