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In you is the soul of a hero, powered by a divine spark granted by the gods. In you is the power to change the world and right ancient wrongs. In you is the inherited destiny and legacy of a legend. Go forth young champion and conquer.

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Character Portrait: Lydia Viletta

Character Portrait: Mirror Leih Regium Vertarria

"The world is harsh, but it can be changed. We must work together to make a brighter future."

Character Portrait: Nimin "Zeri" Hedrox

If your past is lost to you, then you should fight that much harder for the future.

Character Portrait: The Artisan That Which Souls Cling

"Your flesh is weak, but malleable... After the operation it shall be neither."

Character Portrait: Calliope Lordes

Know thy self, know thy enemy. #FE6979

Character Portrait: Lux Fiala

Life can change in an instant, whether for better or worse; don't let it break you!

Character Portrait: Astrid Grünewald

"Only a fool defies the Nightfangs, only the wicked deserve their wrath."

Character Portrait: Ashen Sky

"Clever is the predator that stalks it's prey. More clever is the hunter that bait's his predator."

Character Portrait: Ioa

The runner who keeps on running.

Character Portrait: The Storyteller

Me, the GM. I will be taking a more hands on route in directing the role play and the npc inhabitants of this world.