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Olly Monroe

"People are so much happier once they get to the point where they can relax and be themselves"

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a character in “Fae-Blood”, as played by unicorns.are.real




Age: 18
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Pansexual
Tattoos/Piercings/Birthmarks/Scars: He has a small scar through his left eyebrow from a skateboarding accident, his right eyebrow pierced and has a few tattoos on his left arm.
School of Magic: Lyra - Nature

Plant sculpting. Olly can make living, moving sculptures out of plant. It isn't a particularly difficult ability to master, but due to his nature, Olly hasn't really given much effort into training his ability so he can only perform very basic feats. He favourite trick is making a duplicate of himself and sending it to class as a stand in for himself. The duplicate looks exactly like him, and does the job perfectly so long as it doesn't have to speak or move or do anything other than sit there.


Olly enjoys life. He isn't a big complainer, and is content with life. He appreciates the the little things and as long as he has a a few good friends and a roof over his head, he is doing fine. He is also incredibly optimistic. When anything unfortunate happens to him he just shrugs and figures something good must be coming his way. He just expects the best from life and people, and doesn't let negativity into his life, no matter what happens. Olly is light hearted, but his has a subdued confidence about live, he just believes everything will work itself out eventually.

Olly believes everyone is walking their own path in life, and it not up to him to tell other how to live. Thus he is not the guy anyone comes to with their problems because he simply refuses to help. In his mind everyone has to figure out their own stuff in their own time. Not that Olly really has any issues, but is he did, he would solve them on his own, and would hate anyone trying to stick their nose in. After all it's his life and his path to walk.

Olly is fundamentally lazy. He's a real slacker, which shows in all aspects of his life. He doesn't really tend to keep many people as close friends, because he never really puts in the required effort for a friendship. Mostly people just grow frustrated with him, equating him not trying as him not caring. He is also failing almost every class due to his failure to attend a lot of classes, most mornings he just can't be bothered getting out of bed and going to class. He finds it all so boring. He also hasn't seen his family in three years as he just hasn't been bothered to go home during the holidays. He would see going home and dealing with his family as a serious drag.

Olly has a sense of humour about everything. No matter that situation or person, he is always making jokes, which frequently don't make sense or just don't land properly. He will also laugh at seemingly random non-funny things, because sometimes his sense of humour is a little bit far from the norm. Most teachers hope he doesn't show up for class because he can be a bit of a class clown, always distracting people with irrelevant jokes and laughing at things the teachers say. It's not his fault, and he doesn't want to come off disrespectful, he is just trying to make class a bit more fun for everyone.

Olly is really unreliable. He never shows up when you need him and when he does turn up its never ever one time. He doesn't mean to be rude or disrespectful, it's just that's who he is. he lives on his own clock, in his own little world. He is also a major quitter, he gives up on everything. He doesn't think there is anything in his life he's actually finished. He mostly quits because it either gets boring or too hard or too much effort to be bothered.

Olly is a pretty spaced out guy. He just never seems to be really focussed on anything, always just drifting through life. In fact a common joke through the Lyra dorm is that if he became any more relaxed he'd be a comatose patient. He isn't always fully there, and get easily confused, like he's just woken up and isn't really sure where he is. His family always joked that he was dropped on his head as a baby and never fully recovered.


Olly is the second oldest of eight children. So needless to say he grew up in a very full household, which he has bitter-sweet feelings about. He liked having people around and always being the biggest group when they went places as a family. However he always had to share a room with his other siblings and was always being forced to take responsibility, and looking after his younger siblings drove him nuts. This may be why he now has an aversion to responsibility.

Since he was very young Olly spent a lot of time staying with his grandmother who lives a few towns over. Olly and his grandmother were very close, Olly reminded her of her dead husband with his relaxed and spacey nature, and Olly like being around someone who understood him. She was also always happy to have someone around to eat her cooking and Olly was always hungry. He spent all his school holidays there, and would frequently take off during the school year, skipping school without telling anyone he was leaving. His family would realise he was missing but they eventually learnt to stop worrying about Olly, he was always going to be off in his own little world.

It was his grandmother, who Olly confided in about his abilities. Olly came from a home with no other Fae-Bloods, but he had known about his ability to create plant sculptures since he was very young. He was eight years old and staying with his Grandmother when he was contacted by Charlesmont boarding school and invited to attend, which of course he refused, deciding it sounded like far too much work.

Three years later when he was eleven, his grandmother passed away. This meant Olly would no longer be able to run away to her when he couldn’t deal with his overwhelming family anymore. That’s when he decided that he would go to Charlesmont, he would have done anything to get a break from his family at that point. He is now in his final year at Charlesmont, with little to no plans for post-graduation.

So begins...

Olly Monroe's Story

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"This is all so boring," Johanna groaned to herself. The end of another summer and the beginning of another school year. It was all so mundane, and expected. Johanna wondered when something exciting and different would happen. It was late morning, and many of the students were returning from spending their summer with their families. Of course not everyone had left the academy for the summer, there were the students that had stayed. Johanna had stayed at the academy because she had nowhere else to go, no family to visit. Everyone had their own reasons for staying though.

It was late morning and soon she would have to head back to her dorm for lunch, but right now she was content. It was warm out, but it wasn’t too hot to be in the sun, the summer heat having died off over the last week, and there was no wind about. It was just a nice day to be outdoors. Johanna was sitting alone up on the hill next to the Andromeda dorm building. It was her favourite place in the academy because she could see everything that was happening around the school from that hill.

She could see people trudging through the front gate loaded up with their various bags and the oval where some kids had started a ball game. Past the oval, if she squinted she could sort off see some of the people who were hanging out in the student lounge, since the wall facing her was made of glass. The student lounge was a common place for kids to hang out, as unlike their dorm buildings, there was never any adult supervision there. The lounge was decked out with tables, couches and beanbags, there was also a sitting area of the roof for when the weather was nice, like today. She couldn’t see Cyprus dorm though, since it was surrounded by the other school buildings that were filled with classrooms.

Johanna could also make out the people who were walking down the one path that led away from the school buildings and towards the Lyra Dorm building. From her view she couldn’t actually see the dorm as it was surrounded by a woodland area with plenty of trees. Though she had been down that path enough times to know what was there, the dorm laid in a large clearing of trees, next to it was a large vegetable patch, and behind it there was little dirt path that led to a large lake. Johanna wasn’t one for swimming, but when the weather warmed up, a lot of the students used the lake as the school’s own personal swimming pool.

Johanna sat and watched people arriving for a bit more, before she decided it was time to head back to the dorm and get lunch. Andromeda was different from the other dorms who would leave the meal stuff out for hours, letting their students wander in whenever they want and grab a bite to eat. Maggie always kept to strict meal times, there was generally a half an hour window and if you didn't grab food then, too bad, so sad.

Johanna arrived at her dorm to find Maggie already in full dorm head mode. She was already yelling a small group of students who had left their bags in the hallways. Though they were let off the hook when Maggie was distracted by one of the younger kids walking in with muddy shoes and leaving tracks on the floor. The poor kid looked terrified when Maggie started on him. She was always worst on the first day back, Maggie felt being super strict on the first day set a good impression for the rest of the year.

Rolling her eyes, Johanna drifted into the dining room which was filled with a bunch small tables for the students to eat at. She grabbed herself a bowl of fruit and headed to the table tucked into the corner, which was always her first preference for seating. In the back corner she could watch everyone and no one could watch her. Sitting down, she tucked her leg underneath her and starting stabbing at the fruit in front of her, waiting for someone she cared about to show up.

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[Shitty Double Post]

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“So, after we get thrown from the raft we had made, we swam to shore and decide to try and find this lookout the shaman had told us about on foot. ” Olly and a bunch of the Lyra students where all hanging around in one of the common areas of the Lyra dorm listening to the Dorm Head, Christian, recount his various summer adventures. All of which seemed to be continually escalating in ridiculousness and hilarity. The students were sitting all around, some on the floor and others hanging off the various couches that were about, of course none of the couches matched each other. The whole Lyra dorm was filled with mismatch furniture. “- then after finally making it to the lookout, I ask Michelle for the food and she looks at me and is like, ‘you were going to bring the food?’” Everyone who was sitting around listening to Christopher all cracked up laughing, everyone except for Olly.

“Wait, where was the food?” Olly called out his eyes bugging out of his head, seriously confused at why everyone was laughing.

“Olly, that was the joke, we had gone all that way and left the food back at our tent,” Christopher explained.

Olly made an ‘oh’ sounds as he rocked back in the couch he was sitting on. “That’s hilarious man,”he said finally laughing now that he got the joke. Of course everyone then started laughing at Olly.

”Alright guys, enough stories,” Christian said once the laughter had died down. “Your lunch is sitting out in the kitchen getting cold, and I don’t see any of you with food.”

“Dude, I’m one step ahead,” Olly said, pointing to the hallways where a plant duplicate of him emerged holding two plates piled high with food. Of course this duplicate didn’t really need to look just like Olly, so it didn’t look quite right, its face was kind of droopy and it walked with a limp. Despite this Olly just grinned and took his plates of food from the plant.

“Okay, that thing is seriously disturbing. Please make it go away,” Christian said warily. Olly didn’t do anything but since the plant duplicate had completed the task it was created for it immediately disintegrated back to dust.

Then Christian ushered most the other students down the hallway toward the kitchen where the food was waiting. Most of the kids disappeared down corridors that led away from the kitchen though, which made sense considering the inedible pile of gluten free/vegan pasta that was waiting for them in the kitchen. Generally Lyra students had their own food tucked away in their room or ate at the Cyprus dorm. At the Andromeda dorm you had to try and sneak past their dorm head Maggie, at the Cyprus dorm though, their Dorm Head Patrick, was never really around, and even if he was, he was completely oblivious to what was going on with the students. Olly was one of the few students who didn’t mind the food though, he would just about anything put in front of him with no complaint. So he just dug into the two plates of pasta he had been brought.

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Lilly O'Connor


Lilly has been hanging around school during the summer vacation. She just did not want to handle her parents, maybe after this year she will go visit her parents. She was fairly a new student, only arrived a few months ago, so it was not like she was home sick. Right now she hanged around the Lyra common room and listening with the others Christian's stories. The dorm head always had the most hilarious stories. “then after finally making it to the lookout, I ask Michelle for the food and she looks at me and is like, ‘you were going to bring the food?’” . Lilly laughed and almost had tears in her eyes. She stopped for a second when hearing Olly asking Christian where was the food actually was, like he didn't much get the joke. As Christian explained it was a joke to Olly and he understood, everyone else laughed again but now on Olly. Lilly smirked but did not laugh like the rest, she did not like laughing on other people, unless they laughed at her first.

”Alright guys, enough stories, Your lunch is sitting out in the kitchen getting cold, and I don’t see any of you with food.” Lilly stood up and ready to walk to her room to get her own food, she has her own small refrigerator with lots of vegetarian food stocked by her parents' money, when she just froze seeing Olly's duplicate plant stepping out of the kitchen with a plate of food towards him. She smacks her head and laughed, "Oh, Olly, you goof!" . The others and Christian were quite felt disturbed by this, but Lilly did not mind, it was Olly's powers anyway. If we in this school to control our powers, should he be allowed to use it?

Lilly walked towards Olly and smiled brightly and winked, "That was kinda neat, I mean, we here to use our powers right? So you using them, right?" . She stared at the plate of food Olly's eating and wrinkled her nose. "I still don't understand how can you eat this stuff, come, I invite you to eat from my food in my room. You know I got planty right?" . She started walking towards her room, regarding if Olly accept the invitation or not, she intending to eat and than after a while going swimming like she always do.