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Everen Skygrace

There is good in everything and everyone. That is the will of Zerval.

0 · 365 views · located in Tane

a character in “Dungeons and Dragons: Kiss My Eyes”, as played by Everscale


Name: Everen Skygrace
Race: Human
Class: Cleric
Age: 19
Alignment: Lawful Good
Level: 0
Appearance: Image
In many respects, Everen is still a little girl. Slim, short, and light in build, with a flat chest and thin hips, she still seems a child, and there are those who are surprised to hear that she is even nineteen years old. She has a thin, delicate face and large violet eyes that, framed by her straight, short-cut brown hair, lend to her a sort of trust and innocence that can be almost terrifying to face. She has a sweet smile that can capture even the coldest of hearts, and her high, clear voice demands the attention of those who surround her. She wears, on most days, the white robes of a cleric of Zerval, but when she travels she cuts it down to white pants, a white blouse and capelet, and silver-painted boots. She always wears the amulet which is a symbol of her God.


Personality: If there is anything that Everen is not, it is what someone expects from an adventurer. As though her size and childish face were not enough, he disposition is not that of a warrior, or even of a traveler. She is soft-spoken and sweet, always giving people the benefit of the doubt, never assuming the worst. She sees the silver lining, the good in everything, forever believing that things can and will get better. Her faith in her God, and in mankind, is absolute and unshakable. She seems almost… [i]too[/] good. She does exactly what is necessary, as long as it follows the law, unafraid to give everything of herself for the benefit of another. Such goodness can be terrifying, simply because it is so easy to corrupt. She does not seem to have any concept of the dangers or pains of the world. She does not know or understand the shadows, the underbelly of the world she lives in. She looks around at her shining palace of Delta, and believes wholeheartedly that all the world should be this way. Warm and bright and comfortable…
She simply does not understand that for some people, life is a dark and dismal thing, and perhaps not quite worth living. When she does discover that… it could very well destroy her.
Or perhaps not. There is a core of strength, a certainty and a sense of justice, that stands as a sort of pillar within Everen’s heart, holding her up. Her sense of right and wrong is what drives her, and she is not afraid to force her morals onto others. If she believes that something is wrong, she will say that it is wrong, and anyone disagreeing with her is in for a lecture.

Diety: Zerval

Likes: Good wine, good food, sweet foods, cakes, fine clothing, beautiful jewelry, nature, the sunset, the sunrise, the sky, Zerval, clerics, the lawful good, healing and helping others, children, Delta, elves, kinderling, charity, community service, teaching, learning, reading the holy scriptures, praying, sleeping, a comfortable bed, a warm fire, her amulet to Zerval, finding goodness in people, separating right from wrong, order, peace, calm, celebrations, small animals (except rodents)

Dislikes: Darkness, thunderstorms, mages, magic not given by the gods, necromancy, disruption of the dead, the undead, drow, bandits, traveling alone, open spaces, very very small spaces, chains, being trapped, being treated roughly, death, illness, pain, seeing people suffer, evil, Helkara

Life Goals: To promote good in the world until the day she dies. Hopefully, to see good take over the world, and eliminate all evil. (She does not understand the necessity of a balance between good and evil in the world.)

Fears: Thunderstorms, darkness, closed spaces, chains, plague, rodents, spiders, snakes, blood, pain, battle, etc.

Quirks: When she is frightened her hand flies to the amulet at her throat. She plays with a strand of her hair when she is thinking. She has an absolute panic attack if she can’t see anything, hyperventilation and all.


- Silver Dagger

- None besides her white clerical garb.

The Amulet of Zerval
Official clerical robes
The Holy Scriptures of Zerval
Healing herbs and bandages
A needle and several spools of thread
A packet of expensive tea

- A pretty bay gelding named Santico.

Magic Items:
- None

- Create Water
- Cure Minor Wounds
- Detect Magic
- Inflict Minor Wounds
- Mending


History: Everen is what is called a “child of the church”, in that she has never known a life beyond the cathedral at Delta. Left on the church’s front steps when she was barely old enough to walk, all she knows is that she was told to ‘stay’ and she obeyed, and that is where the clerics found her. Even that she knows only because the priests told her that when they found her, she refused to move from the spot, because she had been told to stay there. They had to pick her up and carry her into the church against her will, which was not particularly difficult, because she was so remarkably tiny for her age – and still is.
Everen grew up among the priests, and they were kind to her. She loved each and every one of them like an uncle or a brother, and each and every one of the priestesses was like a sister or an aunt or a mother. There was only one man, however, whom she considered a father. The High Priest Verus, a man whom she feared and respected equally, and the man who gave her the name that she carries to this day. When she was old enough to choose to study as a cleric, it was Verus who took her under his wing – an act unheard of, as the High Priest never took a student – and taught her the scriptures and magics of prayer. To this day, there is no one in the world that she holds in higher regard, and it is entirely possible that there is nothing he could order her to do that she would not do. She might even break the law for him.
Naïve and comfortable with her somewhat luxurious life in the cathedral, it was not until she was seventeen that it even occurred to Everen that she might have to someday leave the shelter of her home. It came suddenly – too suddenly for her tastes. One day Verus simply refused to teach her, telling her that she was going to have to go out onto the streets and learn for herself what it truly meant to be a cleric. Completely at a loss, Everen could only obey what she assumed to be a command, and journey out onto the streets of the sparkling waterfall city of Delta. What did she find there?
That she loved it.
Every day from then on, Everen would journey out of the cathedral to mingle with the people of Delta, watching the proceedings of the day-to-day life of those raised beyond the Gods. She never seemed to see the darker sides of things, and her world was painted in bright colors and rosy light. To this day, she has never thought to leave the sunnier streets of Delta to investigate the shadowed allies where the homeless and decrepit hide, nor as she even considered leaving Delta. She has a long way to go before she can truly become a cleric of Zerval, for a cleric of Zerval must learn to help where help is truly needed.

So begins...

Everen Skygrace's Story