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Edge Reveral

Sometimes I think that fiends understand me more than people do.

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a character in “Final Fantasy X: The After Wars”, as played by Everscale


Name: Edge Reveral

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Aeon-Mark: He is marked by Valefor.

Class: Beastmaster

Job: He conquers and tames beasts that have gone rampant, making them his familiars. He does not live in Besaid – he has, in fact, just arrived.

Appearance: He is a tall and thin man, built more like a woman in some ways than most men. His face is thin and sharply featured, very straight and direct, giving at once the appearance of an honest man, and that of a sadistic one. He wears his hair in long streams, framining his face and twisting down around his shoulders. His eyes are dark, and he rarely seems to smile. Instead, his expression is remarkably calm, showing hardly an variation. There is almost nothing that can make him panic, or excite him. He has been called many times the man without feeling, and visually that is not entirely inaccurate. He feels inside, but rarely shows it.
-Height: 6’
-Weight: 139 lbs
-Eye Color: A bright brown that is nearly red.
-Hair Color: Naturally black, but he colors it with scarlet.

Armor: He wears black chain and leather, tight to his form. He prefers the lighter armor for better flexibility, and is not worried about giving up some protection for it. He wears a long red cloak which has become a bit tattered through his travels – a gift from his sister – and almost always keeps the hood up.

Weapon: Angel's Wing - a graceful sword with special components which assist in taming and commanding a beast. The sword allows him to capture fiends when he comes across them, so long as they are not too high a level for him.

Wide Scan

Azriel – Edge’s coeurl familiar, a male. Capable of casting black magic spells to their second tier, and casting cura upon itself. A somewhat temperamental familiar who occasionally has difficulties obeying his master.

Spirit Beast – he throws his energy at one of his familiars and they grow in their powers, massively increasing damage. It his familiar who carries out the actual attack.

Personality: Edge is, by nature, a very quiet man. Soft-spoken and overly calm, he seems impossible to frighten or upset. Some see him as an incredibly heartless, even sadistic person, and consider him a danger. He has become accustomed to being shunned for his lack of visible emotion, and he tries very hard not to let it hurt him. In the end, there is another viewpoint which is much more accurate – there are those who see his calmness as gentle, thoughtful. He is a pensive person, always lost in his own thoughts. He does not like to bother others with his own feelings, so he keeps them shut up inside himself. Those who learn to see that will often respect it, and will earn his respect in turn. He has never had many friends, and so when he finds some he becomes viciously protective of them. He would give his life in an instant for someone – anyone – he considers a friend.

Bio: Edge grew up on the Calm Lands, working at the Inn there with his mother. His father left them at an early age to go ‘adventuring’, as his mother used to put it, in her scornful tone. Edge, who loved his father deeply, never forgave his mother for her words, but he never forgave his father for leaving, either. Nor did he ever forgive his father for coming back dead, killed in an attack by Malady, when Edge was sixteen. He had already been through extensive training as a beastmaster, and had already bonded with the coeurl he affectionately called Azriel. Taking his familiar with him, he left his mother and the Inn and began to wander, determined to collect as many beasts as he can and someday avenge his father’s death. He never really questioned the mark on his palm, but when he learned what it meant, his hope of vengeance intensified. He journeyed to Besaid, the temple from which his idol Yuna gained her first aeon, intending to trace her path step by step until he found the aeon which would bond to him. Thus, he has arrived at Besaid Island.

So begins...

Edge Reveral's Story


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#, as written by Rarikou
Aura was enjoying staring up at the sky, the feeling of the sun against her skin. It wasn't often that she relaxed like this... but Aura felt like she deserved a break every now and then.

She raised her fingers in the air, and snapped, small sparks running through her fingers. Aura stared at it. Casting magic for her was as simple as that: focusing her will on what she wanted, then snapping. Aura theorized that this was because she had a greater will, a better control of the magic within her, though there was no proof of it.

She bit her left glove, pulling it off to gaze at the mark upon it. At first, she wasn't sure what this mark meant...but after years upon years of studying myth and symbols, she had finally came to an conclousin: she had been marked by an Aeon. Witch one, she wasn't sure of, but she knew that, someday, she would be leaving this place.

...But what would happen then? Would that mean she would have friends? Aura couldn't say, but she dared not get her hopes up. They would probably be companions, if nothing else. But maybe.... just maybe, she would get a thank you. That would Make Aura's day, to be certain.

After a little while, it got got, so Aura snapped her fingers, causing a bit of ice to appear, witch she sucked on in reflief, until she felt cooled down enough. After that, she stared at her hand, lost in thought, until a voice called her out of her daze.

Not sitting up, she leaned back at the man that had approached him. “Edge, The Scarlet Cloacked Hunter”. She always referred to him as. She turned to loook at the Azrail, and offered her still-bare palm to her, wandering what she would do. “If you get the chance, I need a blue flan to experiment with.... but thats whenever you're not doing anything... and you?” She asked, out of curiosity.


Miriam stared at the man, feeling slightly embarrassed at having her examined, for no obvious reason, and she felt chills from the back of her spine. She was receiving daggers, from more than one person behind her. After he gave his introductions, “Pleasure. I'm Miriam... have I seen you before?” She asked, studying him closely.

“..guess not. I was a priestess in Bevelel till very recently.” She said, clenching her hand at the mention of the city, “But I hated it there, so here I am.” She said with a slight laugh.

“Someone who would know about the marks?” Miriam said, touching her finger to her forehead as she could think of possibilities. “The only real possibilities are the teachers or the mages, The teachers dont know, its safe to assume, so it would have to be the mages.... maybe Aura or another bookworm would know.” She asked, though she already regretted it. She found Aura incredibly creepy, like the type to stab you in your sleep or something/

“I have nothing to do... so lets go to the mages guild. Lets see... well, Aura's over there, if you want to go talk to her.” She said, pointing at the hammock where Aura was laying


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"It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance Miriam," Perish said straightening from his bow. He watched her considering who he could talk to. This doesn't seem all that promising. It sounded as if Miriam had not been here much longer than Perish himself had. He followed the direction she pointed in and saw two people, one in a hammock. Well better searching for answers than wandering aimlessly. Perish motioned for Miriam to lead the way and fell in a few paces behind her.

As they approached Perish saw that the one in the hammock, Aria, was another young woman all in black. He chuckled inwardly, this day just keeps getting stranger. She was presently talking to a man with an impressive looking sword, and black leather armor. Perish thought he looked like a veteran in combat, but he also seemed young. Perish waited for them to finish conversing and cleared his throat loudly. "Excuse us, but we were wondering if you could help us with something?"


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Character Portrait: Perish Layoneil Character Portrait: Edge Reveral Character Portrait: Miriam Alamaraz Character Portrait: Aria Katryiana
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Perish almost laughed out loud at Aura's joke. She spoke more truth in that joke than she may ever know. Perish almost couldn't wrap his mind around it, he had been searching for answers for so long. Yet in just a couple minutes had gained three new companions, learned his destiny, and learned that his power was that of an Aeon. Perish felt some relief at that, Aeon's were otherworldly but not necessarily evil. For the first time he didn't feel revulsion for the mark on his palm.

Perish was a little startled as the coeurl began to act strangely. He dropped his hand to Excalibur, but as nobody else reacted he stayed his hand. Now that he knew his destiny he was anxious to be off and embrace it. I wonder how I can tell which Aeon has marked me? He held out his palm as the others had, "Well now we are four, might you know where the rest of our comrades reside? My name is Perish, it is a pleasure," he said bowing slightly.