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0 · 154 views · located in Endor City

a character in “Endor City”, as played by WolfofBearValley


Physical Description:
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 110.9lbs
Fur color: Black
Fur Texture: Silky, but rough looking
Face: Always wears a mask that fully covers face. ALWAYS.
Mask: Crème white, with a red diamond over/crossing the left eye hole. With two diamonds on upper left and lower right of larger diamond.

What they wear:
Top coverage: Black hoodies, over sized slightly.
Bottom coverage: Jeans, or cargo pants, with bullet, leather, studded, or neon piano key belt.
Accessories: Mask, Black fingerless gloves with red phoenix's on the backs, (under hoodie sleeves) Titanium cuffs over both wrists, Bulletproof vest under Hoodie.
Special mentions: Carries a healer's pouch at right hip, pouch is a dirtied tan, three small turkey feathers hand from it. Faceless, is a healer, by blood. They have particularly gentle touch. As well as knowledge.
How they wear: Hoodie is warn with hood up, and black belled ears sticking out of top. Pants warn, pulled up, with hole in back for tail.
Type of shoes: Leather work boots, and or black combat boots.

Very moderate, doesn't speak a work, kindly if needed, understanding, able to seemingly speak in silence.
How they carry themselves:
Standing tall, seemingly relaxed and ready. Breaths deeply and slowly, due to hiss of breath in mask, and inability to see eyes behind mask eye holes, they are intimidating.

Basic information:
Age: 348 years old
Gender: Unknown
Eye color: Red, marbled with hot gold.
Mask: Crème white, with three red diamonds around eye area.
Paw pads color: Dark mahogany brown
Dialect: They are said to speak English, but no one has ever lived long enough to know for sure.
How they speak: With body lingual.

Heightened sense of smell, sniffs out quickly.
Keen eyes, very watchful, even from distances.
Super human strength, not known how limited it is exactly, said to be unlimited.
Amazing reflexes, can catch one of Hawkeye's arrows.

Carried in black back pack-
SD cards
Blue tooth
Screw drivers
Bolt kit
Lock picking kit

Mostly unknown and very patchy.
The little known is their age, and the fact that they were a scientific accident. It's said that they were engineered not to speak, but only to do. A beast made for destruction. Like a robot, they were programed, as if a malfunction, they found a way to do more than what the genetic code was. Breaking that scripture took 200 years solid, since then for the past 134 years, they have been very different. Never uttering a single word in all their life. It's relevant that they never will.

So begins...

Faceless's Story